S Club
Alive, Bittersweet, Do It Till We Drop, Every Kinda People, Gangsta Love, Hey Kitty Kitty, In Too Deep, Let Me Sleep, Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You
S Club 7
Alive, All In Love Is Fair, Best Friend, Bittersweet, Boy Like You, Bring It All Back, Bring The House Down, Cross My Heart, Dance, Dance Dance Dance, Dancing Q...
S Club 8
Big Fun, Don't Tell Me You're Sorry, Fool No More, Love To The Limit, Pretty Boy, Rush, Searching For Perfection, Sundown, Tears On My Pillow, The Day You Came,...
S Club 8 (S Club Juniors)
Anytime, Anywhere, Automatic High, Big Fun, Can I Trust You, Don't Tell Me You're Sorry, Drawn To You, Feel The Beat, Fool No More, Friends, I Come Alive, I Ju...
Going To Suzuka
Hard To Get
S. Adamo
Tombe la neige
My Sunbraro
House of Halloween
Just a Bit of Chaos
S.o.a.p. Is In The Air, This Is How We Party
Aren't You Hungry, Arent You Hungry, Ballad Of Phil H, Bigger Than The Devil, Bigger Than The Devil, Black War, Black War, Celtic Frosted Flakes, Celtic Frosted...
Alles Gute, Borrowed Love, Bring Mich Fort, Deine Augen, Die Nacht, Du Bist Der Wahnsinn, Immer Weiter, Ist Schon Ok !, Just The Way You Like It, Lass Mich Los,...
S.p. Boz
S.p. Them Song
Agent 5, Alien Attack, All Alone, All The Children Shall Lead, Android's Dilemma, Astrogirl Strikes Back, Beam Me Up, Dark Side Of The Force, Dr McCoy, Dr McCoy...
Ageless Beauty, Barricade, Better Be Heaven, Bitches In Tokyo, Calendar Girl, Celebration Guns, Cute Boy, Death To Death, Don't Be Afraid To Sing, Elevator Love...
Boy I've Been Told, Don't Break My Heart, Let Me Be The One, Love Is On Her Mind, Made Up My Mind
Bent, Big Nose, Can U Feel Me, Crawl Before You Ball, Hype Shit, Joint Custody, Just Riden', Light Sleeper, No Return (Goin' crazy), Playa Hayta, Poke Martian, ...
Saafir The Saucee Nomad
Battle Drill, Bent, Joint Custody, Just Riden', Real Circus, Big Nose, Can u Feel Me?, Crawl Before You Ball, Hype Shit, Light Sleeper, No Return (goin' Crazy),...
Sabado Domingo
Manos Arriba
sabbath(master of reality)
100 Years (Of Tears In The Wind), A Wish for a Fish, Alder Smoke Blues, Also Ran Song, Annihilation of the Spirit, Ants In The Kitchen, Baby Mae, Bicycle, Boymi...
Clouds, Sugarless
SABINA (Сабина)
Тебе покорной
Sabrina Setlur
Glaubst Du mir, All Meine Liebe, Aus Der Sicht Und Mit Den Worten Von ..., Du Liebst Mich Nicht, Hija, Nur Mir, Sanft, Freisein
Sabrina Setlur & Xavier Naidoo
Sabrina Taylor
Can'T Go Home, Daddy, Dancing Alone, Ferris Wheel
Saccharine Trust
A Human Certainty, Community Lie, Effort To Waste, I Am Right, Mad At The Community, Success And Failure, We Don't Need Freedom
Sachs Jayne
On The Edge, Special Neurotic Boy
Sacksioni H
Amulet, Blos
Beyond All Horizons, Blood Shall Be Spilled, Cries From A Restless Soul, Far Away From The Sun, Far Away From The Sun, Part 2, Fog's Kiss, Obsolete Tears, The ...
Sacred Rite
1812_ The Battle, Angels Never Die, As It Was Told, Cold Hearted Girl, Eleanor Rigby, Executioner, Headfirst, I Will Survive, I've Seen The Wizard, Ni4ni, R.I.P...
