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Hunters And Collectors
Throw Your Arms Around me, 42 Wheels, Alligator Engine, Back on The Breadline, Betty's Worry or The Slab, Blind Snake Sundae, Boo Boo Kiss, Carry me, Curse, Dri...
Hunty Gabbe
A DoÑA Ruth, Amigo, Belle Kiss, Bienvenidos, Cancion Para Siempre, Damasco, Decada Perdida, Despedida, El Navegante, Ella, En El Umbral, Encuentros De Amor Y Mu...
Huracanes Del Norte Los
20 Mujeres De Negro, Carinito De Mi Vida, El Celular, El Corrido De Los Perez, El Gato De Chihuahua, El Rio Rojo, Fue Mentira, La Escuadra (En Que Traja El Much...
Hurricane G.
Step Into my World
11th st Boogie, An Awful Crime, Bad to me, Bourbon Street, Chinatown, Crazy Days, Get On, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Hey Groupie, I Will Stay, I Will Stay,...
Abuse Of Sid, Aftermath, Alone With The Sea, Assurance, Better, Cold Inside, Danse Russe, Dirty, Et Al, Falls Apart, House Carpenter, Loded, Losing, On The Radi...
Make You Feel My Love, Wonderful Life, Stay
Husky Rescue
City Lights, New Light Of Tomorrow, Rainbow Flows, Sleep Tight Tiger, Sweet Little Kitten
Akeldama, Skin, World of Ruin, Ash In The Sky, Life Fade, Permafrost, Reality Wave, Revery
Countdown (Japanese Verison Translation), Countdown (Us Verison), A Drop Of Colour, Angel's Tale, Angel's Tale (English Version), Careless Whisper, Countdown, D...
Blind, Book Of Names, Breaking Me Down, Circle, Come Back To Me, Confession, I've Been Waiting, Look Away S.P., Love Spoke, Mutilated Mind, The Sand, Vesper's S...
Rise Above
Hylton Jack
Dancing on The Ceilingjh, If i Had a Talking Picture of You
Hymn From Above
Hang With That Smile, I'm Over You Though My Heart Bleeds, Kill Me, Please, Killed By Your Love, New Year's Eve Suicide, One Last Romance, Painting With Red Te...
Wonderful Life
Hyperstatic Union
Can't Leave It Alone, Chariot, Child Of His Grace, Free Me, Good Fight, Lifegiver, Now That Its Over, Overhead, Praying For Sunny Days, Sunny Days
Looking Glass
Hypo Psycho
London Undone, Somebody Someday, Stalker Girl, Stereotypical, Waking Up Is Hard To Do
A Coming Race, Adjusting The Sun, Attachment to the ancestor, Black Metal, Dominion, Evil Invaders, Fuck U, Impotent God, Inferior Devoties, Inquire Within, Ins...
Hйctor Lavoe
La Vida Es Bonita