Our Little Town
Catasthrope, Deep Scar, Demise Of Sincerety, Interment..., Last To Numbness, Towards The Endless Insanity, Tragic End, Unprecious Memories
Ciencias Naturales
El Poeta Enamorado
Back To Home, Captain, Dr. Jones, Laundry Basket, Long Run, Mr. Hurtado, Nick Of Time, No More Waiting, Show Me, The Bind, Two Kevins, Watch It Fall, Weight Of ...
Extraño sentimiento
Cilla Black
You're my world
Happy People, Movin' On Up, Rock Reggae Rhapsody, Rock Your Baby, Struggling Man, Talking Blues, Truly, We Are Not The Same, You Can Get It If You Really Want
Cimmerian Path
...Summons Upon Nightfall (Unfettered Sorcerer), Entranced By The Edges Of Angst, Into The Depths Of Ruthless Excellence, Malignant Amour, Repellent Empire Aid
A Day In The Life, All Forgiving, Bad Taste, Bound, Caged, Eden Slave, Fake, Fear Of God, Halo, Kick, Mad Clown Dance, Not Now, Orangraptangenlilem, Secret Scar...
Cindy & Bert
Hallo, Ich komm' bald wieder, Memories von Dir, Addio, Danke Dir, Darling, Der Hund Von Baskerville
Cindy Alexander
818, Better Than I Am, Born Again Virgin, Carnival Junkie, City Astronaut, Dresden, Heaven Knows, Hey Hey, I See Stars, I'm O.K., I'm So Sad That You're Happy, ...
'Trane, Esilio, Huxley, Kesey E Leary, Nei Limiti, Nel Temporale, Occhi Come Chiodi, Primula, Senso, Ultimo Carosello Dell'umanità, Uomo Contorto, Weekend
146 Degrees, 7X, Airborne, And When She Was Bad, Aprés Ski, Au Pair, Barefoot In The Park, Because I'm Beautiful, Careless, Cat Girl Tights, Close Up, Comedien...
Cipher System
24 Hours Left, Central Tunnel 8, Complete, Cyanide Shot Injection (C.S.I), In Perfection, Life Surrounds, Outro - Slow Chemical (Controle H), Receive, Retrieve...
Destroy She Said
Circa Survive
Act Appalled, Always Getting What You Want, Carry Us Away, Close Your Eyes To See, Handshakes At Sunrise, Holding Someone's Hair Back, I've Been Dying To Reach ...
Circle II Circle
A Matter Of Time, A Sea Of White, All That Remains, Burden Of Truth, Cynical Ride, Evermore, F.O.S., Face To Face, Faces In The Dark, Fields Of Sorrow, Forgiven...
Circle Jerks
15 Minutes, 22, 86'd (Good as Gone), All Wound up, American Heavy Metal Weekend, American Way, Another Broken Heart For Snake, Anxious Boy, Back Against The Wal...
Circle Of Dead Children
A Family Tree To Hang From, A Wooden Heart Never Bleeds, Alkaline, Alkeline, Barbarians And Henchmen, Beethoven's Children, Bring Her A Mushroom Cloud Pt. 01, B...
Circle Of Grief
A Final Farewell, Fading Away, Forgotten Fairyland, Into The Battle, Just Another Chance, My Bleeding Heart, Nacht Der Sældner, Sword Of Wisdom, The Tale Of Th...
Circle Of Stars
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Circle Takes The Square
A Crater To Cough In, Comes With The Fall, Crowquill, Disclaimer To The Self, Eleven Owls Have Eyes, Houdini Logic, In The Nervous Light Of Sunday, Interview At...
Love Unfailing, My Reward, Noah, Possession, Sun Of My Soul, Uncommon Days, Up To The Sky, Walking On The Waves, Weather Boy
Circus Lupus
Circus Maximus
Alive, Biosfear, Glory Of The Empire, Haunted Dreams, Silence From Angels Above, Sin, The 1st Chapter, The Prophecy, Why Am I Here
Cirith Gorgor
Darkness Returns, Ephel Duath (A Warrior's Tale), Sons Of The New Dawn, The Declaration Of Our Neverending War, Through Burning Wastelands, Wandering Cirith Gor...
Cirith Ungol
100 Miles Per Hour, Blood And Iron, Chaos Descends, Doomed Planet, Nadsokor, One Foot In Hell, The Fire, War Eternal, A Little Fire, Atom Smasher, Before The La...
Ciro Rigione
Tв Innamorerai
Cirque Du Soleil
A Tale, Aborigenes Jam, Alegría, Alegria, Another Man, Atmadja, Ballare, Barock, Bello Amore, Carrousel, Child In His Eyes, Do It Again, El Péndulo, Emballa, En...
