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  • U-Univ
U 2
A Sort Of Homecoming, All Along The Watchtower, All I Want Is You, Angel Of Harlem, Bad, Be There, Bullet The Blue Sky, Desire, Drowing Man, Everlasting Love, E...
U 2 & B.b. King
When Love Comes To Town
U 96
Energie, Inside Your Dreams, Love Religion
Finally Found Someone
U. D. O
Animal House, Azrael, Back In Pain, Backstreet Loner, Bad Luck, Black Widow, Blitz Of Lightning, Born To Run, Braindead Hero, Break The Rules, Burning Heat, Can...
3 In The Mornin', 3 In The Mornin', 976-Bun B, Ain't That A Bitch (Ask Yourself), Bump And Grill, Bumper And Grill, Choppin' Blades, Choppin' Blades, Chrome Pla...
Awake The Unkind, Back And Forth, Be There, Bloodstain, Burn My Shadow, Celestial Annihilation, Chaos, Chemistry, Eye 4 An Eye, Getting Ahead In The Lucrative F...
U.N.S. 5
Cats & Dogs, I just couldn't wait, This Dream
This Dream
Autumn Grey, Catch The Sun, Circle Of Life, Dead, Dust, Feel Alive, Freaks And Pigs, Godless, Godless, My Life, Shut Up, The Hurt
11 O'clock Tick Tock, 40, A Celebration, A Day Without Me, A Different Kind Of Blue, A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel, A Sort Of Homecoming, Acrobat, Alex Descend...
A Night To Remember, Club Bizarre, Feels Like In Heaven, Movin', Venus In Chains
Ua Gangsta Crew
Ub 40
All i Want to do, Always There, As Always You Were Wrong Again, Blood And Fire, Breakfast in Bed, Bring me Your Cup, Burden of Shame, C'est la Vie, Cause it Isn...
Ub 40 & Chrissy Hynde
I Got You Babe
All I Want To Do, Always There, As Always You Were Wrong Again, Baby, Baby I Love Your Way, Blood And Fire, Breakfast In Bed, Bring Me Your Cup, Burden Of Shame...
Ub40 (Written By Neil Diamond)
Red Red Wine
Ubers Ende Der Welt
Uber’s Ende Der Welt, Schrei, Rette Mich, Ready, Set, Go, Vergessene Kinder, Durch Den Monsun, Rescue Me, Hilf Mir Fliegen
Back Off, Bad luck, Braindead hero, Cut Me Out, Danger, Desperate balls, Devil's dice, Friends Will Be Friends, Hate stinger, Holy, Independence day, Pray for t...
Udo Jürgens
17 Jahr blondes Haar, Aber bitte mit Sahne, Ich weiß was ich will, Ist das nichts, Rhodos im Regen, Sie ist nicht so wie Du, Superstar
Udo Lindenberg
Bananrepublik, CLUB DER MILLIONÄRE, Einmal um die ganze Welt, Sonderzug nach Pankow, Weltreise, Wozu Sind Kriege Da?, Keine Staaten, Leinwand, Mit Dir Sogar`n K...
Ain't Life Sweet, Ain't No Baby, All Or Nothing, All Over You, Alone Again Or, Alpha Centauri, Another Saturday Night, Anyday, Arbory Hill, At War With The Worl...
Ufo & Yepha
Fluen På Væggen, Ingen Som Os, Op Med Håret, Rige Svin
Bumper And Grill, Diamonds And Wood, Good Stuff, Hiside, Live Wires Connect, One Day, Playerz From The South, Return
Ugly Duckling
Do You Know What I'm Sayin, Einstein's Takin Off, Everybody C'mon, Fresh Mode, A Little Samba, Abigail Silk, Daisy, Dizzy, Dumb It Down, Energy Drink, Everythin...
Ugly Kid Joe (harry Chapin)
Busy Bee, Cats in the Cradle, Cats In The Cradle, Cloudy Skies, Everything About You, Everything about you, Madman, Mr Recordman, Neighbor, Panhandlin Prince, 1...
