Список исполнителей на буквы:

Hildegard Knef
Fьr Mich Soll's Rote Rosen Regnen
Hill Kim
Charm is Deceitful, Closer to a Broken Heart, Inside of You, Let's Talk About Life, Secret Place, Snake in The Grass, Stop, Watch And Listen, Testimony, Turnin...
Pflanzen brauchen Dünger
Hillman Leadon Perkins Mansfield Scheff
Im Using my Bible For a Road Map, Living in The Name of Love
Hillman Manassas
Both of us
Hillman Mcguinn
Entertainment, Is Your Radio on
Irresistible, Hosanna, Mighty To Save, “Mighty To Save”, All For Love, All I Need Is You, At the Cross, Awesome God, Fire Fall Down, From God Above, From The In...
All Of My Days, Came To The Rescue, Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble, Irresistable, Jesus Lover Of My Soul, King Of Majesty, Let Creation Sing, Love You So Mu...
Hilltop Hoods
1979, An Audience With The Devil, Circuit Breaker, City Of Light, Clown Prince, Common Streets, Conversations From A Speakeasy, Dumb Enough, Dumb Enough_, Eleva...
(Don't Fear) The Reaper, And Love Said No, BeautifuL, Beyond Redemption, Buried Alive By Love, Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart, Circle Of Fear, Close To The Flam...
Himber Richard
Stars Fell on Alabama
Himmelman Peter
Been Set Free, How Did it Come to This, Impermanent Things, Only Innocent
A Girl In Glass, Anathema, Another Version Of Twist, Born To Conquer, Calling In Silent, Carrier, Cherum, Cremation, Daylight Savings, Dominion, Exhale, Ground ...
Hin Onde
24th Of September 1155, Burning The Lake Alue, Fimbulwinter, House Of Hel, Language Of The Woods, Lores Of The Forgotten Ones, Paganheart, Songs Of Battle, Soul...
Get Stoned, Lips Of An Angel, Better Than Me, Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know), Homecoming Queen, Nothin' Good About Goodbye, Room 21, Shoulda
Hindu Ringo
Corporate Rock Whore, Even Hitler Said no, I And You
Hine Rupert
A Golden Age, Another Stranger, Anvils in Five, Ass All, Blue Flame (melt The Ice), Boo Boo's Faux Pas, Cherish The Memory, Concord(e) Pastich(e), Crossfire, Da...
Call Me Gone, God's Gonna Do The Same For You And Me, Look To Him, That I Could Still Go Free, There's Power In Prayer, Two Winning Hands
Hinton Sam
Buddy Rich, Burn4, Fading Blues, Getting Closer, I Love You My Hope, Keep You Kimi, Love Again, Moving On, Water Under My Bridges
Hirsch Ludwig
Das Geburtstagsgeschenk, Der Dorftrottel, Der General, Die Omama, Spuck Den Schnuller Aus, Der Dorftrottel, Der Herr Haslinger, Die Gottverdammte Pleite, Die Om...
His Name Is Alive
As We Could Ever, I'll Send My Face To Your Funeral, You Need A Heart To Live
Hit The Lights
100 Times (Acoustic), All Or Nothing, At 6_00 We Go Live, Body Bag, Head Over Heels, Hey Jealousy (Gin Blossoms Cover), It's All The Rage, Loose Lips Sink Ships...
Hitchcock Robyn
'chinese Water Python', Acid Bird, Agony of Pleasure, Aquarium, Arms of Love, Arms of Love, Arms Of Love, Balloon Man, Balloon Man, Balloon Man, Beautiful Girl,...
Hitchcock Robyn And The Egyptians
Autumn Sea, Freeze, Madonna of The Wasps, One Long Pair of Eyes, Superman, Swirling, The Devils Coachman, Veins of The Queen, Wax Doll
Hitchcock Russel
Best Intentions, Dreams of The Lonely, I Can't Believe my Eyes, I Come Alive, Make it Feel Like Home Again, Someone Who Believes in me, The River Cried, The Sun...
Hitman Sammy Sam
Knuckle Up, Step Daddy, Step Daddy (Remix), Step Daddy's, Uh Huh
Kimi No Tonari, Samurai Drive
Backstreet Rebels, Behind The Lines, Breakout, Caught In The Crossfire, Dead On Arrival, Metal Sport, Secret Agent Man, The Test Of Time, Will You Be There
Ultrasonic Sound
Don't Count The Minutes, Humanize, I’m a Family Man, I’m Falling in Love, Major Jones, No Matter What, Wedding, Where Ever You Are
Common Problem, Find Myself, Fipop, Guilt, Hidden, Identity, Life Sentence, My Society, No Mans Land, Paranoia, Prisonor Of War, Revolution, The Last Optimist
Hoax Terry
Nothing Like a Crime, You Someone Somewhere
Hobo Blues Band
Hockey Block
2 d
Hodgson Roger
Along Came Mary, Death And A Zoo, Desert Love, Don't You Want To Get High, Every Trick In The Book, For Every Man, Give me Love, Give me Life, Had A Dream (Sle...
