Stars on 54
If you could read my mind
In the crossfire, Alcoholic, Alcoholic, Born Again, Born Again, Bring my Love, Coming Down Ver2, Counterfeit Life, Faith Hope Love, Fever, Fever, Fidelity, Four...
It's Not Over ('til It's Over), Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Sara, Set The Night To Music, We Built This City, Beat Patrol, Before i go, Blaze of Love, Cut You ...
Keep On Moving
Starting Line, The
21, A Goodnight's Sleep, A Million Hearts, Action, Almost There, Going Nowhere, Are You Alone_, Artistic License, Autography, Bedroom Talk, Best Of Me, Big Tim...
Starting Rock
Don't Go
We Built This City
Cherry Baby
Carving The Pain
Stat Quo
By My Side, Get Low, Ooh Drama, Problems
State Of Alert
Blackout, Draw Blank, Gang Fight, Gate Crashers, Girl Problems, Lost in Space, Public Defender, Riot, Warzone
State Of Conviction
In God We Rust
State Radio
As With Gladness, Barn Storming, Black Cab Motorcade, C.I.A., Calvado'S Chopper, Camilo, Fall Of The American Empire, Fight No More, Gang Of Thieves, Guantanamo...
...In A Bag, Anything But This, Burn To Burn, Cold, Fix, Get To The Gone, I Am, New Pain, (Shit) In A Bag, ...in a Bag, A Dios Alma Perdida, All In Wait, Anythi...
Statues Cry Bleeding
...Of No Name And Form, Feelings Of A Cut Tongue, Herd Mentality, Seven Theories, The Study Of Leaves
Status Quo
A Year, Accident Prone, Ain't complaining, All Around My Hat, All The Reasons, All through the night, All we really wanna do (Polly), Almost but not quite there...
Ausgebrannt, Dein Engel Schweigt, Deine Nacht, Ein Traum Der Nie Vergeht, Endlos, Endlos (Frei Von Dir), Frei (Wie Du FüHlst), Intro, Keine Sonne, Knie 'nieder...
A Consequence Plan, A Place Where I Can Breathe, A Reason To Believe, Acquiesce, Alice Wishlist, An Eclipsing (El Mariachi), Anna Thema, At The Moment, Blind Ho...
Steady Mobb'n
Call It What You Want, Crosses Artist, Ghetto Life, Niggas Like Me, 'bout Dat Mess, Carry On, Hit A Lick, Red Rum, Strong Heart, West To South, When Them Killas...
Stealers Wheel
Star, Stuck In The Middle With You, Another Meaning, Back On My Feet Again, Benediction, Blind Faith, Don't Get Me Wrong, Everyone Agreed That Everything Will T...
Na na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
Down The Highway, Even The Clock, Junior's Wailing, Lost You Too, On Your Road, She Is The Fire, Twenty Four Hours, Water (Pt 1), When All Your Friends Are Gone...
Behind The Mirror, Come Back to Stay, Danny Sue, Don't Say Goodbye, Don't You Understand, Exhale, Hit me Right, How Can i Say, I Still Love You, In Love Again
Steel Attack
Arise, Clearing The Mind, Cursed Land, Defender Of The Crown, Dragon's Skull, Fall Into Madness, Fireballs, Forgotten Land, Guardians, Heading For The Lair, Hea...
Steel Pole Bath Tub
Borstal, Bozeman, Every Thing, Four Barrels, Home Is A Rope, Population 2, The 500 Club, The Conversation, Twist
Steel Prophet
Anger Seething, Betrayal, Burning Into Blackness, Church Of Mind, Dawn Of Man, Death, Death Of Innocence, Devoid Of Logic, Don't You (Forget About Me), Dreamer ...
Steel Pulse
Chant A Psalm, Not King James Version, Your House
Steel Train
2 O'Clock, Alley Cat, Angelica, Bad Moon Rising, Better Love, Blown Away, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Catch You On The Other Side, Cellophane And Glass, Dig, Do...
Steel Warrior
Blind Faith, Crossing The Mist, Farewell Ride, Garden Of Souls, Rasalom, Revenge, Son Of An Eagle, Steel Warrior, The First Vision, Wind Of Sorrow, Your Majesty...
Bad To The Bone, Chain Gang, Criminal, Danger Comeback, Deeper The Night, Hard Breaks, Heading For The End, Hunter Or Hunted, Icecold, Knock Me Out, Let The Blo...
She's Gone, All Your Love, Can't Stop me Lovin' You, Dancin' in The Fire, Down n' Dirty, Electric Love Child, Everybody Loves Eileen, Gimme Gimme, I'll Never Le...
Steely Dan
AJA, Almost Gothic, Any Major Dude Will Tell You, Any World (That I'm Welcome To), Babylon Sisters, Bad Sneakers, Barrytown, Black Cow, Black Friday, Bodhisattv...
Steen Christensen
100% Vihaa Ja VÄKivaltaa, HyvÄStÄ PerheestÄ, Ikkunaprinsessa, Ilman Todisteita, Intro, Jarden TrÄKki, NÄKymÄTÖN Mies, Pala, Pikku Pirihuora, PikkuÄPÄRÄT, Sinisi...