Giorno Senza Tempo, Un Posto Per Me, Unica, Vecchio Lupo
Uisce Beatha
Maggie Coulter
By The Light of Day, In The Dead of Night, Mental Medication, Nevermore, Thirty Years, Time to Kill
Hey Matrosen, Ich Will, Sommersprossen
Ulla Bastian
Ich Brauch Dich
Ulla Meinecke
Die Tдnzerin, Feuer Unterm Eis, Fьr Dich tu Ich Fast Alles, Hafencafй, Nie Wieder, Schlendern Ist Luxus
Ulli Martin
Du bist das allerschönste Mädchen, Ich Trдume Mit Offenen Augen Von Dir
Ulrich Roski
Des Pudels Kern, Die Ballade Vom Mutigen Eichhorn
Ultimate Fakebook
A Million Hearts, All The New Poisons, Brokyn Needle, Circus Horrors, Diamond Ring, Downstairs Arena Rock, Glitter & Glue, Having Too Much Fun, I'm All Out Of I...
Ultimate Kaos
Casanova, My Lover
Ultimate Sacrifice
Doesn't Do Much For Me, Fencewalker, Friday Night, I Am Loved, Raining, Roller Coaster, The American Way
Ultimus Censor
Die Welt
Afterlife, Basic, Blind To The Groove, Human After All, New Dimension, Rescue Me, Say It Once, Say You Do, Super Luv, The Right Time, Up And Over, Ain't Nobody ...
Ultra Bra
EntГ¤s Nyt, Ero, Haikara, Hauki, Helsinki, Heppa, Kahdeksanvuotiaana, Ken Saro-wiwa On Kuollut, Kuka Haluaa, Laulu Asioista, LГ¤ Soita TГ¤nne Enää Koskaan, LГ...
Ultra Nate
Free, Any Ole Love, Divine Love, Every Now & Then, Found A Cure, If You Could Read My Mind, It's Crying Time, Love You Can't Deny, New Kind Of Medicine, Release...
Pretty Green Eyes, Better Than Life, Bigang, Elysium, Escape (By Flying Away), Feel It With Me, Feeling Fine, Stay With Me, This Love's For Real
Ultraje A Rigor
Filha Da Puta, NГіs Vamos Invadir Sua Praia, O Chiclete, Ricota
Ultramagnetic MC's
A Chorus Line 2000 (Remix), Ain't it Good to You, Bait ('97 Remix), Big Booty, Break North, Bring it Down to Earth, Bust the Facts, Ced-Gee (Delta Force One), C...
Huominen tulisitpa nopeasti, Hдmmдstyttдvд muuttuva poika, Ikuisesti, Kauempana unelmasta, Kevддn ja kesдn tдhtikuvioita, Lupaus uskoa tulevaisuuteen, Merkkejд,...
Slow Motion, The Voice, Vienna, A Friend i Call Desire, Accent on Youth, All Fall Down, All in One Day, All Stood Still, Blue Light, Can't Stay Long, Cross Fade...
A memorable fancy 1, A memorable fancy 2, A memorable fancy 3, A memorable fancy 4, A memorable fancy 5, A song of liberty, Capitel i: i troldskog faren vild, C...
Umberto Bindi
Arrivederci, C' Voluto Tempo (Per Imparare A Vivere Da Solo), Caro Qualcuno, Chiara, Il Confine, Il Mio Mondo, Il Nostro Concerto, Io E La Musica, La Musica Fi...
Umberto Tozzi
Gente Di Mare, Gloria, Ti Amo, Tu, Io Camminero, Ti Amo (english), Ti Amo (italian)
Umberto Tozzi & Raf
Gente Di Mare, Gente di Mare
Umbral presence
Atazoth, Invokation to baphomet, Lidagon, Noctulius, Self-initiation
Again And Again, Angel Or Demon, Boston White, Broken Ice, Comfort In Suffering, Crooked, Dignified Exit Society, Emergency, Ghost, Idle And Waiting, June, Sum...
Umphrey'S Mcgee
13 Days, Anchor Drops, Bright Lights, Bullhead City, Fuck Yesh (Tenasious D), In The Kitchen, Plunger, Uncommon
Un known
I'm Sexy I'm Cute
A wind of a dismal past, Blackness of the fallen star, Buried alive, Cold northern breeze, Dead calm, Die alone, Eye of the greyhound, Fire storm, In the forest...
Americana, Blue Bayou, Everlasting Love, Galway Bay, Give me Your Heart Tonight, Goodbye Girl, Goodnight Irene, Gypsy Rover, Hand in Hand, I Mag Di Und Du Magst...
Unbelievable Truth
Finest Little Space, Roadside no One, Same Mistakes, Tyre Tracks
The Line
Be There, Bloodstain, Celestial Annihilation, Chaos, Getting Ahead In The Lucrative Field Of Artist Man, Guns Blazing (Drums Of Death Part 1), Lonely Soul, Nurs...