I'm Not Leaving Now, Young Dad
Hoffman Klaus
Weil du Nicht Bist Wie Alle Andren
Hoffmann von Fallersleben
Das Lied der Deutschen
Hoffs Suzanna
Boys Keep Swinging, It's Lonely Out Here, Made of Stone, My Side of The Bed, No Kind of Love, So Much For Love, Something New, That's Why Girls Cry, This Time, ...
Hofstetter Terzett
Creola, So blau ist die Südsee
21 Inches Sun, 2nd Hand Dreams, 5 Poles Field, A Murder, As A Day, Better So, Bike Ride, Bloodgrim, Bribe, Chronic, Crude, Darkjoy, Fools Do Pay, Fungus Fantasi...
Another Dumb Blond, Don't Forget, Every Time I Speak, How Do I Feel, I'm Scared, In The First Place, Just Enough, Nothing In This World, Oxygen, Perfect Day, To...
Hokus Pick
Faith Hope And Love, Simple Song, Sky Starts Falling, Sofa Logic, Turn Around In Circles
Asking For It, Awful, Babydoll, Berry, Boys On The Radio, Celebrity Skin, Credit in The Straight World, Doll Parts, Dying, Garbadge Man, Garbage Man, Good Siste...
Reading Hebrew, A Baby Just Like You, Angels we Have Heard, Angels we Have Heard1, Away in a Manger, Blue Christmas, Blue Christmas1, Came Upon Midnite Clear, C...
Because Of You, Bring Back July, Call It A Day, I'm Not Backing Down, Losing Jim, One Minute To Zero, Shine Like Stars, The Whole World
Holland & Holland
Bolletjes In Mijn Hol
Conquest Demise, Conspirator, Eclipse, Enrapture, Enrapture - Hinc Illae Lacrimae, Fire Upon The Blade, Homage, Homage - Magni Nominis Umbra, Lords Of Bedlam, L...
Holloway Stanley
Albert And The Lion, Albert's Return, Albert's Reunion, Runcorn Ferry
Jodie Foster, Tiger, Waltz Of Windy Clouds, We Fall
Holly Brook
Again & Again, All Will Be Forgotten, Cellar Door, Curious, Giving It Up For You, Heavy, Like Blood Like Honey, Saturdays, Still Love, Wanted, What I Wouldn't G...
Holly Buddy
Love is strange
Holly Cole Trio
Onion Girl
Holly Dunn
1001 Ways, Cowboys Are My Weakness, Daddy's Hands, I Am Who I Am, I'd Know That Heartache Anywhere, It's Not About Blame, Love Across The Line, Love Someone Lik...
Holly McNarland
Numb, Coward, Cry Or Cum, Dad & I, Elmo, I Won't Stay, Just In Me, Porno Mouth, Sickboy, Stormy, The Box, Twisty Mirror, Ufo, Beautiful Blue, Box, Cry or Cum, E...
Holly Palmer
All I Really Wanna do, Come Lie With Me, Did Your Mama (The Nurse Song), Different Languages, Down So Low, Five Little Birds, Fourteen Year Old Moment, I Confes...
Holly Throsby
As The Night Dies, Come Visit, Damn That New Body, Don't Be Howling, I Worry Very Well, If We Go Easy, Making A Fire, On Longing, Only A Rake, Some Days Are Lon...
Holly Valance
City Ain't Big Enough, Cocktails And Parties, Connect, Down Boy, Help Me, Hush Now, Kiss Kiss, Naughty Girl, Tuck Your Shirt In, Whoop, All In The Mind, Harder ...
Holly Williams
As It Should Be, Between Your Lines, Cheap Parades, Everybody's Waiting For a Change, I'll Only Break Your Heart, Man In the Making, Memory of Me, Nothing More,...
Hollywood Undead
Bitches, Christmas In Hollywood, Circles, Dead In Ditches, I Must Be Emo, Knife Called Lust, My Black Dahlia, No. 5, Out The Way, Scene For Dummies, The Kids, T...
Holmes Katie
On my Own
Holmes Rupert
Escape, Annabella, Escape The Pina Colada Song, Him, Singles
Bluntz, Martinez, Girlz, & Gunz, God Be With You, Killer Moth, Lady Of The Birds, Monarchs, No Image, Plunder, Shout at The Darkness, Sinister, Smoking Room,...
Death or Glory
Acasa, Ai O Ora Sa Te Distrezi, Am Bulit-O, Am Ramas Doar Noi, Anotimpurile, Banii Vorbesc, C-Asa Vreau Eu, Chiar Daca E Greu, Dicolo De Nori, Dimineata, Dragos...
