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Impressioni di Settembre
Get This Party Started, Glitter In The Air, Raise Your Glass, F**kin' Perfect, Bridge Of Light, Blow Me (One Last Kiss), Try
Keep On Callin', Remember_, Stop The Music, Sunshine
Ecoute Un Peu P.Troll, Like An Animal, Power Troll, Pussy Hunter, S.O.B. (Son Of The Beach), The Only One
P. Box
Csak Az Йg, Mъlt Йs Jelen, Pangea, Semmi Nem Lesz Jobb
P. Diddy (Puff Daddy)
Angels With Dirty Faces, Been Around the World, Can't Believe, Child Of The Ghetto, Do You Know?, Do You Like It Do You Want It, Fake Thugs Dedication, Forever ...
P. Diddy feat. R. Kelly
Satisfy You
P. Lion
Happy Children
P. Olli
Flugzeuge Im Bauch
Bartender, Boom, Crazy Legs, Feel Good, I Got You, Jesus (of Nazareth), Killing Time, Pac Bell, Stevie, Swan Dive, The Meadow
P.J. Olsson
Beautiful Woman, Dandelion, Good Dream, I Am the Sun, People, Pray I Don't Die, Ready For A Fall, Thorazine, Through Rock Songs, Visine, Whisper In Time
Anything Right, Breathe Babylon, Can You Feel It?, Celestial, Checkin' Levels, Coming Back, Draw the Line, Every Knee, Full Color, Get it Straight, Ghetto, Guit...
Alive, Boom, Brown, Follow Me, Freestyle, Hollywood, Images, Know Me, Lie Down, Live And Die, Masterpiece Conspiracy, One Day, Outcast, Outkast, Portrait, Preac...
Audition Mantra, Bush League Psyche-Out Stuff, De La Souls, Duct Tape, Gimme Gimme Gunshots, Half Cocked Concepts, Hunger Pains Three, Meth-Head Vs. Mcnugget, M...
Мы Отдыхаем
Weak, Who's Lovin' Me, You Don't Know (snippet)
A Girl Can Dream, Anywhere U.S.A., Book Of Dreams, Call Me Anytime, Deep Down, Down For Whatever, Kissing Game, No Ifs Ands Or Buts, P.Y.T. (Down With Me), Prov...
Caller ID, Calm Down, Focus, Get Around, Half The Time, Loser Crew, The Talk, The Yeti, Words For Free
Pablo Cruise
A Place in The Sun
Pablo Montero
Vuelve Junto A Mi
Pace Brigitte
Save Your Soul, Weird Voices
Pace Won
I Declare War, Like This, Step up
I Declare War, Like This, Step Up
Pacha Man
Acelasi Sange
Pachelbel Johann
Canon, Canon in d
Bullitproof, Comfort Me, Home Again, Run, Semi-Normal, Walls
Anges Ou Démons, Another Love In L.a., Avec Nos Rêves En Bandoulieres, Chacun Cherche Sa Voie, Comme Rimbaud Comme Verlaine, D'amour En Hérésie, Fais-moi Danser...
Puttin' On The Ritz
Paco Barron Y Sus Nortenos Clan
Lo Que Mas Me Duele
Paddingtons, The
21, 50 To A Pound, Alright In The Morning, Blow, Ed Case, First Comes First, Lo-Fi, Molly's Lips, Panic Attack, Some Old Girl, Stop Breathing, Tommy's Disease, ...
Paddy Goes To Holyhead
A Last Song, Bound Around, Johnny Went To The War, Let The Young, Love Song No. 90, Paddy Goes to Holyhead, The Gipsies' Wedding Day, The Titanic, Wintertime
Paddy Schmidt
A Pub With no Beer, Aragon Mill, Are ye Sleeping Maggie, Auld Lang Syne, Back Home in Derry, Black is The Colour, Madam, I'm a Darling, Mairi's Wedding, Mantle...
Love You
Pagan Lorn
Absent Minded, Artless Treatment, Collapsed, Confidence In The Executioner (share Nothing), Epitome, Freezing Lust, Gone... And Forgotten, Impose, Outrage, Prod...
Pagan's Mind
... Of Epic Questions, A New Beginning, Aegean Shores, Angel Serenity, Appearance, Approaching, Astral Projection, Back To The Magic Of Childhood Part I - Conce...
