Clement Marfo & The Frontline
Clement Marfo And The Frontline
Bhe Fratello (...E So' Dieci Anni)
Clemons Josh
What Child is This
A Touch Of Love, Bingo My Love, Cleopatra's Theme, Come And Get Me, Don't Suffer In Silence, Dying Rose, I Want You Back, Life Ain't Easy, Nobody Said, Number 1...
Cleopatra's Theme
Clerc Julien
Le Petit Vieillard, Ballade Pour Un Fou (Loco Loco), Ce N'est Rien, Coeur De Rocker, Double Enfance, Elle Voulait Qu'on L'appelle Venise, Femmes...Je Vous Aime,...
Cliff Eberhardt
Ever Since i Lost Your Love, Im Not Quite Over You, That Kind of Love, Your Face
Cliff Richard
A Girl Like You, A Heart Will Break, A Little In Love, A Little Lover, A Misunderstood Man, A Voice In The Wilderness, All My Love, All The Time You Need, Amazi...
Clifford Mike
Close to Cathy
Clifford T. Ward
A Day To Myself, A Dream, A Sad Affair, A Sad Cliché, A Song For Susan, All Modern Conveniences, All That Glitters Is Not Gold, Always Think About You, Another...
Clifton Davis
Never Can Say Goodbye
Climax Blues Band
Couldn't Get it Right, Gotta Have More Love, I am Constant, Precious And Few
Climie Fisher
Facts Of Love, Fire On The Ocean, Keep The mystery Alive, This is me, Bite The Hand That Feeds, Break The Silence, I Won't Bleed For You, Love Changes Everythin...
2nd Foot Stomp, Anne, August, C.Q., Cement Mixer, Circle Of Fifths, Come Into Our Room, Country Mile, Distortions, DJ Shangri-La, Earth Angel, For The Wars, Goo...
Clint Black
A Bad Goodbye, A Better Man, A Good Run of Bad Luck, Are You Sure Waylon Done It This Way, Been There, Birth of the King, Burn One Down, Cadillac Jack Favor, Ch...
Clint Eastwood
Gorillaz, Honky Tonk Man
De Viaje
Clit 45
Empty Day, End Of You, Just Exist, Kids Aren'T Alright, Long Beach Kids, Rules, Strength Thru Struggle, We'Ll Have Our Say
4$ Bitch Disfigurement, A Fridge Too Full, Beaten Senseless, Built To Kill, C.T. Eunuch, Chamber Of Clits, Cliteater, Cock And Love, Consumed, Crash Test Fetus,...
Clock Dva
Buried Dreams, Sound Mirror, The Act, The Hacker, The Reign, The Unseen, Velvet Realm
Funky Tonight
Close To Home
Fourth Of July
Closet Monster
A Revolutionary Dream, Battle Cry For A Better World, Class Oppression 101, Common Devotion, Convictions Of A Schoolyard Anarchist, Corporate Media Death Squad,...
Crushed, Lie To Me, Look Out Below, Oxygen, Whatever Made You, You Are My Hatred
Close Encounters, Aan Jou Wil Ik Alles Geven, Adrenaline, Afscheid Van Een Vriend, Alarm, Alleen Bij Haar, Alleen Met Jou, Almost Fading (De Kleine Prins), Als ...
The best Of me
Cloven Hoof Of Duality
Sex in Hell
Clovers, The
Love Potion Number Nine, Love Love Love
Club 99
Shake Your Body
Club Dogo
02 Massive, Briatori, Butta Via Tutto Reloaded, Butta Via Tutto!, Cani Sciolti 2006, Cani Sciolti 2006 RMX, Cattivi E Buoni, Cronache Di Resistenza (Hard To Do)...
Club Honolulu
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu-strand-bikini
Club Hoy
All Through The Town, Looking in, Oh Julian
Club Robbers
I Like It Loud
Cluster Bombs
Confusione, Frammenti Di Vita, Il Vento, Torna In Te, Una Di Quelle Sere
(In The Wake Of) The Swollen Goat, (Notes From The Trial Of) La Curandera, 05, 10, 000 Witnesses, 10001110101, 12 Ounce Epilogue, 24 Earth Years, 7 Jam, 7 Jam, ...
Clyne Roger
Beautiful Disaster, Horses, I Feel Alright, My Heart Is A Ufo, Never Thought, Pancho And Lefty, Tow Chain, West Texas Moon
&No.960;, ÄÄNi Ja Vimma, 10^118, AamutÄHti, Ainomieli, Ainomieli '97, AivosÄHkÖÄ, Aivos{hk|{, Anathema, Antroposentrifugi, Arcana, Arkangeli, Aura, Baikonur, Di...
