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Betterdreams, Nothing To Declare, The Deep Water, The Evening Shadows, Until You Fall, You Dinosaur Thing
H & Claire
All I Want Is You, All Out Of Love, Another You Another Me, Beauty And The Beast, Centre Of My Heart, Dj, Don't Give Up (Don't Let Go), Hold Me In Your Arms, In...
H 20
I Dream To Sleep
H Pisces
Liquid Jesus
Risin' high
Little girl, Move, 9 08 Am, All Season Love, Berlin Monsta City, C'mon, Celebrate Youth, Come Bad, Do What You Wanna Do (Dave Don't Like It), Don't Bring Me Dow...
H. I. M.
Beautiful, Beyond Redemption, Buried Alive By Love, Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart, Circle Of Fear, Close To The Flame, Dark Secret Love, Death Is In Love With ...
H.E.A.L. Foundation
Heal Yourself
Dark Light, Drunf on shadows, Face of god, In love and lonely, Killing loneliness, Play dead, The Cage, Under the rose, Vampire heart, Venus, Wings of a butterf...
Behind the Crimson Door, Dark Light, Drunk On Shadows, Face of God, In the Nightside of Eden, Killing Loneliness, Play Dead, The Beginning Of The End, The Cage,...
H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty)
Black Infernal World, Death Roll, Into The Unknown, Night of the Living Dead, None Shall Defy, Overlord, Power Intrusion, Roman Song, S.O.S., Skeletons in the C...
Eveready, Everready, Fading, Faster Than The World, Follow The Three Way, Friends, Guilty By Association, Hidden Track, One Life One Chance, Phone Song, Role Mo...
Me entrego a ti, No te puedo enamorar, Pobre diabla, Quй Hago Yo?, Quйdate Conmigo, Si tu quieres ser, Tu Mirada En Mн, Un Amigo Asi, Vaquera, Ya No, AlГ©jate D...
Quй hago yo?, Quйdate Conmigo, Si Tu Quieres Ser, Tu mirada en mн, Vaquera, Ya no
Hackett Steve
A Doll That's Made in Japan, Camino Royale, Can i?, Can't Let go, Cell 151, Dark as The Grave, Don't Fall Away From me, Duel, Every Day, Funny Feeling, Give it ...
Fly Away, I Miss You, Rock My Heart, What Is Love, Breakaway, Catch A Fire, I Know, Life, Waiting For A Better World
Aftermath of Betrayal, Colorblind, Deter-My-Nation, Diplomatic Immunity, Doubt, Exist To Resist, Face the Fat Reality, I Too Eye, In the Mean Time, King in Exil...
Hades Almighty
...Again Shall Be, A ballad of death and obsession, Alone Walkyng, An Oath Sworn In Bjorgvin, Apocalyptic Prophecies (The Sign Of Hades), Carnival blaspheme, Cr...
Milk Chocolate Girl
Hadley Tony
Lost in Your Love
A Cataleptic Rapture, Aftertaste Of Putrefaction, Cadaveric Metamorphose, Cartilageous Pulped Offals, Cirrhoetic Liver Distillation, Dawn In The Rotting Paradis...
Hagalaz' Runedance
Serenade of the Last Wolf
Hagar Sammy
All American, Baby's on Fire, Baby, It's You, Both Sides Now, Can't Drive 55, Can't Get Loose, China, Confession (please Come Back), Flamingoes Fly, Give to Li...
A Summer Air, Afraid, June, Mother Nature, Nobody's Listening, Questions, Sundown, Sweet Tender Sofie, The Northwinds Blow
Hagen Nina
Du Hast Mein Herz Geklaut, African Reggae, Atomic Flash Deluxe, Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo, Berlin, Der Spinner, Du Hast Den Farbfilm Vergessen, Einfach Nina, Eisern Uni...
"Progressive...", A Midnight Gathering, Awaking The Centuries, Cantus Firmus In A-Minor, Charity Absurd, Heavenly Damnation, In A Fullmoon Procession, In A Pale...
Haggard Merle
Back in Love by Monday, Back In Love By Monday, Big City, Big City, Bottle Let me Down, Bottle Let Me Down, Branded Man, Branded Man, Cherokee Maiden, Cherokee ...
Dragostea Din Tei, Dragostea Din Tei (English), Dragostea Din Tei (L'amour Sous Le Tilleul), Dragostea Din Tei - Dragostea Din Tei - Translation Eng, Dragostea ...
Bergnot, Der Rote Fluя, Du Siehst Gut Aus!, Es Geht Wieder Auf!, Germoney, Hallo Mein Freund!, Hцhlenmalerei, Ich Habe Sehnsucht, Im Zwiebelsud, Indien?, Irgend...
Bergnot, Der Rote Fluß, Du Siehst Gut Aus!, Es Geht Wieder Auf!, Germoney, Hallo Mein Freund!, Höhlenmalerei, Ich Habe Sehnsucht, Im Zwiebelsud
Aquarius, Donna, Donґt put it down, Frank Mills, Good morning starshine, Initials, Let the shunshine in, Let The Sunshine In, Manchester England, Air, Colored S...