Stef Bos
Wodka, Papa
Stefan "Tintin" Duffy
Kiss Me
Stefan & Manuel
Tirol will go on
Stefan Banica Jr.
Am S-O Astept, Ani De Liceu, Asta-S Eu, Doar O Data-I Craciunul, Doar Un Craciun Cu Tine, Gaseste-Mi Loc In Inima Ta, Inca O Zi, Iubeste-O Sincer, Poveste, Pros...
Stefan De La Barbulesti
Dintr-O Mie De Flori, Iti Daruiesc Toti Trandafirii
Stefan Hrusca
Amurg De Iubire, Fuga Din Rai
Stefan Nicoletti
Ich bin Pratter aus der Oeverseeschule in Graz!
Stefan Raab
Hier kommt die Maus, Maschendrahtzaun, Rabigramm für Dieter Bohlen, Wadde hadde dudde da ?, Wir Kiffen, Es War Sommer, Schlimmer Finger, Die Geile Schwedin Vom ...
Stefan Raab and Truck Stop
Stefan Waggershausen
Verzeih'n Sie, Anna Mir Alarm im Herzen, Bдng Bдng, Kapitдn, Leider Nur Liebe, Sterne Fallen, Weil du Die Liebe Liebst, Wenn Der Blitz Dich Trifft, Wenn es so S...
Stefan Waggershausen and Victor Laszlo
Das Erste Mal Tat's Noch Weh
Stefania Lay
Stefania Rotolo
Cocktail D'Amore, Disco-Tic, Marameo, Toccami
Stefanie Hertel
Hab' mich lieb
Stefano Piro
Esorcismo, Fine Settembre, Il Colpevole, Il Credo, Insonnia, Lunar Tango, L’amor Del Male, L’unico Superstite, Odio Il Tempo, Pi Tardi, Suite Di Buona Primavera
Der Saigon und Eugene !!!!!!!!!!
Chelsea, Cover Up, Hey School Boy, Love You To Death, Lucky Girl, Orange County, Orange Crush, Pretty Little Nightmare, Where Are The Boys, You And Me Against T...
Katharine Katharine, Katherine, Katherine
Stela Enache & Florin Bogardo
Ani De Liceu
Piste., Aamun Kuiskaus, Häävalssi (Sinä Vain), Hiekka, Kelle Ihosi Tuoksuu_, Kultasiipi, Kuuntelija, Lumottu, Nimikivi, Puolet Sinusta, Revin Kappaleiksi, Sädep...
Stella Parton
Honey Come Home, I Cried For The Lady, I Want To Hold You In My Dreams Tonight, IÂВ‚¬в„ўm Not That Good At Goodbye, Little Inconvenient, Long Lost Love, Room At...
Stella Soleil
Angel Face, Dance With Me, Imperfect, Let's Just Go To Bed, Look My Way, Love You To Death, Pretty Young Thing, Runaway Crush, Stand Up, Twilight, You, Kiss Kis...
Stellar Kart
Come Back Home, Tree Climber, A Love Song, Always Waiting, Angels In Chorus, Finding Out, Finish Last, Gone Fishin', Hold On, I Wanna Live, Life Is Good, Livin'...
Bloated Wife, Born in a Fleamarket, Damn this Foolish Heart, Island Lost at Sea, Lost in Time, Love and Longing, On My Own, Stay Entertained, Sweet Troubled Sou...
In The Walls, Jenny, My Coco, Somewhere Across Forever, Untitled
13 Years, Bum-Rushed, Burn, Down, Face The Pain, Holding On, Monster, Numb, Out Of Context, Part Of Each, Perfect, Please, Realize, Slippin', Take Her Away, Til...
Step Kings
Aquarium, Camelion, Free, King Of The Fus, Mountain, Niklo, P.L.U., Sap, Shine, Spaceships And Airplanes, Spaztik
Stephan Eicher
Avec Toi, Baiser Orageux, Bon Pour Moi, Ce Peu D'amour, Cendrillon Apres Minuit, Combien De Temps, Confettis, DÉMon, Dejeuner En Paix, Des Hauts, Des Bas, Dis-...
Stephan Remmler
Drei weiße Birken
Stephanie A. Smith
Let Me Know, Little Bit Scared, Rose, Save Your Own
Stephanie Bentley
Dead Ringer, Half The Moon, Heart Half Empty (Stephanie Bentley & Ty Herndon), I'm Listening, If Promises Were Gold, Once I Was The Light Of Your Life, Permanen...
Stephanie Kirkham
A Few Days More, Bird Of Prey, Blank White Sheet, Garden Of Dreams, Heavy Boots, Inappropiate, Monday Morning, Never In A Million Years, Somebody Else's Girl, S...
A Change Is Coming, God Only Knows, Mistake, Out In The Rain, Overcome, Sink Like A Stone, So Do I Say Sorry First, So Do I Say Sorry First_, The Night Of My Li...
