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Triumph Of Death, Aggressor, Horus|aggressor, Massacra, Messiah, The Third of The Storms (evoked Damnation)
Hellish War
Defender of Metal, Gladiator, Hellish War, Memories of a Metal, Sacred Sword, The law of the Blade, The Sign, We are living for the Metal
Game's Up, Tell Him
Hello Dolly (Related Recordings)
It Takes A Woman, Just Leave Everything To Me, Put On Your Sunday Clothes, Hello Dolly
Hello Venray
Whats on The Mind, You Got me
Bonnie Taylor Shakedown... 2K1, Call N Return (Say Tha Your Into Me), Dear Jaime... Sincerely Me, Jesse Buy Nothing... Go To Prom Anyways!, Shimmy Shimmy Quarte...
A Little Time, A Tale That Wasn't Right, All Over the Nations, Deliver Us from Temptation, Escalation 666, Future World, I Live for Your Pain, I'm Alive, If I C...
1997, Danger zone, Dark side of you, I got a power, I wanna be free, Killhead, No Brain No Pain, Remembering, Rocket in the air, See You In Hell, Snakes in the ...
Hellstrand Staffan
Du Gar Aldrig Ensam, En ny Ida Lupino, Fanfar, Ga Hem, Han Gav Sig av, Ingen Ska fa Andas
Afterglow, Helltrain, Kingsize, Polizei, Rat Pack, Rot 'N' Roll, Route 666, S.O.S., The Helltrain Coven, Tombstone
Mordirivial Dissemination, Nosferatu, Purveyor Of Fear, Pyrophoric Seizure, Satan's Wrath, Sentient Transmography, Terraasymmetry, Viral Exogence
Helma Sawatzky
Closer Than My Skin, Fragile, Outcast Cafй, Rainbow Umbrella
Better, Biscuits For Smut, Clean, FBLA II, Give It, He Feels Bad, I Know, In the Meantime, Ironhead, Milque(k)toast, Role Model, Rollo, Speechless, Street Crab,...
Helmut Frey
Ein Leben Lang
Helmut Lotti
Adios Mujer, African Sunrise, Asimbonanga, Bйsame Mucho, Cuando Calienta el Sol, El Choclo, Eso Beso, Esta Noche Serena, Guantanamera, Jikela Emaweni Hamba, Kum...
Helmut Zacharias
Eine Melodie geht um die Welt
Helping Haiti
Everybody Hurts
Burning Star
Heltah Skeltah
Black Fonzirelliz, Brownsville ii Long Beach, Caca Gosa Vixen, Call of The Wild, Chicka Woo, Chika Woo, Clan's, Posse's, Crew's & Clik's, Clans Posses Crews A...
(Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes, A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A-Hunting We Will Go, All That I'm Good For, All The Pretty Horses, An Easy One, Betting O...
Basking In The Darkness, Conniption Fit, Crooked Smile, Kill Your Children, No Money No Love, Pigeonholed, Sour, The Sky Is Falling, To The Nines
Hemsworth Wade
Hendrix Jimmy
All Along The Watchtower, Hey Joe
Naked In The Wind
When You Walk Away
Henri Tachan
A La Mort De Juju, A Parme, A Table!, Agatha Christie, Annamite Phalloïde, Au Cinéma, Papa, Bosco, Côté Coeur, Côté Cul, Calamité Jeanne, Casino Song, Ce Film...
Henry Ate
Henry, Hey Mister, Just, Pandoras Child, So He Says, Waves Of Salt
Henry Busse
All i do is Dream of You
Henry Clarence "Frogman"
"Forrest Gump" Soundtrack
Henry Fiat's Open Sore
(Proud To Be The) Black Sheep, (Wanted_ Petite Female Born) 1972, 0704-45 40 57, 1-2-4-5, 3.5 Revolution, 666, A'N'R Man, Amused By Dad, Att Duga Eller Inte Dug...
Henry Joe
Cold Enough To Cross, Edgar Bergen, Flesh And Blood, Good Fortune, Lock And Key, Mean Flower, Nico Lost One Small Buddha, Richard Pryor Addresses A Tearful Nati...
Henry Rollins
1000 Times Blind, Alien Blueprint, All I Want, Almost Real, Another Life, Are You Ready, Blues Jam, Brother Interior, Burned Beyond Recognition, Change It Up, C...
Henry Valentino
Im Wagen vor mir
Henry Valentino feat. Uschi
Im Wagen Vor Mir
Henson Cargill
Big Bad John, Boxer, But You Know I Love You, City Boy Country Born, City Of New Orleans, Coming On Strong, Gentle On My Mind, Greenback Dollar, Hangin' On, Hus...
Henson Deborah
Blues Harp
Henzel Och Thors
Desertцren, En Djфvul i Himmelsbranschen, Floder i Mitt Prag, Gizella, Klippta Vingar, Maskin pх Tomgхng, Saga Slut, Sov Gott, Жverkцrd
Bugs, Deep Deep Down, Here Comes Napoleon, I Can't Cry, I Got The News, My Old Love, Next Life, Out of Sight, See The Girl With The World in Her Eyes, Tomorrow'...