Hair Movie
Frank Mills
Haircut 100
40 - 40 Home, Baked Bean, Benefit Of The Doubt, Calling Captain Autumn, Fantastic Day, Favourite Shirts, Fish In A Bowl, Hidden Years, High Noon, Immaterial, In...
(It's) Hairspray, (The Legend Of) Miss Baltimore Crabs, (You're) Timeless To Me, Big Blonde And Beautiful, Big, Blonde, & Beautiful (Reprise), Come So Far (Go...
109, C'est Parce Que... Feat. Pasha & Boomsa, Dents Blanches, Dernier Souffle, Faits Divers, Faut Pas S'affoler, Hakalagea Part Au Combat, Impasse & Paire, Intr...
Håkan Hellström
Äntligen På Väg, 13, Atombomb, Augusti I Helvetet, Båda sidor nu, Bara Dårar Rusar In, Brännö Serenad, Come On Lena! (English Version), Den Fulaste Flickan I Vä...
Hakulinen Jussi
Antaa Virran Viedä Vaan, Armeijan Syvin Olemus, Joonatan, Kataliinan Ruusu, Keisarin Uudet Vaatteet, Laika Laika, Talo Varrella Rautatien, Vaaleanpunainen Maja...
Hal Kemp
Hands Across The Table, The Touch of Your Lips
Hal Pine and his Mountaineers with Betty Cody
The Trail of The Lonesome Pine
Haldor Ligreid
On my Own
Half Cocked
Bad Reputation
Half Man Half Biscuit
1966 And All That, All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Ki, All i Want For Christmas is a Dukla-prague Away Kit, Arthur's Farm, D'you Ken Ted Mould?,...
Half-Handed Cloud
Bed That Breathes With Him, Celebrating Hearts Aligned, Earth Outside Of Ghost Will Only Be Quicksand, Eyes Peeled, Feed Your Sheep A Burning Lamp, Foot On The ...
All By Myself, Always, Bad Reputation, Devil's Shoes, Drive Away, Glitter, Gun For Hire, Held Under, I Lied, Sell Out, Sober, Taking Over, Thanks For The Ride, ...
Halford (Rob Halford)
Cyberworld, Locked And Loaded, Made in Hell, Night Fall, Resurrection, Saviour, Silent Screams, Slow Down, The One You Love to Hate, Twist, Betrayal, Beyond The...
And The Moment Passes By, Architect Of My Demise, Ignited Eyes And Cyanide, On The Passing Of Fairytale Heros, Open The Sky, A Pilot And A Bleeding Heart, As I ...
READ BEFORE CORRECTING, A Tint Of Rain, A Writer'S Reference, Anthem For Tonight, Better Than Sex, Broken Glass Syndrome, Giant In The Ring, Hey Italy, I Hate Y...
Hall & Oates
I Can't Go for that (No Can Do), One On One, Say it Isn't So, Wait for Me (Live Version), Adult Education, All American Girl, Bad Habits And Infections, Beanie ...
Hall Kristen
Bed we Made, Colder, Cry Tomorrow, Don't Tell me, Empty Promises, Fading Away, Following my Compass, Heaven Knows, I Gave Everything, I Have my Reasons, I Shoul...
Hallolololi Boys
Hallow's Eve
D.I.E. (Death In Effect), Death And Insanity, Goblet Of Gore, Lethal Tendencies, Nefarious, Plea Of The Aged, Suicide
Hallows Eve
D.i.e. (death In Effect), Death And Insanity, Death And Insanity (reprise), Goblet Of Gore, Lethal Tendencies, Nefarious, Nobody Lives Forever, Plea Of The Aged...
Hallyday Johnny
Quelque Chose, La Generation Perdue, Le PГ©nitencier, Affronte-Moi, Apprendre A Aimer, Arrte Le Temps, Au Bord Des Routes, Ce Qui Ne Tue Pas Nous Rend Plus Fort...
Cold Light Of Day, Escape, Incinerator, Only For You, Perfectly Still, Still Here
Halo Benders
Halo Friendlies
Acid Wash, Anything For You, Cry Of Job, Disappear, Don't Let Me Down, Don't Wake The Cat, Falling Away, Flake-O (On My Scalp-O), Hush, I'm All Eyes, I'm Fine, ...
Halo James
Halsell Steve
When I Think Of You
Hamilton Bohannon
Disco Stomp, Foot Stomping Music
Hamilton Marc
Comme Jai Toujours Envie Daimer
Hamilton, Joe Frank, And Reynolds
Don't Pull Your Love, Fallin' In Love
Hamm Stu
Kings Of Sleep, Moonlight Sonata, Sleigh Ride, The Urge Bass Solo
At The End Of The Rainbow, Back To Back, Child Of The Damned, Dreamland, Glory To The Brave, HammerFall, Heeding The Call, I Believe, Legacy Of Kings, Let The H...