Where U Are
Because The Night
Coakley Tom
East of The Sun
Coal Chamber
Alienate Me, Amir Of The Desert, Anything But You, Beckoned, Big Truck, Bradley, Burgundy, Clock, Dark Days, Dreamtime, Drove, El Cu Cuy, Empty Jar, Entwined, F...
73-C, A Disgust For Details, A New Language, A Safe Place, Black Dog, Blend As Well, Blue Collar Lullaby, Burn Everything That Bears Our Name, Chain Smoking, Co...
A Million Eyes, Contrast Factor, Falltime, Glimmer, Magneto, My Great Cablecar, No Compassion, Out Of Nowhere, Shy Kids And Empty Rockets, Starline Number One
Coalminers'Beat, The
Land of green
Coast To Coast
The Hucklebuckle
Burden, Claim, Corporate, Feel It, Hide Out, Make It Clear, Not That Far, Sakya, Screenplay Chase, Silence Pain, Soul Feeder
Cobra Starship
Being From Jersey Means Never Having To Say You're, Bring It (Snakes On A Plane), Guilty Pleasure, Hollaback Boy, It's Amateur Night At The Appollo Creed!, It's...
Cobra Starship feat. Sabi
You Make Me Feel...
Cocciante Riccardo
Margherita, ...E Parlarle D'Amore Sar Imbarazzante, A Dio, A Mano A Mano, A Mio Padre, Al Centro Del Silenzio, Amarsi Come Prima, Ammassati E Distanti, Amore, A...
Cochi E Renato
E la Vita
Cochran Dolores
Cock Robin
For The Experience Shake, The Biggest Foll of All, A Little Innocence, Because it Keeps on Working, Born With Teeth, Just Around The Corner, Just When You're Ha...
Cock Sparrer
A.U., Again And Again, Anthem, Argy Bargy, Bats Out, Battersea Bardot, Because You're Young, Before The Flame Dies, Bird Trouble, Chip On My Shoulder (Live), Cl...
Cockney Rejects
Are You Ready To Ruck_, Badman, Fighting In The Streets, Flares And Slippers, Flares N Slippers, Headbanger, I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, Join The Rejects, Poli...
Amish Assholes, Bad Diareah, Booty Time, Bumpin Uglies, Cankersore Jubilee, Cankersore Jubilee, Cant go Three Days, Cocksucker Twist, Cocksucker Twist, Coming o...
Coco Lee
A love before time, All tied up in you, Before I fall in love, Can we talk about it, Can't get over, Crazy Ridiculous, Did u really luv me, Did You Really Love ...
Cocoa Brovaz
Black Trump, Bucktown Usa, Game Of Life, Memorial, Myah Angelow, Off The Wall, Spanish Harlem, Still Standin Strong, Won On Won, Back 2 Life, Blown Away, Buckto...
Good Friday, Animals, Black Poppies, Bloody Twins, Butterscotch, By Your Side, Girl And The Geese, Haitian Love Song, Houses, Jesus Loves Me, Lyla, Miracle, Pro...
Cocteau Twins
A Kissed Out Red Floatboat, Aikea-guinea, Alice, Aloysius, Amelia, Another Day, Beatrix, Blind Dumb Deaf, Blood Bitch, Blue Bell Knoll, Bluebeard, Bluebeard (ac...
Code Lyoko
A World Without Danger, Theam song, Un Monde Sans Danger
Code Red
A Crimson Sky, Alone With You, Always, Break It To Me Gently, Can We Talk, Celery (I'm Gonna Miss You), Come And Get It, Do You Like_, Don't Go There, Don't Tal...
Broken Hearted Wine
Codename_ Rocky
1469, All Those Years, Don't Ask Dr. No, For The Last Time, Highland Ave., His Day, Keyhole, Let You Go, Lifetime In The Rain, Lost Highway, Me And My Thin Prom...
All The Best Dreams, Alt. Wave, Boys of Summer, Give It To Us, How Many Miles to Babylon, It Could Happen, Leaches of Karma, Lights, Nasty Little Revolution, Ob...
