Список исполнителей на буквы:

A Quelle Heure_, Banquise, Belles Autrement, Bla Bla Bla, Bric à Brac, C'est Vrai, Ce Soir, Celle Qui Bat Des Ailes, Cette Vie Nouvelle, Coccinelle, Fou D'elle,...
Priscilla Ahn
Are We Different_, Dream, It's Gonna Be Alright, Lost, Lullaby
Private Line
1-800-Out-Of-Nowhere, Alive, Already Dead, Bleed, Broken Promised Land, Castaway Holiday, Cheerleaders & Dopedealers, Crack In Reality, Downstairs Upstairs, Dri...
Prize Fighter Inferno, The
78, A Death In The Family, Accidents, Easter, Our Darling Daughter You Are, Little Cecila Marie, Run, Gunner Recall, Run! The Town Wants You Dead!, The Fight...
Act Of God, Aftermath, Against The Grain, All Fall Down, All Or None, American Dreams, Bad Blood, Blood Red, Box City, Burn, Can You Feel It_, Casualties Of War...
Access Babylon, Big Sky, Centuries Of Sin, Dictatorsaurus, Ice Cold Man, My Tortured Soul, Red War, Shake Your Blood, Silent Spring, Sweet Dreams, The Emerald L...
Procol Harum
(You can't) turn back the page, A Christmas Camel, A dream in ev'ry home, A Rum Tale, A Salty Dog, A Souvenir of London, About to Die, All Our Dreams Are Sold, ...
Altceva, Asculta-Mi Inima, Calatorul, Cerul, Chiar De Maine, De La Rusi, Despre Mine, Dor De Tine, Doua Lacrimi, Mama Terra, Mi-Ai Luat Inima, Narayan, Nu Mi-E ...
Prodigy Of Mobb Deep
Can't Complain, Diamond, Do It, Genesis, Gun Play, H.N.I.C., Infamous Minded, Keep It Thoro, Rock Dat, Three, Trials Of Love, Veteran's Memorial, Wanna Be Thugs...
Back To Basics, Domino, Here's To You, I Love Lucy, Life Of Crime, Operation, Sensations, She Shelia, The End, What She Does To Me, What's He Got?, Who Do You T...
Product G&B
Cluck Cluck, Dirty Dancin'
Professional Murder Music
A Night Like This, A Night Like This, As It's Fading, Big Exit, Clear, Clear (Acoustic), Darker, Disconnect, Dissolve, Does It Dream, Does It Dream, Don't Stop,...
Professor Green
Monster, Read All About It, Remedy
Professor Green feat. Emeli Sande
Read All About It
Professor Green feat. Example
Professor Green Feat. Ruth Anne
Professor Green Featuring Emeli Sande
Read All About It
Professor Longhair
Proffit Mason
Two Hangmen
(Can We) M.A.K.E. L.U.V., Addicted, Can We Talk, Damn, Every Little Thing, I Ain't The One, I Do, I Won't Cry, Jiggy Girl, Liar, Nasty, No Trickin', One Night, ...
Progidy, The
No Good (Start the Dance)
Project 13
4evermore, Cranium, Drowning (In Your Head), Gone Too Far, Never Alone, Someone To Blame, The Return Of Freddy Walters, Underneath Your Skin
Project 86
...and the Rest Will Follow, All of Me, Another Boredom Movement, Bottom Feeder, Caught In The Middle, Cavity King, Chimes, Doomsday Stomp, From December, Hollo...
Project Deadman
Access Denied (Featuring Tech N9ne & King Gord, Ain't Shit (Featuring Mc Breed & Bootleg), All My Life, Body Bag (Featuring The Dayton Family), Brain Dead, Corp...
Project Hate Mcmxcix
Believing Is Bleeding, Blessed Are We To Be Lied Upon, Can't Wait, Christianity Delete, Disciples Of The Apocalypse, Dividead, Forsaken By The Naked Light Of Da...
Project Nim
Never Want to Feel
Project Pat
201 Phone Call (Skit), 528-Cash, Aggravated Robbery, Ballers, Ballers / Outro Cash Money Mix, Bitch Smackin Killa, Break da Law 2001, Bye Bye, Cheese And Dope, ...
Project Pitchfork
2nd Step, Alien Crossing, Antidote, Bodies, Box Of Steel, Carnival, Carrion, Caught In The Abattoir, Celeste, Crash, December Sadness, Dependence, Entity, Eon, ...
Project Wyze
Behind Closed Doors, Denial, Erica, Eyes Wide Shut, Hush, Nothing's What It Seems, Only Time Will Tell, Room To Breathe, Running Away, Strangers Among Us, Dead ...
Black Sorcerer, Blood And Faith, Crown Of Ages, Fight In The Sky, Final Alliance, Guardian Soldiers, Heart And Steel, Innocent Eyes, The Samain Tournament, Thun...
