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To Sir With Love
Lulu Santos
Assim Caminha A Humanidade
Fuckin' Off.
C4, C4!, Змей, Кофе, Мечта, С Небес На Землю, Сколько, Тишина внутри, Три Пути, Успокой меня, Гореть, 6 Миллиардов, Далеко, Буря, Ложь, Иди В Отмах, Хамелеон, Х...
Air To Breathe, Break Away, Crashin' A Party, For Keeps, Go With Me, Honestly, Me & You, My Last Thug, Never Leave You, Never Leave You (Remix), Never Leave You...
Luminita Anghel
Love'll Come
Звезды, Осколки, Крылья, Знакомство с песком, Ночной город, Один звонок, Дороги зов
Vesivehmaan Jencca, Aamuun Aikaa, Eksynyt, Hei Tyttö, Illuusio, Juhlat, Kokonaan Sun, Koukussa, Liian Nuori, Mallityttö, Onnelliset, Polte, Riisu Pois, Siivet S...
Allvis, Blster, Byttingen, Der E Ingin Dage, Dunker, I Lytinne Tv, I Trollehender, Kampen Mot Bergtrolli, Nkken, Ormin Lange, Perplsa, Sgrdsreia, Skomegyvri, Tr...
1000 na Cas, 9 Dana 9 Noci, Anesthesia, California, Crazy People, Da me Ljubis Nocima, Egg Nog, Hey Sister, I Want Everything, Indian Summer, Kako da Priznam, L...
Luna Halo
Luna i Ceca
Luna Pop
50 Especial (Castellano), 50 Special, La Fiera Dei Sogni, Niente Di Piщ, Questo Pianoforte, Resta Con Me, Se Ci Sarai, Sight, Silvia Stai Dormendo, Un Giorno Mi...
Luna Sea
Be Awake, Believe, Crazy About You, Desire, Feel, Gravity, Hurt, I For You, Kiss, Rosier, Shine, Storm, Tonight, Vampire's Talk, Virgin Mary, White Out, Wish, W...
11, 2 Bad 4 U, @NO.%!, Apathetic, Baby Sitters On Acid, Bad Ass Bitch, Binge And Purge, Bitterness Barbie, Born To Be Mild, Brickface + Stucco, Buttplug, C.I.L....
Angel'S Call, Branches, Come Un Angelo, Rami, Spirit In A Flower
Qualcosa Di Grande
Lunar Aurora
Augen Aus Nichts, Blutbaum, Child Of The Apocalypse, Der Geist Des Grausamen, Der Leidensweg, Die Quelle Im Wald, Drachenfeuer, Flammende Male, Gebirgsmystizism...
Lunar Silver Star
Wind's Nocturne
...Of The One, A Final Journey, Arise, Growth Denied, In Contempt Of Humanity, In The Eyes Of The Heretic, Mother Of Storms, Primal Construction, Si Vis Pacem, ...
All I Wanna Do, Can You Hang?, Can You Hang_, Dear Mama, Hundred Spokes, Major Figgas, Pay Style Flows, Ready 4 War, Strictly Business, Thug Shit, Time Waits 4 ...
Single Life (stop Crying)
Lunatics Without Skateboards Incorporated
1428 Elmstreet, A Prayer For The Dying, Count Your Blessings, Crystal Lake, Curse Of The Creeps, Die A Violent Death, Go Song, L.W.S. Inc., Mental Weakness, Pie...
Capable, Funkin Over Nuthin, I got 5 on it, I Got Five On It, I Got Five On It (Remix), Is It Kool, Live Yo Life, Operation Stackola, Plead Guilty, Ring My Bell...
Por El Fuego
Luny Tunes
12 Discipulos, Acorralandome, Alocate, Amor, Aventura, Bajo La Vigilia De Un Santo (El Rokie), Busco Una Mujer - Guanabanas -, Cojela Que Va Sin Jockey (With Da...
Luny Tunes & Tainy
Acelera (With Franco el Gorilla), Alocate (With Zion), Beautiful (With Don Omar), Clack Clack (With Angel Doze), De Ti Me Enamore, Deja Quitarte La Ropa (With D...
1st & 15th, American Terrorist, American Terrorists, And He Gets The Girl, Can You Let Me Know, Carrera Lu, Conflict Diamonds, Coulda Been, Daydreamin', Dead Pr...
Lupe Fiasco feat. Trey Songz
Out Of My Head
Lupillo Rivera
Amaneci En Tus Brazos, Aun Se Acuerda De Mi, Borracho Naci, Botas De Charro, Cien Años, Copa Tras Copa, Dame Por Muerto, Despreciado, El Barzon, El Moreño (Nort...
Among the Hills, Embers and Glory, From Dawn to Death, In a Room in Hell, Into the Burning Fog, Smoke and Stardust, The Iron Hand Of Blackest Terror, Worship
Luscious Jackson
Alien Lover, Angel, Bam-Bam, Beloved, Christine, Citysong, Country's A Callin', Daughters Of The Kaos, Deep Shag, Devotion, Don't Look Back, Door, Electric, Ene...
500, Baby Talk, Bitter, Blackout, Breeze, Carmen, Ciao!, Covert, De-Luxe, Demystification, Desire Lines, Downer, Etheriel, Ex, Fantasy, For Love, Heavenly Nobod...
Scotty Doesn't Know, Scotty Doesnt Know
Luther Ingram
(if Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right, I Dont Want to be Right
Luther Vandross
'Til My Baby Comes Home, A House Is Not A Home, Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now, All The Woman I Need, Always And Forever, Any Day Now, Any Love, Apologize, Are You Ma...
