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Az Utcan
Illicit Lyricist
Still Ill, Testament, I Need Ya Lovin', Pull Ot Ya Gutz, We Ride, What You Need
Behind The Mirrors, Bring Down The Witching Hour, By The Hands Of Violent Winter, Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure, Frozen Constellations, Temporary Borders, T...
Abgeschminkt, Apokalypse, Der Traum Des Tдnzers, Der Vampir Des Eigenen Herzens, Die Spieluhr, Dort am Fenster, Dunkellicht, In Einer Sommernacht, Letzter Blick...
Illusions Of Sadness
One By One
Aqui, De Este Lado, En La Zona, Hoy, One Love, Un Dia Mas
Ilona Mitrecey
Un Monde Parfait, Bye Bye College, C'est Les Vacances, Dans Ma Fusг©e, My Saxophone, Noel, Que Du Bonheur, Retourner A L'ecole, Sports D'hiver
Ilse De Lange
I'd Be Yours, I'm Not So Tough, Shine, When We Don't Talk, Wouldn't That Be Something, Ill be Yours, Lonely Too, All The Answers, Angel Eyes, Beyond Gravity, Fl...
Im Gonna Be Around
Michael Learns To Rock
Ima Robot
12=3 (Here Come The Doctors), A Is For Action, Ages Of Ruin, Alive, Black Jettas, Cool Cool Universe, Dangerous Life, Dirty Life, Dynomite, Eskimo Ride, Happy A...
Where Are You
Shorty You Keep Playin With My Mind
Last Days Of The Summer, Changes, In The Heat Of The Night, Just An Illusion, Music And Lights, New Dimension
Imagine This
My Son
Always Been You, Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll, Ever Again, Feelin' You, Flava, Fresh, I Don't Wanna Play Basketball, I'm Feelin You, Keep it to Yourself, Love L...
Droga Daсina
Imani Coppola
Soon (I like it), Count To 10, Forget Myself, I'm A Tree, Independence Day, It's All About Me, Me, And Me, Karma And The Blizzard, La Da Da, Legend of a Cowgi...
Calm Your Fears, Northstar Is An Airplane, October, November, Ohio, Rain That Falls Won't Slow Me Down, Sixty Six Thousand Miles An Hour, You're My Lionkiller
24 7, A Boy Like me, All Alone, Bring Your Lovin' Home, Broken Heart, Broken Promise, Can't You See, Constantly, Constantly (Rap Version), Don't Ever Say Never,...
After My Prayers, Away From God, Burial Ground, Burn With Jesus, Dawn Of Possession, Despondent Souls, Failures For Gods, Fall In Disease, God Made Filth, Here ...
Immortal Souls
Blue Flamed Fire, Christ Mass, Coldstreets, Dark Night Under The Northern Sky, Divine Wintertime, Down In My Grave, Edge Of The Frost, Everwinter, Frostmind, Ha...
Immortal Squad
Mother Earth, Punishment, This Seems to be so Normal, Totally Blind, War, Your so Stupid
Immortal Technique
4th Branch, Beef & Broccoli, Bin Laden, Caught In A Hustle, Cause Of Death, Creation & Destruction, Crossing The Boundary, Dance With The Devil, Dominant Specie...
Imogen Heap
Hide and Seek, Airplane, Angry Angel, Blanket, Can't Take It In, Candlelight, Clear The Area, Closing In, Come Here Boy, Daylight Robbery, Embers Of Love, Feeli...
Babe Esti In Sufletul Meu, Beiby, Clipe, Fara Tine, Ingerul Meu, Spune-Mi, Te Iubesc, Uhh!
All That Rots, Back To The Grave, F?Cal Rites, F?Ces Of Death, Flesh And Blood, Immaculate Defecation, Spirits Of The Dead, Trocar, Blood Bath, Carpe Mortem, Ch...
Impaled Nazarene
6th Degree Mindfuck, Alcohol, Alien Militant, Angel Rectums Do Bleed, Angel Rectums Still Bleed (The Sequel), Apolokia, Apolokia II: Aikolopa 666, Assault The W...
Accursed Domain, Astral Corpse, Avowal To Hell, Engulfed, Imminence Of The Final Punishment, Impaler Of Souls, Internally Rotting, Malignant Dreams, Repel Your ...
Answer To The Master, Ball And Chain, Bleed In Silence, Burning, City's On Fire, Countdown To The Revolution, Cross To Bear, Endless Nights, Everything Is You, ...
Imperial Darkness
Life on Death Row
Imperial Teen
Blaming The Baby, Butch, Eternity, Lipstick, Luxury, The First, Youre One
Kom Kom
Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster From Hell, Bloody Pit Of Horror, Boneyard, Cannibal Lust, Cannibale Ballet, Dear Uncle Creepy, Defiling The Grave, Dis-Organ-...