39 Stegen, Aldrig Mer, Allt Jag Pekar PГҐ, Allt Jag Pekar pх, Bara Sex, Bilmusik, BlГҐ FГ¶tter, Blе Fцtter, Dansande Man, En Dag PГҐ Zoo, En Dag pе Zoo, Fredag ...
Page & Plant
Friends, Since I've Been Loving You, Thank You, That's The Way, Blue Train, Burning Up, City Don't Cry, Four Sticks, Gallow's Pole, Heart In Your Hand, House Of...
Page France
Bush, Chariot, Dogs, Elephant, Feather, Finders, Glue, Goodness, Grass, Jesus, Junkyard, Trampoline, Up, Windy
Page Patti
Changing Partners, How Much Is That Doggie In The Window, How Much is That Doggie in The Window?, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine...
Automatic, Chemistry, Come on Home, Fearless, Future Street, I do Believe in You, Keep on Movin', Midnight Angel, O.c.o.e. (official Cat of The Eighties), Only ...
Lontano, Nancy, Non Cambi Mai, Ora E Ancora, Parlo Di Te, Parte Di Me, Piccola Storia, Semplicemente Un Angelo, So Che Ci Sei, Solo Unanima, Tienimi Cosi, Vorre...
As if We Never Said Goodbye
Paige Archer
Diary, New Girl in Town
Anthem, Ballad, Don't Stand in Line, I Will Refuse, Man Should Surrender, No Bunny
Close my Eyes, 12-42, A Good Day to Die, Bitch, Bottle's Nest, Breathing In, Breathing Out, Bye-die, Choke On Your Lies, Clouds Of Ecstasy, Computer God, Crash...
Pain (American Band)
Adam's Apple, Antidote, Army Of The Bored, Beanbag, Cap'n Scrub, Chris Gets Up On It, Chuck Al Hashib, Comeback, Derision, Easy Out, Ellen, Enough, Excalibur, F...
Pain Killing Drug
Hear, Irish Meadows, Life, Meaning of This Feeling, My Drug, Never You, No Tomorrow, Prisoner of Your Love, Talk to me, Too Late
Pain Lyrics by Sacred Steel
Purified By Pain
Pain Of Salvation
! (Foreword), A Trace Of Blood, Animae Partus ("I Am"), Beyond The Mirror, Beyond The Pale, Black Hills, Brickwork I (Leaving Entropia T5 A), Brickwork Ii (This...
Pain Teens
Cool Your Power, Coral Kiss, Daughter Of Chaos, Dominant Man, Embers And Ashes, Frigid Idol, God Told Me, Indiscreet Jewels, Lisa Knew, Living Hell, Manouche, P...
Painful Memories
In My Tomb, Memorial To Suffering, No One Remains, Rover Of Sin, The Weeping Of Unborn Children, Why_
Paisley Brain Cells
Cheakamus Joe, Days Of Summer, Doesn't Matter, Gonzo Freddy's Fast Food Feeding Frenzy, Lies, Paisley Brainstorm, Yesteryear
Pajama Party
Over And Over
Pajama Slave Dancers
36-24-26, 36-24-36, Book Mobile (read or Die), Bookmobile, Bozo's Gone Berserk, My Baby's Way Rad
Living On Video
Я Видел...
Christmastime in The Mountains, Untitled, Winter Lady
Palastorchester Max Raabe
Kein Schwein Ruft Mich an ...
Pale Divine
Cigarette, Couldn't Happen To You, Flow My Tears, Freedom In A Cage, My Addiction, Something About Me, Straight To Goodbye, The Fog, Universe
Pale Forest
A Perspective On Certain Matters According To X, A Second Opinion, Anonymous Caesar, Asylum Pyre, Becoming One, Bedlam Friends, Butterfly Clan, Exit Mould, Exit...
Pale Saints
A Deep Sleep For Steven, A Thousand Stars Burst Open, Always I, Angel (will you be my), Babymaker, Featherframe, Fell From The Sun, Fine Friend, Gesture Of A Fe...
Burn And Rob
Palla & Lana
Applausi, Chiedo A Te, Cuore Nero, Da Bootsleg, E' Tutto Qua, Hater Vs. Hater, Il Mio Fuoco, Interludio - Dj S.i.d., Intoccabili (Trailer), La Vita Non Paga, Ne...
A Million Miles Away (imagination), Ark of Infinity, Atlantis, Cut And Run, Dance Through The Fire, Eyes in The Night (arrive Alive), Just a Memory, Ratracing, ...
