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Local God
Local H
"CHA!" Said the Kitty, All the Kids are Right, All-Right (Oh Yeah), Back In The Day, Bag Of Hammers, Bound For The Floor, Chicago Fanphair '93, Cool Magnet, Cyn...
Lock And Key
303, Albatross, Alchemy, Ammonia, Beneath The Surface, Cover The Tracks, Opening, Process Of Molting, Volatile, Winston Churchill
Lock Up
After Life In Purgatory, Broken World, Cascade Leviathan, Castrate The Wreckage, Catharsis, Darkness Of Ignorance, Dead Sea Scroll Deception, Delirium, Detestat...
Locust (England)
Ancient Hometown, Clouds At My Feet, Just Like You, Let Me Take You Back, Morning Light, No One In The World, One Way Or Another, Shadow Play, The Daydream Girl...
Lofgren Nils
Cry Just a Little, Cry Just A Little, Girls in Motion, Girls In Motion, Just a Little, Keith Dont go, Keith Dont Go, Misery, Misery, Moontears, Moontears, Shine...
Don't Stop Me Now, Don't Walk Away, Mad, Magic Of The Night, Mallorca, Wake The World
Logan Square
Alley Cat, Brilliant Lives, Buried, Fire And Kerosene, I Wish You Hell, I'll Get There, I'm So Sorry, Is This How You Feel_, Last Kiss Goodnight, Misdirection, ...
Logar's Diary
Deja Vu, Demon In The Kaer, Earthdawn, Home Of The Traders - Barterstown, Iostros, King's Hall, Lonely On The Serpent River, My Love Still Exists, Ti'an - A Tro...
Loggins And Messina
Angry Eyes, Be Free, Danny's Song, Dannys Song, Foxfire, House at Pooh Corner, House At Pooh Corner, Listen to a Country Song, My Music, Vahevala, Watching The ...
Ieva's Polka (English), Ievan Polkka
Miranda, Allskönaste Auror, Allt Du är, Dialog Mellan Älskande, Del X, EldsjÄL, Hej Hå Och En Flaska Med Rom, Ingen Och Jag, Sommarkatt, Spring!, Tår På Tanden...
Lola And The Lambs
Cigarettes Vs. Kisses
Lola Beltran
Amaneci En Tus Brazos, Camino De Guanajuato, Cucurrucucu
Lola Flores
La Zarzamora
Lola Ray
Astronaut, Attraction, Automatic Girl, Beautiful Boy, Charlit Movie Star, Crumble, Great Divide, I Will Make You Mine, One By One, Our Brown Friends, Plague (We...
Loleatta Holloway
Dreamin', Good Vibrations Feat.Marky Mark & The Funky Bun, Hit And Run, Love Sensation, Only You Feat. Bunny Sigler
Du Bist Nie Allein, Seemann, Deine Heimat Ist Das Meer
Lolita Storm
You Make Me High (When You Go Down Low)
Laß uns Liebe machen, Voll daneben (...Hölle Hölle Hölle) -Part II-, Wahnsinn (...Hölle Hölle Hölle)
Lollipop Lust Kill
Black All Over, Bury You, Can't Get Away, Drip, Everything I, Father, Killgreedy, Knee Deep In The Dead, Like A Disease, No Answer (Outro), Personal Jesus, Sad ...
Better Than Ever, Big Boys Don't Cry, Can You Keep A Secret _, Dance In The Rain, Do You Feel Like I Feel, Do You Feel Like I Feel _, Internet Love, Kiss Kiss B...
Przeżyj to Sam
Londa Larmond
Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder), Better Days Ft. Darwin Hobbs, He Lives, He's All Right With Me, Help Him Stand Ft. Anointed, Hold On, I Delight In You, It's All ...
London Boys
Where are you
Lone Justice
You Are The Light
Lone Star
A Week in Juarez, All my Love For Christmas, All The Way, Amazed, Amazed, Amie, Cheater's Road, Come Cryin' to me, Come Crying to me, Crazy Nights, Danny's Song...
Lonely Kings
3rd Floor, 84', All Nighter, Atom Bombs, Everybody's Journey, Houston We Have A Problem, January Nights, Less Than Zero, Money, My Requital, Never, New Face, Pa...
Lonesome Strangers
It Hurts
A Week In Juarez, All My Love For Christmas, All The Way, Amazed, Amie, Cheater's Road, Come Cryin' To Me, Crazy Nights, Danny's Song, Does Your Daddy Know Abou...