Abominate Fornicate Desecrate!, Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts, Atomic Wrath Of Azzazzel, Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit, Bloodred Angelshred, Christfuckingchris...
Anthem For The Afflicted, Born To Suffer, Don't Kiss My Grave, Dying I Live, Extreme Pestilence, Facing The Nails, Haven (A Leap In The Dark), Painted Soul, The...
4gn 4ever, Always Have, Always Will, Back For The Attack, Connecticut, Descriptive Essay, 100 Words, Disintegration (Is The Best Album, Ever), Eightball, Eri...
Ain't No Need, Ashamed, Beautiful, Beautiful (You Are), Bubbling, Clap Your Hands Pt. 1, Crazy, Every Time, First Of All, First Time, Hate The Playa, In & Out O...
In A Box
Burn Baby Burn, Casual Friday, Game You Play, I Love Kids, It Was You, Lsd, Respect Your Elder, The Dream, Too Late, When I'm Old
In Case Of Emergency
Geenie in a Bottle, Screwdrivers (in my Eyes), Sit Down on my Face
In Due Time
Back To Basics, Bloodgulch, Bring The Pain, Crushed And Conquered, Death Before Dishonor, Dedication, Family, Final Showdown, Frank Hagat, Give Him Your Life, H...
In extremo
Como Poden, Fontaine La Jolie, Herr Mannelig (Original), Hiemali Tempore, Horizont, Ich Kenne Alles, Liam, Macht Und Dummheit, Merseburger Zaubersprьche (Extrem...
In Flames
...As The Future Repeats Today, Artifacts Of The Black Rain, Biosphere, Brush The Dust Away, Bullet Ride, Clayman, Everdying, Only For The Weak, Pinball Map, Sa...
In Grey
Awakened, Beg For More, Blackness, Crystallized, I Amaze, I Think, In Heaven, Like This, Mask, Once Again, Seasons Change, The Same
In Grid
In-Tango, Tu es Foutu
In Harms Way
I Am The Tin Man, That Night Was Hell
In Mood feat. Julliette
Ocean of Light
In My Eyes
A Little Too Late, Actions Fall Short, Advice Taken_, Another Way, Can't Live Through Me, Conversation Drifts, Courage To Care, For The Moment, Lasting Values, ...
In Pieces
A Burn Covered With A Smile, A Fitting Lie, A Miracle, A Part Of Me Dies, Communication Lost, Fear And Sorrow, Heaven And A Gun, Holding Onto Nothing, Like Ange...
In Reverent Fear
666777888, All Ripe, Castle St., Heavy On It, I Feel Beautiful Now, La Foret, Mystic Heat, Nurse Katie, Ride The Black Horse, The Greatest Love, The Streetwalke...
In Solitas
An Ode To Our Last Tidings, He Rode Upon A Pale Horse, Silhouette Will Amend, The State Of Mankind, The Undeviating Question, Thoughts On A Thoughtless World
In Strict Confidence
Alles in Mir, Der Hass, Heaven is Like a Place to be, Kiss Your Shadow, Love Will Never be The Same, Meer Aus Trдnen, Stern, Waiting For The Darkness, Zaubersch...
In The Woods
Basement Corridors, By The Banks Of Pandemonium, Cell, Child Of Universal Tongue, Child Of Universal Tounge, Closing In, Creation Of An Ancient Shape, Dead Man'...
In This Moment
Into The Light
In- Difference
Erased, Isolation, No Luck, Take Charge
Ina Deter
40 Jahre danach, Aller Anfang sind wir, Amoklauf, Beinah wär es fast passiert, Bevor mein Herz den Kopf verliert, Bist du das oder was, Deine Zauber wirken noch...
A Day, Bananentitten, Covern, Die Katze, Joladadidijaho, This Band Forever
Inaya Day
Nasty Girl
But Not For me, Dead Time, Fool's Paradise, Good Ol' Daze, Hardcore, Inc., History Lesson, Jesus Youth, Middle Class Refugees, Positive Song, Satan Youth (and ...
Inca Marka
Cuando Florezca El Chuno
Blasphemous Cremation, Christening The Afterbirth, Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies, Devoured Death, Entrantment Of Evil, Eternal Torture, Golgotha, Immortal ...
El Burro
Your Velvet Heaven, Roadway in Moonlight, Waves of Electro
(Song Has No Name), Chaos Ego, Identitt, Mother, Nightmares From the Past, Plants of the Bizarre, Prisons Of Gore, Pseudo Call, Raped By A Stranger, Signs, Stop...
Incubus (Brazil)
11 A.M., A Certain Shade Of Green, A Crow Left Of The Murder, Agoraphobia, Aqueous Transmission, Are You In, Azwethinkweiz, Battlestar Scralatchica, Beware! Cri...