Prom Kings, The
Promise Ring
Make me a Chevy, Nothing Feels Good
Impassioned Arousal, Welter In Carnal Lust
Beg To Differ, For Dear Life, Just The Same, Lost And Found, Prime Cut, Right To Nothing, Steady Decline, Take It In Hand, Third From The Sun (Live), Your Fear,...
72nd & Central, Ali, Anywhere, Biboa's Theme, Black Wrist Bro's, Black Wrist Bro's Ft. First Born, Clap Wit Me, Derty Harry, Forgive Me, Gurls Wit Da Boom, High...
Duel, How Much Love, Only One Word, Vicious Circle, Wound In My Heart, 5 Минут, Dr. Mabuse, Dream Within a Dream, Eye To Eye (Duel -The First Side), Frozen Face...
Anti-Manifesto, Fuck Machine, Head? Chest? Or Foot?, Homophobes Are, I Want You To Want Me, Middle Finger Response, Ska Sucks, Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Go...
...And We Thought Nation States Were A Bad Idea, A People's History Of The World, A Public Dis-Service Announcement From Shell, Albright Monument, Bagdhad, Anc...
Murder 101
History Repeating
Proper Dos
Firme Hina, First Day of School, Hard Tiempo, Hard Time, Interrogated Cuzz I'm Brown, M.F.M., Muthafuccen Mexican, No Turning Back, Tales From The Westside, To ...
...To Hangatyr, Armed To The Teeth, Awaiting Your Valkyries Arrival, Beast Of The North, Behind The Horns, Fate Of The Gods, I Vargens Tecken (In The Sign Of Th...
All You Can Fuck And Eat, Assembled By Death, Beaten, Broken & Butchered, Core Of Depression, Destined To Fall, Diggin' A Pit, Ebolic Regurgitation, Feasting O...
Prophet Jones
Lifetime, All I Do, I Know You Wanna
Barbie Baba, Ferde Hajlam
Apocalyptic Revelations, Atrocities, Capitascism, Decadence, Delirium Tremens, Germanophobe, Golem, Megalomania, Molotov Cocktail, Nothing Has Changed, Omnipres...
Protest The Hero
5th Commandment, A Plateful Of Our Dead, An Apathetic New World, Asperity Of Sin, Blindfolds Aside, Break The Chain, Bury The Hatchet, Divinity Within, Fear And...
Prothrow Brian
Never Join The Fire Brigade
18 Th (Tawuran), Adikku Sayang, Aku Dan Dunia, Bebaskan, Beriku Kejujuran, Damai, Entah Apa, Kau, Kiranya, Langkah Pasti, Omong Kosong, Resah, Rinduku Adinda, S...
Battery, By Breeze, Dead Of Jericho, I Know You, Into The Pit, Live A Lie, Metal Church, Mind In Motion, Pure, Red Barchetta, Relativity, Sea Of Madness, Seed, ...
Danse Sur La Merde, Who's Gonna Sing
Act Now, American Dream, Brighter Days, Come From Broken, Forced Hatred, Justice Lies, My Star, Painted Sorrows, Rainbow, Sick, Vain Intentions, Wood Work
Proyecto 1
El Tiburуn
Shag Tag (You're It!), Simon's Final Thoughts, Sleep With Myself, Strange Disease, Sucks To Be You, Tsunami, Anna-lisa, Be As, Clothes We Wear, Cruel Cruel Worl...
Prussian Blue
Aryan Man Awake, Changes, Gone With The Breeze, Green Fields Of France, Hate For Hate_ Lamb Near The Lane, Hey, Hey, I Will Bleed For You, Lo, Not A Problem, O...
Give Thanks, I'm Alive, Keep Your Eyes On Christ, Praise God Almighty, Praise The Lord, Save Me From Myself, Shout To The Lord, Temptation's Everywhere, The Tim...
Always In My Head, Cosy In The Rocket, Hi, Tricycle, Upstairs
Psi Com
City Of 9 Gates, Ho Ka Hey, Human Condition, Winds, Xiola
Feel The Rhythm, Secret Track
Gangnam Style
Psy 4 De La Rime
2 Sortie, A Coeur Ouvert, A L'instinct, Au Front, Au Taquet (Hors SГ©rie), Block Party, Civil, Classic, Comme Une Bouteille Г  La Mer, Dans Les Bras De Gabriel,...
Psyched Up Janis
A While, Frenzy
Psychedelic Furs
Alice's House, Heartbeat, Heartbreak Beat, Here Come Cowboys, Highwire Days, Inside You, Like a Stranger, Love my Way, My Time, Only a Game, Pretty in Pink, The...
17 And Under, A New Beginning, A.m., Banana Slug King, Evol Ving, Eyeball, Fixx, Forgiveness, Hillbilly Happy Smash, Liars, Movin', No Time, Regeneration, Slut ...