Lonestar Thugs
Where We From Nigga
Bloody Red Rose, Boomtown Bay, Don't Look Back My Friend, Dream Of The World, Dusty Road, Ease My Pain, Eternity, For A While, Black Rainbow
Loney, Dear
I Am John
Long Addiction
Counting The Days, Day Surrender, Make A Million, Midnight Hour, My Mind My Soul My Heart, Never Say No, Now Or Never, Time Waits For No One, Turn At The Wheel,...
Long Beach Dub Allstars
Daybreak, Fugazi, Fugazi, It Ain't Easy, Kick Down, Kickdown, Like a Dog, Like A Dog, Listen To D.J.'s, Lonely End, Luke, My Own Life, My Own Life, New Sun, Pas...
Long Beach Shortbus
Better Than This, California Grace, Odd Man Walking, Stray With Me, Take It Slow
Long Since Forgotten
10_18, Press Return, All Our Words, Around Again, Broken Record, Considering You, Don't Ask Why, Euclid Crashed, Just Listen, Looking Glass, On My Way, Prize F...
Long View
When You Sleep
All Hype, Amateur Dramatics, Blah Blah Blah, Dozen Wicked Words, Elvis, Far, Happy Again, Impermanent, In The Snow, Jesus Christ, Lost Myself, Lost Myself, New ...
All Sewn Up, Best Kept Secret, Brighter Than Time, Can't Feel A Thing, Crash, Crushed Down And Faded, Ending, Escape, Everywhere You Turn, Exit, I Know It's Com...
Lonnie Donegan
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor, My Old Man's A Dustman, Rock Island Line
Lonnie Johnson
Baby Remember Me (1942), Broken Levee Blues (1928), Clementine Blues (1963), Crowing Rooster Blues (1928), Deep Sea Blues (1930), Drifting Along Blues (1946), F...
Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Look What I Did
Appomattox Whore House, Benevolesaurus Lex, Chest Is A Ribcage, Cupid Full Of Eros, Feast Of Breath And Teeth, House Of Cards, I Beat God At Tae Kwon Do, Is, W...
Looking Glass
Brandy, Brandy
Down For Me, How You Want That, Between Us, Can'T Talk To Her, Do What You Like, Don'T Wanna Die, Friday Night, Hey Woo, How You Want That (West Coast Remix), I...
Another Christmas, Baila Mi Ritmo, Bailando, Donde Vas, Escuchame (ai ai ai), Hijo De La Luna, Hijo De La Luna (Pop Remix), It's Love Para Siempre, La Vida Es U...
Fort Europa
20 Questions, Answers, B Boy Theme, Break Dat Party, Crate Diggin', Episodes, Female Request Line, Forever Beef, Frenz Vs. Endz, Get Whack, Hityawidat, Hityawit...
Besos Robados, La Matare, Ritmo de Garaje
Loquillo y los trogloditas
Cadillac Solitario, El Rompeolas
Besame en la boca
Lorca Hitbit
Ritmo de La Noche
Calling From The Deepest Darkness, Gates To The Blazing Kingdom, Into Hell's Well, Intro, Live To Fight, Fight To Die, Midnight In The Graveyard, Shadows Of Ma...
Lord Belial
Black Winter Blood-Bath, Bleed On The Cross, Death Is The Gate - Mors Ianua Vitae, Divide Et Impera, Enter the Moonlight Gate, Grace Of God, Hymn Of The Ancient...
Lord Finesse
Baby You Nasty, Back to Back Rhyming, Bad Mutha, Brainstorm/P.S.K. (No Gimmicks Remix), Da Kid Himself (Interlude), Fat For The 90's, Flip Da Style, Food For Th...
Lord Finesse & Dj Mike Smooth
Baby You Nasty, Bad Mutha, Funky Technician, Here i Come, I Keep The Crowd Listening, Just a Little Something, Keep it Flowing, Lesson to be Taught, Slave to my...
Lord Gore
Breakfast At The Manchester Morgue, Involuntary Vaginal Vermin Slut, Krash Kourse In Psychopathology, Last Supper (The Autophagous), Lord Gore, Morgue Whore, Po...
Lord Tariq
This Cold World
Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
A Night in the Bronx with Lord and Gunz, BX Most Wanter (Interlude), Cross Bronx Expressway, Deja Vu (Uptown Baby), Fiesta, Keep On, Make it Reign, Massive Heat...