Hammerstein Oscar
Happy Land, Ol' Man River, School Song, Western People Funny, A Puzzlement, A Puzzlement (Reprise), All Er Nothin', Finale-Oh What A Beautiful Mornin', Getting ...
Hammet Melanie
C. Columbus, Can I Call Your Heart A Home, Faith In Me, I Dream Wild Horses, Love Has A Face, Not Backing Down, Ragged Sky, Somewhere In The Night, Stars Fall, ...
Hammill Peter
(on Tuesday She Used to Do) Yoga, ...if You Haven't Got it Yet, A Better Time, A Forest of Pronouns, A Headlong Stretch, A Kick to Kill The Kiss, A Louse is Not...
Hammond & West
Give A Little Love
Hammond Beres
Step Aside
Hammond John
Broke Down Engine
Han Van Eijck
Hancock Herbie
Can't Hide Your Love, Chameleon, A Song For You, Don't Explain, Gelo Na Montanha, Hush, Hush, Hush, I Do It For Your Love, I Just Called To Say I Love You, Si...
Hand In Hand For Children
Children Need A Helping Hand
Handel George Frideric
Minuet, Sonatine, 02. Accompagnato For Tenor Comfort Ye My People, 04. Chorus And The Glory Of The Lord, 06. Air For Alto But Who May Abide The Day Of His, 0...
Hands And Feet
I Wont Let You Down
Handsome Devil
Back Into Action, Barbecue, Bring It On, Everything, Hard Living Clean, I Fall Down, Makin' Money, Samurai, Sorry Charlie, Tie Me Up, Tonight
Handsome Family
Bury Me Here, Cathedrals, Down In The Ground, Down In The Valley Of Hollow Logs, I Fell, Last Night I Went Out Walking, My Ghost, My Sister's Tiny Hands, Stalle...
Absinth, Angel Of The Stereo, Falling In Disgrace, Inside Your Soul, Last Time, Legions of Fate, Like A Wind In The Sky, Living In Trouble - Part I, Living In T...
What a Girl Cant do
65, 000 Miles Later, All That You Wanted, An Apology, At Arm's Length, Carry Me, Closemouthed Concern, Commitment Unbreakable, Decision Making, Don't Forget Abo...
Hanim Liza
Airmata Di Kuala Lumpur, Barang Yang Lepas Jangan Di Kenang, Biarlah Aku Pergi, Cintailah Aku Sepenuh Jiwa...(nor Delyliana - Usm), Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti, D...
Hank Cochran
All Of Me Belongs To You, Beyond The Blue Horizon, Funny Way Of Laughin', Go On Home, Has Anybody Seen Me Lately, He's Got You, I Ever Saw, I Fall To Pieces, I ...
Hank Locklin
Act Naturally, All The World Is Lonely Now, Almost, Always Missing You, And Then, Anna Marie, Anytime, Are You Teasing Me, As Long As I Live, Back Street Affair...
Hank Mizell
Jungle Rock
Hank Snow
90 Miles An Hour (down A Dead End Street), Any Old Time, Big Wheels, Blind Boy's Prayer, Blue Yodel No. 10, Bluebird Island, Breakfast With The Blues, Casey Jon...
Hank The Knife & The Jets
Guitar King, Stan The Gunman, Yesterday Star
Hank Thompson
A Bloss0m Fell, A Good Man Is Hard To Find, A Maiden's Prayer, After All The Things I've Done, Ages And Ages Ago, Always Late (with Your Kisses), Anniversary Wa...
Hank Williams
(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle, Be Careful of Stones You Throw, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Kaw-Liga, Lost Highway, 'neath A Cold Gray Tomb Of Stone, A Home I...
Hank Williams Iii
5 Shots Of Whiskey, 7 Months, 39 Days, 87 Southbound, Angel of Sin, Atlantic City, Blue Devil, Broke, Lovesick & Driftin', Callin' Your Name, Cecil Brown, Cho...
Hank Williams Jr.
(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle, A Countryboy Can Survive, A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action, A Mansion On The Hill, A-eee, After All They Used To Belong...
Hank Williams Sr.
Holy Screen, Staring at The Rain
Hanna Aroni
Hanna H
Entrer Dans L'amour
Hanna Mceuen
Ocean, Something Like A Broken Heart
Hanna Pakarinen
One Way Or The Other, Stronger Without You, Tears In Your Eyes, Wasted, When I Become Me 2
Hannah Fury
All is not well, And Your Little Dog Too, Angels & Absinthe, Away, Eat the dirt, I Can't Let You In, Idaho, It Was Her House That Killed Nessarose, Let it show,...
Hannah Ild
Be With You, Hold My Soul, I See, Kui Hing On Гњks, Let Me Show, Let Me Stay, These Days
Hannah Montana
A Teenager Like Me, A Teenager With Two Lives, As I Am, Best Of Both Worlds, Bigger Than Just Us, Bigger Than Us, Clear, Come See, East Northumberland High, Eve...