Stephanie Mills
Home, All Day, All Night
Stephe Allen
Letter From My Heart
Stephen Folkers
Stephen Fretwell
New York
Stephen Gately
Bright Eyes, Coming Back, Do Without Me, Far From Love, If Only You Were Here, Judgement Day, Just Can't Say Goodbye, New Beginning, Stay, Wanna Be Where You Ar...
Stephen Lynch
Superhero, Bitch, Country Love Song, D And D, Dead Girlfriend, Down To The Old Pub Instead, Grandfather Die, Gynecologist, Half A Man, Hermaphrodite, Hermaphrod...
Stephen Malkmus
Animal Midnight, Baby C'mon, Black Book, Church On White, Deado, Discretion Grove, Dynamic Calories, Freeze The Saints, I've Hardly Been, It Kills, Jenny And Th...
Stephen Schwartz
On The Willows, Alas For You, All For The Best, All For The Best (2000), All Good Gifts, Beautiful City, Beautiful City ( Updated Version ), Bless The Lord, By ...
Stephen Simmonds
Everything Is Nothing, Goodwill, Keeping Me On, Killing & Religion, Louder, Mother Mary, No Good Now/Come On Down, She's So Beautiful, Where's My Love, Who Is G...
Stephen Sondheim
Anyone Can Whistle, Comedy Tonight, Johanna, Last Midnight, Later, Live Alone And Like It, Love I Hear, Merrily We Roll Along No.1, No More, No One Is Alone, On...
Stephen Speaks
Complete, Filthy, Leaving Song, Out Of My League, Passenger Seat, Puzzle Pieces, Weather, What'll She Look Like, Wilderness, All These Things, Armored Car, Bold...
Stephen Stills
10. Hide it so Deep, 4 + 20, 50/50, Acadienne, Ain't It Always, Amazonia, Anyway, Around Us, As i Come of Age, Beaucoup Yumbo, Black Coral, Black Queen, Blind F...
Born to Be Wild, Magic Carpet Ride, (Give Me) News I Can Use, A Girl I Knew, Ain't Nothin' Like It Used To Be, All I Want Is All You Got, Another's Lifetime, Ba...
5678, 5-6-7-8, A Love To Last, After The Love Has Gone, Back To You, Better Best Forgotten, Better The Devil You Know, Buzzz, Careless Whisper, Chain Reaction, ...
Stereo 360 (Stereo Three-Sixty)
Automatic, Beautiful, California, Don't Belong, Original, Plastecine, Radio Parade, Restaurant, Sick Of You, Superstar, Vasoline Mouth
Stereo Fuse
Allison, Ball And Chain, Breathe, Everything, Flesh And Blood, Heaven Inside You, Hey You, Live Like A God, Seed, Superhero, Trip To Mars, Beautiful, The Best R...
Stereo Motion
Ghost, I'm Here To Save You, Loving Every Minute, Moonlit Sky, New Face, Rise, Slow Dance The Day Away, Steal The Show, Still A Little Shaken Up, The Revolution...
Stereo Total
A L'amour Comme A La Guerre, Ach Ach Liebling, Adieu Adieu, Aua, Auf Dem Blauen Meer, Automatic Music, Beautycase, Belami, C'est La Mort, Clip Clap, Comicstript...
All Along The River, Christ Was An Angry Man, Doomed, Hologram Man, Holosonic, Mind Ammo, One Eyed Soul, Smack The Sun, Supersorrow, Way Back Home
3D Melodie, Analogue Rock, Anamorphose, Anonymous Collective, Au Grand Jour, Avant Garde M.O.R., blips drips and strips, blue milk, caleidoscopic gaze, come and...
Anything But Jesus, Breathing, Closer Now, Comin Home, Control This, Dead Faces, Define This, Don't Be Afraid, Down From Here, Drop Down, Fallen, Get Me Out, Ho...
A Minute Longer, A Thousand Trees, Angie, Billy Davey's Daughter, Buy Myself A Small Plane, Caravan Holiday, Carrot Cake And Wine, Check My Eyelids For Holes, C...
Walkie Talkie Man, Be Good To Me, Big Lady Lovin, Built On Lies (Gangster), Fat & Proud, In The City, Just Like You, Kare Kare, Muchacha, On An On, Own Way Home...
Sterling Simms
Dig A Hole
4 Ever My Beat, Blood, Sweat And No Tears, Bust That Groove, Faye, Float On, Freedom Or Death, Go Stetsa I, Gyrlz, Just Say Stet, My Rhyme, On Fire, Paul's Gro...
Steve & Co
Steve Arrington
Feel So Real
Steve Azar
As Long As Harley Gets To Play, Caught Between The Rock And The Roll, Damn The Money, Drams Of A Dancer, Goin' To Beat The Devil (To See My Angel Tonight), Hear...
Steve Balsamo
Are You With Me_, Future Love Games, I Came To Say..., It's Only Sin, Sam's Song, The Last Night On Earth, The Secret Wish, The Thief, Theme From Chimpan A Part...
Steve Barakatt
Here We Are With Audrey De Montigny