An Act Of My Own Volition, Black Smith, Body Of God, Catharsis, Creating Something Out Of Nothing, Only To Destroy, Diaphuego, Eeyore, Face_Face, For Shadows, ...
Lutricia McNeal
Ain't that just the way, Ain't that just the way, Stranded, 365 Days, Ain't That Just the Way, Always, Badlands (Feat. Swing), Do's Me Good, My Side Of Town, Pe...
Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, My Number One, You Are The Greatest Lover, Casanova, Ooh, Yes i do, Trojan Horse
Ann Maria, Be My Lover Tonight, Billy The Kid, Boys Goodnight, Casanova, Cloud Nr.9, D.J., Daddy What A Life, Dandy, Don Juanito De Carnaval, Don't Let Me Down,...
Lux Courageous
Ambulance, Barely Enough, Battles, Concrete (Broadway), Everything You Wanted, Hey...It Just Feels Better, Irresistible, Prayer From The Priest, Safe At Last, S...
Lux Occulta
Apokathastasis, Bitter Taste Of Victory, Blessed By The Rain, Chalice Of Lunar Blood, Ecstasy And Terror, Homodeus, Miloct (Ogrod Afrodyty), Nocturnal Dithyramb...
Dov'è La Tua Anima, Il Riflesso, Illuminerai_, La Tana Del Verme (Telekiller), Lillusione, Madre Cieca, Nel Pozzo Della Gioia, Nella Stanza, Un’altra Luce
American Beast, Archangel, Blast Furnace, Bliss, Brutal, Burn, Cease, Cleanser, Darker Times, Death, Desire, Devil's Advocate, Disobey, Fiend, Filament, Folding...
Against The Past, Animal In The Mirror, Beast Box, Celebrity, Dirty Beating Heart, Flesh, I've Been Expecting You, Jezebel, Karezza, Lady 21, Luxuria, Mlle, Our...
Don't Let Me Down, Eulogy, F.F., Flying Too Near The Sun, Fool, Genius, Inside Your Head, Invade Me, It's My Party, Kiss The Star, My Indian, NÃO Fas Mal...
Luz Casal
A CadA Paso, Entre Mis Recuerdos, Es Mejor Que Te Vayas, Inesperadamente, Loca, Mi Confianza, Muro Invisible, Piensa En Mi, Prefiero Morirme, Rufino, Sumisa, Te...
La Gran Ciudad
Luzenzo Ft. Don Omar
Danza Kuduro
Candles Of Illusion, Cinders, Ephebe, Laying On The Sofa, Love Is Chemistry, Nothing But Mails And Miles (I & Ii), Paradoxial Love, Rebirth, Red Act I, Red Act ...
A Camera Lens And Careful Days, A Story For Supper, Always Move Fast, December, Fools And Luxury, Her And Haley, It's In Your Blood, Laugh Before You Grin, Smil...
Lydia Denker
One Perfect Day
Cut Out Heart
26 Years, 17 Days, Goodbye The Extended Version, Greedy, Hypothetically, I Can't, Let's Do This Right, Made Up My Mind, Must Be Nice, My Life, She Got Kids, Sm...
26 Years, 17 Days, Biggie Nigga, Down Here Up There, Ghetto Superman, Greedy, Hypothetically, Hypothetically (Remix), I Can't, I'll Always Love You, Keep Ya He...
Lykathea Aflame
A Step Closer, An Old Man And A Child, Bringer Of Elvenefris Flame, Flowering Entities, Land Where Sympathy Is Air, On The Way Home, Sadness And Strength, Shine...
Lykke Li
I Follow Rivers
Lyle E. Henderson & Emmanuel
How Much Is Too Much
Lyle Lovett
Ain't It Somethin', All My Love is Gone, An Acceptable Level Of Ecstasy (The Wedding Song), Babes in the Woods, Ballad of The Snow Leopard and The Tanqueray Cow...
Lymphatic Phlegm
Abnormal Multiplication Of The Diaphragmatic Tissu, Affection Characterized By Inflammation Of The Bro, C.H.S. Chronic Hyperglicemy Syndrome (Diabetes Mel, Conc...
By Your Side, Tanis (Change You Mind)
Lynard Skynard
Sweet home alabama
Hands And Knees
Lynch Mob
All I Want, Cold is the Heart, Dance of the Dogs, Dream Until Tomorrow, For A Million Years, Heaven is Waiting, Hell Child, I Want It, Jungle of Love, No Bed Of...
Lynda Lemay
A L'heure Qu'il Est, Accrocher Mon Coeur, L'heure Qu'il Est, A Sent Le Bb, Alphonse, Au Nom Des Frustres, Bande De Dgonflantes, Bande De Dgonfls, Berceuse Pour ...
Lyndsay Diaries
A Farewell To Autumn, A Self Portrait, Cowboy, Dear Lyndsay No Regrets, Illustrations Of Melbourne, Josephine, Mixtapes And Memories, The Tops Of Trees Are On F...
Crazy World Of Love, Cry Cry Baby, I Won't Leave This World Unloved, It Hurts Me, Nights Like These, Oh My Goodness, One Of These Lonely Nights, Sarah, Someday,...
Lynrd skynrd
Sweet Home Alabama
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Ain't No Good Life, All I Can Do Is Write About It, All I Have Is A Song, Am I Losin', Backstreet Crawler, Berneice, Best Things In Life, Blame It On A Sad Song...
Lys Assia
Arrivederci, Du bist das Liebste, Goodnight, Monsieur Taxi-Chauffeur
Addicted, Bewitched, Dome, Dream Feeder, Eden, Labyrinth, Lost, Medicine Slave, Positronic, Terrible Old Man
Hidden Love (message to a Special Girl)