Paloma Faith
New York, Picking Up The Pieces
Pam Tillis
'Til All The Lonely's Gone (w/Mel Tillis), (You Just Want To Be) Weird, A Great Disguise, A Whisper And A Scream, After Hours, All of This Love, Already Fallen,...
Pamela Morgan
One Heart
Pan Npat
To Be Superman
Jump Back, What's That Sound
In This World
Pancho's Lament
Promise Me This
Cita en el quirуfano, Cuando no es como debiera ser, Porque todavнa podemos decir “una vez mбs”, ¡Ah Pero Como Vendo Cassettes!, ...Y De La Gasolina Renaci El A...
Birth Of The Fallen Angel, Lone Warrior, Pandemonium, Sabbath Day, The Alchemist, The Alchemist (Piano Version), The Dark Before..., The War Of Races, Wings Of ...
Fear Of Denial, Left Behind, Promenade Prolusion, Twilight Symphony
A Little Bit, Don't Worry, Everybody's Livin'ti Up, I Feel Free, I Welcome You, If This Isn't Love, Let It Go, Mr.right, Ni Tu, Ni Yo, Show Me What You Got, Si...
Pandora's Box
Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everything), I Just Won't Quit, I've Been Dreaming Up A Storm Lately, It's All Coming Back To Me Now, Orginal Sin, Save Se...
Panduwinata Vina
Aku Makin Cinta
Panic! At The Disco
But It's Better If You Do, Camisado, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taki, The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And S...
Niemand Hoert Dich
Panjabi MC
Beware Of The Boys, Good Morning, Jogi, Mundian to Bach Ke, Landing, Ranjha
Deutsches Bier, Die Beine Von Dolores, Follow me in Suicide, Happy as The Horses Shite, I'm Lost, Little Girl, Let me be Stalin, Me And my Ding Dong, Pankow's ...
Pansy Division
A Song of Remembrance for Old Boyfriends, Anonymous, Anthem, Beercan Boy, Bill & Ted's Homosexual Adventure, Boyfriend Wanted, Bunnies, Crabby Day, Cry For a Sh...
10's, 13 Steps To Nowhere, 25 Years, 5 Minutes Alone, Becoming, By Demons Be Driven, Cemetery Gates, Clash With Reality, Cowboys From Hell, Death Rattle, Domina...
1000 Years, Curse The Morning Light, Don't Mourn, Envy Us, Liefde Voor Niemand, Lust, O Solitude
Panther Rex
Good Bye My Love (1986)
Ich bin kein Hampelmann, Wie Du (Bright Eyes), Amando Asi, Blue Bayou - German, Fine Without You, Hang With Me, Stockcity Girl, Vogel Der Nacht, Yours To Keep
Paola & Chiara
Amore Mio, Anni Luce, Arsenico, Buona Stella, Fino Alla Fine, Vamos A Bailar, Vamos a Bailar (engl. Version), Viva el Amor!, You Are For me, Amici Come Prima, A...
Paoli Gino
La Gatta, Sapore di Sale
Paolo Meneguzzi
+ Importante, 6, Amami, Baciami, Bella Come Non Sei Mai, Buenos Amigos, Cuori Di Strada, Da Figlio A Padre, Diversa Dalle Altre, Ed Io Non Ci Sto Pi, Forte, Gio...
Paolo Nutini
Alloway Grove, Duo , Hidden Track, January, Jenny Don't Be Hasty, Last Request, Loving You, Million Faces, New Shoes, Rewind, Still Crazy, These Streets, White ...
Papa A.P.
Entre Tu y Yo, La Gasolina
Papa Junior & Moni-K
Ai Sa-Ntelegi, Anotimpuri, Ploaia
Papa Roach
Between Angels And Insects, Binge, Black Clouds, Blood Brothers, Broken Home, Broken Home (Cd Version), Code Of Energy, Dead Cell, Decompression Period, Getting...
Papa Vegas
Bombshell, Little Kisses, Long Days, Mesmerized, Never
Papashanty Saundsystem
Música de Paz, Roots
Paper Lace
Billy Don't Be a Hero, The Night Chicago Died, Night Chicago Died
Paperback Hero
Call Out, Comic Book Hero Girl, Daydreams Of Daytona, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, For You, Gone, No Long Goodbyes, Now, Perfect In Plastic, Red, The Endi...