Lord Ulli
Wir Haben Ein Idol... Harald Juhnke
Lord Wind
Herz Aus Stein, Going To War, Only Your Spirit Will Return, Pagan Holocaust, Prolog - Sword For Son, Signal For Fight, Song Like Wind, Windstory Of Old Ghost, F...
Lorde Of All Desires
Diablerie's Course, Enraptured By A Long Awaited Eventide, Impervious The Art Of Revenants, Solitude, The Ceasing Winds Aflame, The Immortalizing Winter, The Vi...
Devil Is A Loser, 13, Biomechanic Man, Blood Red Sandman, Bring It On (The Raging Hounds Return), Bringing Back The Balls To Rock, Diva, Dynamite Tonite, Evilov...
Lordian Guard
Battle Of The Living Dead, Behold A Pale Horse, Children Of The King, Father, Golgotha (The Place Of The Skull), In Peace He Comes Again, Lost Archangel (The Ad...
Lords Of Acid
Acid Queen, Am i Sexy?, Cybersex, Deep Sexy Space, Doggie Tom, Dont Kill For Love, Feel so Alive, Fingerlickin' Good, I Must Increase my Bust (detroit Hardware ...
Lords of the Underground
Chief Rocka, Funky Child, Here Come The Lords, Lord Jazz Hit me One Time (make it Funky), No Pain, Steam From da Knot, Take Dat, Tic Toc, What I'm After
Lordz Of Brooklyn
American Made, Brooklyn Pride, Can You Dig It, Lake Of Fire, LoB Sound, Out To Bomb, Pull Your Card, Saturday Nite Fever, Tales From The Rails, The Bad Racket, ...
Lordz, The
Loreena McKennitt
All Souls Night, Bonny Portmore, Ce He Mise Le Ulaingt?/The Two Trees, Come by the Hills, Courtyard Lullaby, Coventry Carol, Cymbeline, Dickens' Dublin (The Pal...
Lorene Drive
12 Watts Of A Lesson Well Learned, A Kiss Won't Make This Better, A Song In The Key Of Sex, Change Of Occupancy, For The Rest Of Us, God Knows I Love You Kid, K...
Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers
My Funny Valentine
Lorenz Mark
Please Release Me, Laя Mich Gehn
Lorenz Trey
Someone to Hold
Loretta Lynn
Coalminers Doughter, After The Fire is Gone, Blue Kentucky Girl, Coal Miner's Daughter, Country In My Genes, Don't Open That Door, Dont Come Home a Drinkin (wit...
Lori Carson
Fall In The Light, Take Your Time
Lori Meyers
Canada, De Superheroes, Dnde Estan Mis Maletas_, Dos Hombres Con Sombrero, Hamacuckoo, Mujer Esponja, Parapapa, Tokio Ya No Nos Quiere, Viaje De Estudios, Ya Lo...
Ange Et Demon, E Manque de Toi, Entre Vous Deux, Fashion Victime, Game Over, Je Fonce, Je Serai (ta Meilleure Amie), L'homme de ma Vie, Mille Et Une Nuit, Ne me...
Aurora Borealis, Ballad Of The Knight, Breath Of Salvation, Don't Be Afraid, Eternal Life, Fire Of Life, Graceful Pixies, I Can't Find Your Home, Intro, Light I...
Papi Chulo
Lorne Greene
I Feel It, Tell Me Where You Wanna Go, Transatlantic Flight
Lorrie Morgan
1-800 Used To Be, A Good Year For The Roses (Lorrie Morgan With Samm, A Picture Of Me (Without You), Another Winter Without You, Autumn's Not That Cold, Back In...
Lorrie Morgan F/ Dolly Parton
Best Woman Wins
Lorrie Morgan F/ Sammy Kershaw
A Good Year For The Roses
Los Abuelos De La Nada
Himno De MI Corazon, Sin Gamulan
Los Amigos Invisibles
Cachete A Cachete, Amor, Bruja, Calne, Cuchi-Cuchi, Diablo, Ease Your Mind, El Baile Del Sobon, El Disco Anal, En 4, Esto Es Lo Que Hay, Fonnovo, Gerundio, Las ...
Los Benjamins
Contigo, Los Benjamins 2 (La ContinuaciÓN) Bailemos Pegao.., Noche De Entierro (Nuestro Amor), Royal Rumble
Los Bravos
Black Is Black, Bring a Little Lovin', Black is Black
Los Burros
Los Calzones Rotos
Cuidate La Cola
Los Cojones
Blind Sheep
Los Crudos De Durango
Como Estas Tu
Los De Adentro
Cada Lagrima es un Puente, Dime
Los Del Rio