Sacred Steel
Battle Angel, In The Mouth Of Madness, Kill The Deceiver, Metal Reigns Supreme, Reborn In Steel, Sacred Steel, Sword Of The King, Trapped In Hell, True Force Of...
A Storm In The Silence, After The Rain, Afterlife, Apocalypse Inside, As The Word Burns, As The World Burns, Beneath What You See, Beyond Death, Burned At The S...
Invocation Of The Horned One, Sacral Mass, Witchery Candle
A Violation Of Something Sacred, At Death Door, Beyound The Gates Of Pain, Crying Statues Of Paleness An Ice, Crying Statues Of Paleness And Ice, Dim With Shame...
Sad Tomatoes
Why Me
A Deconstructionists Approach To Popular Culture, Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, Anthem For New Sonic Warfare, Better Living Through Self-Immolation, Can...
Sadat X
Game's Sober, Hang 'em High, Open Bar, Sauce For Birdheads, The Lump Lump, (Stay Away From The) Nasty Hoes, Cock It Back, Do It Again, Escape From New York, If....
All About Our Love, Bullet Proof Soul, By Your Side, Cherish The Day, Cherry Pie, Clean Heart, Diamond Life, Every Word, Fear, Feel No Pain, Flow, Frankies Firs...
Sade & St. John
Diamond Life
Sade & Stuart Matthewman
Your Love Is King
Cheesepuffs And Handcuffs, Maas Hysteria
Christmas Beat, Den Siste Kamp, Escogido, I Rape You, India, Instinct, Obsession - Compulsion, Ovariotomy, Perversion Lust Orgasm, Spiral Of Winter Ghosts, The ...
Act I - Ames De Marbre, Act II - Lueurs, Act III - Tristessa, Act IV - Opal Vault, Act V - Tears Of Sorrow, Act VI - Red Script, Act VII - Autofagasta, Act Vii ...
Aggression, And Then You Die, Arise, Black, Certain Death, Chemical Exposure, Crutch, Deceptive Perceptions, Echoes of Forever, Facelift, False Incarnation, Fig...
Safety In Numbers
Braswell, Build And Structure, Dealer, Lend Your Lungs, Make Up, No Use, Petrafied, Potential State, Waited Around
Give me a Young Man
Safina Alessandro
La Sete Di Vivere, Luna, 'Stu Bbene, All'Alba, Aria E Memoria (Duet), Aria Y Memoria, Arrivederci America, Canto La Vita, Como Sol Y Luna, D'Amore, D'Oro E D'Ar...
Safri Duo
Sweet Freedom
Safri Duo and Michael Mc Donald
Sweet Freedom
Bukannya Lupa Tapi Tak Ingat, Perutusan Hiba, Sedalam Mana Cintamu
Saga (Italy)
$olo$oldi, Contento, E' Cosi Che Lo Famo, Fame, Italiano, Non Capisco, Non Sé Ancora Visto, Riot, Zucchero Marrone
Sage Francis
"Mermaids Are Sea Sluts" (Spoken Word Pi, Agony In Her Body, All Word No Play, Andy Kaughman, Black Out On White Night, Black Sweatshirt, Bridle, Broken Wings, ...
Sagisu Shiro
Angel Attack, Can't Get You Outta My Head, Evantroduction, From My Dreams, I'll Be Always On Your Mind, Outro - Never Shall We Return From Conflict We Mus, Prom...
Sahanaya Ruth
Amburadul, Astaga, Bagaimana, Buat Kekasihku, Jika Daku Jatuh Cinta, Kaulah Segalanya, Memori, Merenda Kasih, Percayalah, September Pagi, Tak Kuduga
Sahara Hotnights
A Perfect Mess, Alright Alright (Here's My Fist Where's The Fight_, Cheek To Cheek, Down And Out, Drive Dead Slow, Empty Heart, Fall Into Line, Fire Alarm, Hang...
Sahm Doug
Nitty Gritty, Tennessee Blues, Who Were You Thinking of
Saigon Kick
Come Take Me Now, Fields Of Rape, I Love You, On And On, Space Oddity, Water, Chanel, Colors, Fields of Rape, Love is on The Way, My Life
Saijonmaa Arja
Kotkan Ruusu
Hard Drivin' Man, Motorcycle Mama
A Glass Of Champagne, All I Need Is A Girl, Ashes And Diamonds, Catwalk Girls, Checkpoint Charlie, Danger On The Titanic, Down By The Docks, Girls Girls Girls, ...