Her Personal Pain
...& One For The Band, Cinema Cafe, Days in December, Little Girl, Love is Clean, The Goddess, This Red Feeling, You Turn me on
Her Space Holiday
A Matter Of Trust, Can You Blame Me_, Clock In Clock Out, Famous To Me, Famous To Me (Hurtful Kid Mix), From South Carolina, Gigantic (Pixies), Girl Problem, Ha...
Herb Alpert
Diamonds, This Guy's in Love With You
Herbert Grönemeyer
Angst, Einmal, LÄCHELN, Männer, Mass Aller Dinge, Mehr Geht Leider Nicht, Nur Noch So, Bist du Taub, Chaos, Deine Liebe Klebt, Die Currywurst, Etwas Warmes, Fis...
Herbert Kretzmer
Yesterday When i Was Young
Herbert Pagani
Albergo A Ore, Chez Nous, L'étoile D'or, L'amitié, La Bonne Franquette, Lombardia, Sai Che Basta L'amore, Signori Presidenti, Teorema
Herbert Roth
Ælfwine, Dragon Domain, Horns Of War, Lamenting Shield-Maid, The Cruel Bard, Wolfghosts (In Winter)
Herman Hupfeld
As Time Goes by
Herman Jerry
Hello, Dolly!, No Mercy, The Last Dance, When Mabel Comes in The Room
Herman Medrano
1, 2, 3, 160 X 50, Aguasso, Ah Yeah, Ahhh, Zio Ganea!!!, Batti Ghee Man, Besame E Ciope, Blah-Blah, Bordeo, Bzzz...Medrano!, Che Bel Puteo, Che Mi Sta Succeden...
Herman Van Veen
Signale, Blaue Flecken, Chanson De Malheur, Cirkels, Die Tage Vergeh'n Doch Wie Im Flug, Griff Ins Klo, Herbst Im April, Ich Tanze Mit Dem Tod, KГјsschen, Lampe...
Herman's Hermits
A Must to Avoid, A Must to Avoid, A Must To Avoid, Big Man, Bus Stop, Busy Line, Can't You Hear My Heartbeat, Cant You Hear my Heart Beat, Cant You Hear My Hear...
Hermann Hagedorn Music By Edward Macdowell
To A Wild Rose
Hermes House Band
Can't Take My Eye Off Of You, Can't Take My Eye Off You [Karaoke Version], Come On Eileen, Country Road, Country Roads, Country Roads [Radio Edit], Holiday Expr...
Atravesando Todo Limite, Ayer Deseo, Hoy Realidad, Buscando Razon, Cambalache, Craneo Candente, Cuando Duerme La Ciudad, De Pismanta A Bauchaceta, Deja De Roba...
Hernandez Saul
La Celula Que Explota
Herndon Ty
Heart Half Empty, Living in a Moment, A Love Like That, A Man Holdin' On (To A Woman Lettin' Go), Big Hopes, Big Time Dreamer, Hands Of A Working Man, How Much ...
Dance Your Blues Away, Dreams For Lovers, Driftaway, Here We Are, Let Me In, Living On A Time Bomb, My Heart Beats, Riverside
Heroes Del Silencio
La Sirena Verada, Apuesta Por El Rock N Roll, Avalancha, Dias De Borrasca, Entre Dos Tierras, Entre Dos Tierras, Heroe de Leyenda, Heroe De Leyenda, La Carta, L...
A Portion, Another, Blindly, Come To Mind, Destination, Has Been, Head Cold, I've Got Mine, In General, Indecision, Leave, Meaning Less, Moving Parts, Never Eve...
Herold Ted
Bill Haley, Da do Ron Ron, Die Besten Sterben Jung, Gib Dein Ziel Niemals Auf, Ich Bin Ein Mann, Wanderer
Heron Gil
The Revolution Will Not be Televised
Heros Del
Maldito Duende
Herrick Dave
After I Wake, Axes, Bearhive, Beware Of Disneyland, Blue Skies, Camerons Corner, Dead End, Ears Of The Cat, Fat Head, Fuck You Bitch, Ghost Train, Grape Juice, ...
Hersh Kristin
37 Hours, A Cleaner Light, A Loon, A Loon, Aching For You, Amazing Grace, Banks Of The Ohio, Baseball Field, Beestung, Beestung, Caffeine, Can The Circle Be Unb...
Herve Vilard
Caprí Se Acabó, Nous (Donna Donna Mia), Reviens
Hewerdine Boo
16 Miles, 59 Yards, 59 Yards, A Town Called Blue, Baptist Hospital, First Chill of Winter, Ghost of Summer Walking, Ghost Of Summer Walking, Greedy, It Always R...
A Temple For The Soul, At The Edge Of Eternity, Awakening, Betrayed (By Justice), Code 29, Dejavoodoo, Dies Irae - Vredens Dag, From The Cradle To The Grave, Ho...