Psychic Dreams
Friendship, Ice Age, Stop Look And Listen
Psychopathic Rydas
Back 2 Crack, Boom!, Bye Bye, Dem Bitches, Dumpin', Everyday, Gangsta Shit, Ghetto Fantasies, Intrizzo, Killa Ova Nuttin', Murder Follows Me, Nobody In This Gam...
Apocalypso, Back For Good, Back In The Days, Cold Heart Disaster, Crashing Down!, Dead End Ride, Dear Life (Sweet Nothing), Down In Flames, Dying On My Own, Gen...
Beer!, The Dumb Song
Psychotic Waltz
A Psychotic Waltz, All The Voices, And The Devil Cried, Another Prophet Song, Bleeding, Dancing In The Ashes, Faded, Freakshow, Freedom_, Halo of Thorns, Hangin...
A Future Gone Fishing, A Week, Againandagain, Be A Baby, Chocolate Milkshake, Circus, Dedicated Enemy, Driven, Enemy To Myself, Fullblood Freak, I Go Solo, Medi...
A Planetary Discipline, Alpha Breed, An Experiment In Transience, Battling The Misery Of Organon, Beneath The Ground We Dwell, Carnival Of Vulgarity, Cleansing ...
Silicon Jesus
Anomoly, Bones To Dust, Death, I..., Imogen's Puzzle, Mannequin, Mirrorrim, Mork And Mindy [Daydream Lover], The Long Road To The Fourth Dimension, The White L...
Pt Grimm & The Dead Puppies
Animorph Bastard, Baby Bones, Chaste Makes Waste, Clown Dirge, Crummy, Crystal Baby, Delusion Equals Happiness, Die-Oh-Niceez, Discount Devil, Domestic Silence,...
Public Affection
Death of a Dictionary Album
Public Announcement
Body Bumpin' (Yippie-Yi-Yo), Don't Hold Back, It's About Time, John Doe, Long Long Summer (We Can), Lose A Love, Mamacita, Man Ain't Supposed To Cry, Papi, Rith...
Public Distortion
My Number
Public Enemy
Lsd, 1 Million Bottlebags, 41_19, 911 is a Joke, A Letter to The New York Post, A Letter To The Ny Post, Ain'tnuttin Buttersong, Air Hoodlum, Anti-nigger Machin...
Public Image Limited
Acid Drops, Armada, Careering, Covered, Cruel, Death Disco, Disappointed, Don't Ask me, Emperor, Flowers of Romance, Good Things, Love Hope, Luck's up, Public I...
Puddle Of Mudd
Abrasive, Away From Me, Basement, Blurry, Bring Me Down, Control, Locket, Migraine, Never Change, Nobody Told Me, Out Of My Head, Piss It All Away, Purple Heart...
Puebla Carlos
Hasta Siempre
Puertorican Power
¿A DÓNde IrÁS_, Solo Con Un Beso, Tu Cariñito
Puff Daddy & The Family
Do You Know, No Way Out (Intro), Do You Know?, What You Gonna Do?
Puff Daddy (Soundtrack: Godzilla)
Come with me
Puff Daddy Ft. Carl Thomas
If I Should Die Tonight
Puff Daddy Ft. Ginuwine & Twista
Is This The End?, b
Puff Daddy Ft. Mase
Can't Nobody Hold Me Down, Can't Nobody Hold Me Down (Bad Boy Remix), Can't Nobody Hold Me Down (Original Club Mix)
Puff Daddy Ft. Mase & Notorious B.I.G.
Been Around The World
Puff Daddy Ft. The Lox
I Got The Power
(You Will) Know My Name, B-Body, Back On The Sauce, Barracuda, Blacksick, Blown To Bits, Bullet Train To Hell, Constant Rotation, Crackhouse Bonanza, Cramp Your...
Puffy Amiyumi
Angel Of Love, Basket Case, Boogie-Woogie No.5, Call Me What You Like, Call Me What You Like (If You Like Rock-N-Roll), December, Forever, Friends Forever, Hi H...
Pug Jelly
Another Heartache, Another Heartache, Audra, Audra, Bitch Fight, Boxing Day, Boxing Day, Cable-Car Romances, Clean Slate, Come Home Soon, Dad And Mom, Drink Tha...
Alt Wie Ein Baum, Alt Wie Ein Baum, An Den Ufern Der Nacht, Bis Ans Ende Der Welt, Die Boote Der Jugend, Die Waerme Der Nacht, Doch Die Gitter Schweigen, Erinne...
A Call To Arms, Bringer Of Closure, Chemical, Dreams Of Desolation, Genocide, Gloria, Hail The Mushroom Cloud, No Enemy, Raining Vengeance, Regression, Release ...
Pull Tiger Tail
A Bad Reputation, All We Have, Barf, Barf, Blindfold, Bloodstain, Cashed In, Cashed In, Crawl, Darkside, Dog's Life, Dogs Life, Empty, Endless Journey, Eyes Ope...