Sailor Moon
Call My Name (And I'll Be There), Carry On, I Wanna Be A Star, It's A New Day, Moonlight Densetsu, My Only Love, Oh Starry Night, Only A Memory Away, Rainy Day ...
Saint Etienne
4:35 In The Morning, Afraid To Go Home, Archway People, Avenue, Been So Long, Calico, Carnt Sleep, Catnap, Chicken Soup, Clark Country Record Fair, Clock Milk, ...
Saint Seiya
Pegasus Fantasy, Never (Ten Kai Hen), Primer Opening En EspaÑOl
Saint Vitus
(I Am) The Screaming Banshee, A Timeless Tale, Angry Man, Bitter Truth, Born Too Late, Burial At Sea, Children Of Doom, Clear Windowpane, Dark World, Dragon Tim...
Saison Ella Mae
If The Feeling Is Gone
Sakamoto Kyu
Ue O Muite Aruko (sukiyaki)
Sakamoto Ma'aya
Hang On Sloopy
Sal Da Vinci
'a Malatia 'e Ll'america, 'na Canzuncella Doce Doce, 'o Surdato 'nnammurato, Cosa Sei, Cowboy, Dicitencello Vuje, Fai Come Vuoi, I' Te Vurria Vas, Io Di Pi, La ...
Sal Mineo
Start Movin
A man with a box, A size more woman than her, Broken bird, Cardboy king, Drink the elixir, Foreign cow, Gertrude Campbell, Granite statue, Insomnia, Machine of ...
Saleet Norman
Let's Stop Before We Fall In Love
Above The Ground, Aphrodite's Tears, Brighton By The Sea, Cancel The Sun, Confession, Creating Our Sins, Dying Embers, Eyes To Match A Soul, Fear Of The Future,...
Salemi Silvia
A Casa Di Luca
Saling Ket
'di Ipinaglaban, Kung 'di Mo Minahal, Made In Heaven, Musikero, Panghabangbuhay
Saling Ket and Rey Valera
'di Ipinaglaban, Panghabangbuhay, Panghabangbuhay
After Me, All Because Of You, Always, Back Into Your System, Beg, Click click boom, Doperide, Famous Monsters, Faultline, Holdin On, Hollywood, Lackluster, Must...
Sally Dworsky with Joseph Williams & Kristle Edwards
Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (original Version)
Sally Oldfield
A Lover For All Reasons, Andromeda Rising, Answering You, Balloons, Banquet On The Water, Easy, Firstborn Of The Earth, Giving All My Love, Hide And Seek, I'm L...
Don't Go Tango, Otherside Of The World, Think Slow Talk Faster, To Make A Better Place
Devorame otra vez
Salsa Kids
Oye Niсa
Salt 'n' Pepa
A Salt With A Deadly Pepa, Ain't Nuthin' but A She Thing, Boy Toy, Break Of Dawn, Champagne, Chick On The Side (Remix), Clubhouse, Do Me Right, Do You Want Me, ...
Let's Talk About Sex
For All Time, Bring it to me
Alegria, Breathing Life, Can'T Keep It In, City On A Hill, Con Poder, Crucified, Cry Holy, David Danced, God People, Halleluja, Lord, I Come Before You, Mighty...
Salvador Henri
Le Lion Est Mort ce Soir
Salvatore Adamo
Tombe la neige, Unbefangen
Salvatore Fuca
La Sicile Mon Ile
Sogno Romantico
Tlc hands Up
Sam & Dave
Signed, Hold on im Comin, Hold on im Coming, I Thank You, Soul Man, Soul Man
Sam & Mark
With A Little Help From My Friends
Sam & The Womp
Bom Bom
Sam Adams
Driving Me Crazy
Sam And Chris
Drug Lovin' Wife, Fireflies, Mrs. Arc, Sugar Rain
Sam And The Womp
Bom Bom
Sam Brown