Antiba, Cisza Ja I Czas, Cudzoziemka W Raju Kobiet, Dolly, Doroslosc Jak Poczatek Umierania, Fate, Hanging On The Telephone, Klus Mitroh, Mahjong, Manto, Misie,...
Hey Mercedes
A-List Actress, Absolute Zero Drive, Eleven To Your Seven, Every Turn, Everybody's Working For The Weak, Go On Drone, Haven't Been This Happy, It's Been A Blast...
A Matter of Time, Back Where i Belong, Mine Tonight, Movin on, Pack of Lies, Private Hell, The Letter
Heywood Banks
Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir
I've Got a Reason [Draper's Legacy], Power Belongs To God
Bouce, Hgs C Nous, Kicki, Kickiccki, L'undergronde, Posie, Vi(Ll)E
Fireman Album, Jerk, Jerk Album, Stillborn
Hi 5
Five Senses
Hi Q
Apa De Mare, As Vrea, Atatea Vise, Buna Dimineata, Call Me Manana, Cat Te Iubeam, Cerul A Plans, Da Muzica Mai Tare, Dor De Tine, Dor De Noi, E Ok!, E Vara Mea...
Hi Tack
Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U), Silence
999, ChildHood, Беда, Беспризорник, Бомбей, Брат, В последний раз, Воскресение, Всё в огонь /песня царевны/, Глупые люди, За мной, Запоминай, Надо выбрать день,...
А мы любили, Беспризорник, Воскресение, Глупые люди, За мной, Не дано, Про лето, Средняя Школа №7 (А Мы Любили), Черный ворон, Я люблю, 999, Беспризорник, Всё ...
Hi-Ha Tremblay
Le Temps d'une Dinde
Angry Fists, Asian Pride, Brand New Sunset, California Dreamin', California Dreaming, Can't Help Falling In Love, Catch A Wave, Changes, Crows, Dance In The Bri...
1-800-Homicide, Africa Dream, All I Need Is You, Big Nel From Da Natti, Breakin' Bread, Bridge To Bama (Hi-tek Remix), Down For The Count, Eternalists, Expansio...
Hiatt John
Angel Eye, Angel Eyes, Angel Eyes, Blue Teles, Blue Telescope, Buffalo River Home, Buffalo River Home, Cry Love, Cry Love, Distance, Distance, Down in Front, Dr...
Hickman Sara
Simply, A Woman Waiting To Happen, Bowl Full Of Stars, Come Around, Dear Tracey, Edward, Everything's Red, I Wish I Could Run, I'm Not Going Anywhere, Kerosene,...
Hidden In Plain View
I Ran (Flock Of Seagulls Cover), 20 Below, A Minor Detail, American Classic, An American Classic, Ashes, Ashes, Belly Full Of Kerosene, Bendy, Bleed For You, B...
Going Down In Flames, How Do You Feel, I Don'T Owe You Nothing, I Wanna Know, Living It Up, Magazine, Reality, She Is Gone, Thank Me Please, Venus Butterfly, Wh...
Hiding With Girls
A Bad Situation Comedy, Aberro, Abolesco, All My Friends Are It Girls, Auryn, Battle's Not Worth Waging, Cassette, Disaster's First Birthday, Shortround, Take ...
7 Sixes, A Plus, After Dark, All Things, At The Helm, Casual, Chicago, Classic, Del, Dune Methane, G.U.O.M.D., Heatish, Hydra, Last One, Let It Roll, Make Your ...
Higelin Jacques
La Croisaide Des Enfants
High Holy Days
A For Me, Exfugo, Explain It Away, Living In Your Head, The Getaway, The River Of Styx, The Situation
High Numbers
Zoot Suit
High On Fire
10, 000 Years, Baghdad, Blood From Zion, Eyes And Teeth, Fireface, Hung, Drawn And Quartered, Last, Master Of Fists, Nemesis, Razor Hoof, Speed Wolf, Surrounde...
High School Musical Cast
All For One, Breaking Free (Karaoke Instrumental), Everyday, Get'cha Head In The Game, Get'cha Head In The Game (B5 Remix), I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, Sta...
Already Gone, Never Tear Us Apart
Angelo, Bella Stella, Che Sarб, E Musica, La Veritб, Piano Piano, Quo Vadis, Salva Mi, Se Tu Vuoi, Solo Tu, Tu Con Me, Veni Vidi Vici
...Don't Kill Me Again, Again, All I Want, Atlantis Part II_ "The Dreamer And The Deep O, Atlantis Part I_ "Beneath A Silent Sky", Back From Hell, Bloodwar in H...
Highway 101
Bed You Made For Me, Bing Bang Boom, Bridge Across Forever, Change, Cry Cry Cry, Do You Love Me Just Say Yes, Honky Tonk Heart, Someone Else's Trouble Now, Some...
Hil St. Soul
Pieces, Until You Come Back To Me (Thats What Im Gonna Do)
Hilary Duff
A Day In The Sun, Anywhere But Here, Come Clean, I Can't Wait, I Can't Wait ( Remix), I Heard Santa On The Radio, Inner Strength, Jingle Bell Rock, Last Christm...