Uncle Cracker
Better Days, Follow Me, Heaven
Uncle Ho
All i Know, Bubblehead, Catching The Bug, Come On, Come Clean, Honeycomb, I Don't Care if You Like me, Little Everyday Things, Nothing to Have, Out on Your Own...
Uncle Kracker
Ace's And 8's, Aces & 8's, Baby Don't Cry, Better Days, Drift Away, Follow Me, Heaven, I Do, I Don't Know, I Wish I Had A Dollar, In A Little While, Intro, Keep...
Uncle Mingo
Bottle Of Moonlight
Uncle Sam
Baby You Are, Can You Feel It, I Don't Ever Wanna See You Again, I Dont Ever Want to See You Again, Someone Like You, When i See You Smile
Uncle Tupelo
Acuff-Rose, Anodyne, Atomic Power, Before i Break, Black Eye, Black Eye, Chickamauga, Chickamauga, Chickamauga, Coalminers, Cold Shoulder, Criminals, D. Bonn, D...
Computer Love
Lying In Wait
A Life of Our Own, Elected, Elected (alice Cooper), Eve of Destruction, Evening of Desire, Gimme Your Autograph, Hollywood Boulevard, I Don't Want to go, I Want...
Undeclinable Ambuscade
Alcohol, Snowboard
Under black clouds
As blackness comes, Death of a rose, I feel good, Luna's sisters, Signal to noise, The double headstone, The night of our flight, Winter solstice
Under Gravity
Buoyancy, I Can't, Seven Old Fires, Sitting On A Log
Under The Influence Of Giants
In The Clouds, Lay Me Down, Mama'S Room, Meaningless Love, Stay Illogical
Bakerstreet, Baker Street
Underdog Project Vs Sunclub, The
Summer Jam 2003
Underground Kingz
Fuck My Car, Hi Life, That's Why I Carry, Touched
Underneath The Gun
Discordant, Fireball Log Dump, Plague On Both Ye' Houses
814 Stops Today, A Boy Brushed Red.... Living In Black And White, A Love So Pure, A Message For Adrienne, A Moment Suspended In Time, Act Of Depression, Alone I...
Euthanol, Exit Wound, Room 237, Tapeworms
My Perfect Cousin, Teenage Kicks
Air Towel, Banstyle / Sappys Curry, Born Slippy, Confusion The Waitress, Cowgirl, Dark & Long, Dirty Epic, Juanita : Kiteless : To Dream Of Love, M.E., Moaner, ...
Undivided Roots
Stranger To My Eyes
Ungar Jay
Ashokan Farewell
Abjure, Bleed, Disease, Face The World, Fall #1 (splash), Fall No.1 (splash), Float, Forsaken, Green, Half-mad, Heathers (fall #5), Insignificant
...Of Tragedy, After god, Alone, Athene noctua, Colossal vision, Covetous glance, Creative lunacy, Daybreak, Dreamside, For the unknown one, Gray blow, Immacula...
Unholy Bands From The Holyland
Cerebral Coma - Unholy War, Corpus - Future, Incarnation - Shades of Gods, Morgue - The Second Coming, People - Charlie-5, Salem - Old Wounds, Scafold - Vortex ...
Huomenna, Kaikki mitд mд annoin
What God Said
Union 13
A Life's Story, A Short Supply (Of Truth), Again And Again, Beyond The System, Bonded As One, Burocrata Estafador, Buscando La Verdad, Camino A La Soledad, Chil...
Union Express
Ring A Ring A Roses
Union Of Knives
I Decline, Opposite Direction
Union Underground
Across The Nation, Bitter, Drivel, Killing The Fly, Natural High, Revolution Man, South Texas Deathride, The Friend Song, Trip With Jesus, Turn Me On, Until You...
Unit Four Plus Two
Concrete And Clay
Unit Four Two
Concrete And Clay
United Balls
Ein Lied geht um die Welt, Pogo In Togo
United Kingdom
Braveheart, Destroy The Scenery, United Kings, Caesar's Palace Blues, Carring no Cross, Carring No Cross (12 20), Danger Money, Danger Money (8 12), Nothing to ...
United Youngstars
A Place That Ought To Be
Uniting Nations
Out Of Touch
Breaking All The Rules
Universal Poplab
I Could Say I'm Sorry, We Hate It When Our Friends Become Sucessful