Indecent Obsession
Fixing a Broken Heart, Fixing a Broken Heart, Come Back To Me, Fall From Grace, Gentleman Style, I Dream Of You, Lady Rain, Whispers In The Dark
And You Wear Too Much Make-Up, At The Wake, Blindfold, Burning Saints, Cowards, Crawling, Crucifix Escapist, Dead, Disregard, Dream Come True, End Of A Short Ro...
India Aria
Video, Always In My Head, Back To The Middle, Get It Together, Gratitude, Growth, I See God In You, Interested, Interlude, Intro, Beautiful, Beautiful Surprise,...
Indian Fall
Black Suite, Blind Eternity, Breathing, Dreams Are Followed, Enchanted Rain, Fairy's Sorrow, Landscape, Late October, Neveen, Pale Shadow Of Black, Phantasmagor...
Vuorien taa
Indigo Girls
1 2 3, Airplane, All That We Let In, Andy, Bitterroot, Burn All The Letters, Caramia, Cedar Tree, Center Stage, Chickenman, Closer To Fine, Cold Beer And Remote...
All 41, Crack Squad, Detox Television, East Coast Rising, Feelin Lucky, Punk_, In Decay, Killing Is Contagious, Kings In Disguise, Living With Even Les, Moonwa...
3e Sexe, 7000 Danses, A L'assaut (des Ombres Sur L'o), A L'Assaut(Des Ombres Sur L'O), A L'est de Java, Adora, Alertez Managua, Alice And June, Alice Dans La Lu...
Indonesia Songs
Kau Yang Kusayang
Alexandrie Alexandra, Anywhere, Everybody Move In On, Gimme What's Real, Hearts On Fire, I'Ll Never Let You Go, Let'S Go Crazy, Misery, Oublie-Moi (You're Not T...
Inessa & Dante Thomas
Alcoholic Storm, Brown Tormentor, Dreams, Eternal Questiuns Of Existence, Female Defecation, Infected Generation, Pimple Life, V.I.P., Back To The People, Do Th...
Infected (Ukraine)
Eternal Questions Of Existence, Female Defecation, Infected Generation, Pimply Life, Sova
Infectious Grooves
Back To The People, Boom Boom Boom, Closed Session, Die Lika Pig, Do What I Tell Ya!, Frustrated Again, Groove Family Cyco, I Look Funny?, I'm Gonna Be My King,...
A To The B, Careful With The Boys, From London To Berlin, From London To Berlin (Remix), From Paris To Berlin, I Won't Be Crying, Keen On Disco, Self Control, T...
Infernal Dominion
Embrace Thy Befallen Misery, Gutted Children Of Faith, Marching Through Waves Of Holy Bloodtide, Purging Purity, Rejoice In Ancient Wisdom, Salvation Through In...
Infernal Legion
Erotic Sin (Asmodeus Calls), Infernal Legion, My Black Beloved, Seed of Rebellion, Testimony of the Mad Arab, The Art of Ritual Suicide
Infernal Poetry
'till The Seventh Sky, Deviation In Sacrality, From Mortal Body To Eternal Soul, Hell Spawn, Pragmatic Gemini, The Higher Cause
Infernal Torment
From Paris To Berlin, Birthrate Zero, Eliminate, Fuck The Whales, Inhaled, Murder The World, Product Of Society, Race, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, The End Of ...
Бескрылые Птицы, Падая с Неба
Anarkey, Disagio Sentimentale, Dos De Paox, Fatta X Me, Neverending Story, Solitudine - Tribute To G.Leopardi, Vorrei
360 Degrees, 360 Degrees (Radio Mix), 3rd Strike, Addicted, Gotta Get Mine, One Day (radio Mix), Sick, Take A Look, Wise Guys
Inga & Anette Humpe
Careless Love, No Longer Friends
Inge Buchner & Rudi Hofstetter
Dort, Nur nicht traurig sein
Alla Har Glömt, Bergochdalbana, De Svåraste Orden, En Bättre Dag, Gråt Inte älskling, Här Kommer Solen, Hollywood Dreams, Punkdrömmar, Syster Dyster (Julia)
Ingo Insterburg
Ich Liebte Ein Mдdchen
Ingram Hill
Almost Perfect, Brother'S Keeper, Chicago, Day Your Luck Runs Out, Four Letter Word, Hangin' Around Again, I Hear Goodnight, Love Is Just A Word, Maybe It'S Me,...
Ingram Jack
Airways Motel, Picture on my Wall, Song For Amy, A Little Bit, Any More Good Loving, Ava Adele, Barbie Doll, Beat Up Ford, Beyond My Means, Biloxi, Drive On, Fi...
Ingrid Peters
Afrika, Schwarz Und Weiя
Ingvars Black
Inget Stoppar Oss Nu
Ini Kamoze
Here comes the hotstepper, Da DraußEn
Initial Chaos
Полночь, Медиана Жизни… Terminate The Process, Сгнить Под Куском Целлофана, Перекресток Миров, Небо На Вкус Спазмами Рвоты, Междустрочье, Хаос Внутри, В Сумерка...