Teacup Woozy
Holy Martyr
Defenders In The Name Of Hellas, Hatred Is My Strength, Metallian, Molon Labe, Son Of A King, Ta Deilina (Traditional Hellas), The Call To Arms, The Lion Of Spa...
Holy Molar
Deep C Odyssey, Deep Thaught Eject Button, Drip Drip Drip, Dungeons And Drag Queens (In 3 Measures) -1, Dungeons And Drag Queens (In 3 Measures) -2, Dungeons An...
Holy Moses
Acceptance, Current Of Death, Def Con II, Finished With The Dogs, In The Slaughterhouse, Locky Popster, Near Dark, Panic, Ssp (Secret Service Project), State: C...
Holy Mother
Armageddon Pt. 1, Call Me By My Real Name, Call The Ghost, Criminal Afterlife, Cycle Of The Sun, Dealing With Me, Disconnected, Eden, Electric, Electric Love, F...
Holy Sagga
Breaking Frontiers, Dagger Of Words, Fight For Survival, Incident, N.O.V.A., Planetude, Rise Again, Searching For The Sun, The Sign
Holy Soldier
Cry Out For Love, Dead And Gone, Eyes of Innocence, Eyes Of Innocence, Last Train, Lies, Love Conquers All, Love Me, Promise Man, Rust, See No Evil, Stranger, T...
Holy Terror
Black Plague, Blood of the Saints, Evil's Rising, A Fools Gold, Alpha-Omega-the Bringer of Balance, Christian Resistance, Damned By Judges, Debt of Pain, Distan...
Hombres G
2000 Kilometros, Al Lado Del Mar, Blues Del Camarero, Chico Tienes Que Cuidarte, De Vuelta A Casa, Dejad Que Las Niсas Se Acerquen A Mi, Donde Ella Llorу, Dos ...
Home Grown
All That You Have, Alternative Girl, Alternative Girl, Another Face In The Crowd, Bad News Blair, Bad News Blair, Barbie Girl, Cannot Stop The World, Christmas ...
Home Town Hero
Bed Of Dreams, Bleeds In Blue, Eighteen, Everything Out Of Water, Perfect Night, Questions, Riley Joe, Run Right Through, Saturday Morning, Say I Do, Twelve Oun...
Hard Hittin', Hard Hittin' (The Coach)
Barbie Girl, Barbie Girl, Christmas Crush, Come Undone, Cross My Heart, Feliz Navidad, Get a Job, Hope Sinks, I Love You, Not!, I Was Right About This, I Win, ...
Homer And Jethro
The Battle of Cucamonga
Homo Iratus
Absence Of Progress, Another Daybreak Gone, Binary Clone Epoch, Constructing Stature, Crawling Principles, Dead Upon Conception, Disintegrating Rotor's Authorit...
Hondo Maclean
Animated Antics, Asia Argento, Blinding Lightshows & Bad Clothes Dress Codes, Don't Forget To Feed The Fish, Lola's Pictures, Wave (Wave Back They Will), You're...
Honey Feat 66
Ghici Cine Ti-O Trage
Honey Thieves
She sells her dreams
I Cant Let Maggie go
Five Degrees Of Me, Landmind, Unwelcome Guest
'Sans Sucre, 23rd Chromosome, Bad Day, Good Night, Becky's Hand, Busy Man, Chasing the Sun, Cherub, Cut Me Loose, Napoleon, Donna's 7, For the Tears, Freaksho...
Honeymoon Suite
Feel it Again
Honkong Syndicat
Girls I Love, Too Much
Better, Crawling In The Dark, Give It Back, Hello Again, Let You Know, Losing My Grip, Out Of Control, Pieces, Ready For You, Remember Me, Right Before Your Eye...
Hoodoo Gurus
1000 Miles Away, A Place In The Sun, A Thousand Miles Away, Axegrinder, Bittersweet, Castles In The Air, Death Defying, Death Defying, Hayride To Hell, Hell For...
5455, Alkali Flats, Another Suicide, Bastard, By My Side, Days In Hades, E Pugno Limpio, Heroin Sick, I Hate You, I Own You, John And Kitty, Lies, On The Way To...
The Boobie Song
Hootie & The Blowfish
A Fine Line, Almost Home, Alright, Answer Man, Araby, Be The One, Before The Heartache Rolls In, Bluesy Revolution, Can I see you, Deeper Side, Desert Mountain ...
2 Wicky, Antarctica, Autoharp, Barabas, Battersea, Blue Wonder Power Milk, Cinderella, Club Montepulciano, Day After Day, Dictionary, Eden, Electro Shock Faders...
Battersea, Shake The Disease, Out Of Sight
Just Another Victim
Bring Me Flowers, Lonely Highway, The Rain Don't Last, Who Am I To Say
Hope Of The States
1776, 66 Sleepers To Summer, A Crack Up At The Race Riots, Angels Over Kilburn, Black Dollar Bills, Blood Meridian, Bonfires, Don't Go To Pieces, Everything For...