Codu Penal
Din Dragoste, Europa Romaneasca, Frate Pentru Frate, Inca O Zi, Pe Viata, Povestea Mea
Cody Chestnutt
Boylife in America, Eric Burdon, The Seed
Coe David Alan
Call me by my Name, Call Me By My Name, Heads Or Tails, Honey Dont, Living On The Run, Longhaired Redneck, Longhaired Redneck, Lost, Nothing Sacred, Pick Em Lic...
Anticlimax, Blind Witness, Breeding The Enemy, Burst, Carve The Stone, Consumed, Coughing Blood, Crawling In Filth, Cursed With Existence, Dead Meat, Delete, Di...
Coeur De Pirate
Comme Des Enfants
1010011010, Anarchy OK, Bondi, Charades, Doors (Now And Then My Life Feels Like It's Going, Holes, Just Visiting, Moo, Moshiach, My Enemy, Naming The Elephant, ...
Coheed & Cambria
Apollo I: The Writing Writer, 10 Speed Gods Blood Burial, 2113, 33, A Favor House Atlantic, A Favor House Atlantic, Always & Never, Always And Never, Blood Red ...
Bendera, Hilang, Jauh, Karma, Kuasanya, Kupilih Dia, Luka Lama, Mimpi, Napsu, Pergi, Segitiga
All My Lovin', Bigger Than We, Don't Take Your Love Away, Endow Me, Everytime, He Be Back, I Ain't Feelin' You, I Get Joy, If This World Were Mine, If This Worl...
Colbie Caillat
Fallin' For You
Anti-Love Song, Bizarre, Black Sunday, Blame, Bleed, Change The World, Confession, Cure My Tragedy, Don't Belong, End Of The World, Everyone Dies, Ghost In Here...
Cold Blood
Kissin' my Love
Cold Chisel
Bow River, Bow River, Breakfast At Sweethearts, Cheap Wine, Choir Girl, Choir Girl, Flame Trees, Flame Trees, Four Walls, Id Die To Be With You Tonight, Khe Sah...
Cold Play
Yellow, It's All Good
Cold Wet Candy
Diamonds In The Sky With Lucy, Sunlight Dances The Most Playful Tango, Vision 1, Vista Ruido Buena (The Noise Song)
Doctorin' The House
100 Angels, Broken Days, Choices, Do It All Again, Down, Enter The Moonlight, Every Now & Then, I Wish I Could, It's All For You, Living Lie, On My Own, Prophec...
A Rush Of Blood To The Head, A Whisper, Amsterdam, Brothers & Sisters, Careful Where You Stand, Clocks, Daylight, Don't Panic, Everything's Not Lost, Fix You, F...
Coldplay & Rihanna
Princess Of China
Coldplay And Rihanna
Princess Of China
Coldplay Feat Rihanna
Princess Of China
Coldplay feat. Rihanna
Princess Of China
Coldplay Ft. Rihanna
Princess Of China
Cole Jude
Believe In You, First Your Money, House Full Of Reasons, I Wont Bleed, More Than A Breakup Song, Start The Car
Cole Lloyd And The Commotions
2cv, Are You Ready to be Heartbroken?, Charlotte Street, Down on Mission Street, Forest Fire, Four Flights up, Patience, Perfect Skin, Rattlesnakes
Coleman Cy
On The Twentieth Century
Coles Whalen
Call On Me, Come Back For More, Gee Baby, Hollow Railroad, Honeyed Out, How Do You Do That To Me, Manhattan, Old Man Reality, Pick Up The Pieces, Pretty Kids, S...
Take me where the sun is shining
Colin James
Black Eyed Dog, Crazy Over You, Five Long Years, IÂВ‚¬в„ўm Losing You, If You Lean On Me, Make A Mistake, My Mind Is On Vacation, Mythical Wonders, No More Dogg...
Colin Meloy
Dance To Your Daddy
Due Ragazzi Nel Sole, Tu Mi Rubi L'Anima
CLAY PIGEONS (ballad of Lester Long), Believe in You, Tell me Everything, Wonderland
Colle Der Fomento
Ciao Ciao, Cinque A Uno, Dissetante + Potente, Elfo Scuro, Funk Romano, Il Cielo Su Roma, Il Tuo Diavolo, King Kong Vs Godzilla, Ninna Nanna, Non Ci Sto, Prova ...
Collective Soul
10 Years Later, After All, All, Blame, Bleed, Boast, Breathe, Burning Bridges, Collection Of Goods, Compliment, Crowded Head, Crown, Dandy Life, December, Disci...
Collettivo Soleluna
A Vida (Roma), Do D' Freak, Io Lo Sapevo