A Volte, Come Se Il Mondo, Diamanti E Carbone, Eroi, Supereroi, Il Prigioniero, La Lunga Notte, Latinoamericana, Questo E' Il Momento, Sisters Of Mercy, Terra ...
Citizen Cope
107 Degrees, 200, 000 (In Counterfeit 50 Dollar Bills), All Dressed Up, Appetite (For Lightin' Dynamite), Back Together, Brother Lee, Bullet and a Target, Comin...
Citizen Fish
Bag Lady, Circular Vision, Dividing Lines, First Impressions, Flinch, Invisible People, Media Men, Mind Bomb, Naked, Small Talk, Social Insecurity, T.v. Dinner,...
Citizen King
Basement Show, Billhilly, Checkout Line, Closed For The Weekend, Jalopy Style, Long Walk Home, Safety Pin, Skeleton Key, Smokescreen, Under The Influence, Bette...
City and Colour
...Off By Heart, Casey's Song, Comin' Home, Day Old Hate, Happiness by the Kilowatt, Hello, I'm In Delaware, In The Water, I Am Beautiful, Like Knives, Love D...
City High
This Is What I Call Life, 15 Will Get You 20, 3-Way, Best Friend, Best Friends, Caramel, Caramel (Remix), Cats And Dogs, City High Anthem, Didn't Ya, Sista, So ...
City High Ft. Eve
Caramel (remix), Caramel
City Of Caterpillar
A Heart Filled Reaction To Dissatisfaction, A Little Change Could Go A Long Ways, And You're Wondering How A Top Floor Could Replace, Fucking Hero, Maybe They'l...
City Sleeps
Andrea, Be A Man, Bones, Hotel, I Can't Make You Love Me, Just Another Day, Not An Angel, Ordinary High, Prototype, Sleep With Me, Walker's Ridge
City To City
The Road Ahead
What Would You Do If
All Twisted, All Twisted, Cant Wait One, Cant Wait One, Choices Made, Set Your Goals, So Far so Good, So Far So Good So What
Cj Bolland
Sugar Is Sweeter
Dixie, Kommer Inte Tillbaka, Marchen Kommer Att Fortgе
96 Quite Bitter Beings, Attached At The Hip, Chinese Freestyle, Close Yet Far, Destination Undefined, Destroy, Disengage The Simulator, Drunken Freestyle, Escap...
Cky (Camp Kill Yourself)
Brandons Freestyle, 96 Quite Bitter Things, Disengage The Simulator, Flesh Into Gear, Inhuman Creation Station, Knee Deep, Planetary, Promiscuous Daughter, Sant...
Claire Pereira
The Whip
Claire Toomey
Already Gone, Found, Harder, I Can't Stay Here, Moving Target, Off The Face Of The Earth, One Last Look, World Without Windows
Claire Voyant
Abyss, Aqua, Bittersweet, Blinking Tears, Close To Me, Elysium, Eventide, Everafter, He Is Here, Heaven Knows, Her, Instinct, Land And Sea, Lolite, Love Is Blin...
Clam Chowder
Run Com See Jerusalem
Clan Of Xymox
7th Time, A Day, A Million Things, Blind Hearts, Clementina, Craving, Cry in The Wind, Equal Ways, Evelyn, In The City, No Human Can Drown, No Words, Obsession,...
Clan Zero
Avrei Dovuto, Cammello & Cruna, Dimmi Com'è, Senza Soldi, Shhh (Tutto Finisce), Ti Brucio
Clancy Brothers
Biddy Mulligan, The Pride of The Coombe, Black Cavalry, Bold Robert Emmet, Boulavogue, Calton Weaver, Coortin' in The Kitchen, Cruiskeen Lawn, Dear Boss, Easy ...
Clandestine Blaze
Aikakausi On Lyhyt, Anti-Christian Warfare, Chambers, Children Of God, Clandestine Blaze, Cross Of Black Steel, Doll Of Darkness, Fist Of The Northern Destroyer...
Gathering Mushrooms, Live And Learn, many Roads, Sirius, Skelling, Something To Believe, Stepping Stone, The last Rose Of Summer, Turning Tide, White Fool, A Br...
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Arm And Hammer, Clap Your Hands!, Details Of The War, Emily Jean Stock, Five Easy Pieces, Gimme Some Salt, Goodbye To Mother And The Cove, Heavy Metal, In This ...
Clare Bowditch And The Feeding Set
Divorcee by 23, I Thought You Were God, Just Might Do, Lips Like Oranges, Little Self Centred Queen, On This Side, Starry Picking Night, Strange Questions, The ...
Clarence Henry
Ain’t Got no Home
Attache-Moi, Avec Luc, Beau Comme Garcon, De Quoi C'est Fait, J't'aimais Mieux, Je Mens, Je Veux C, Joker, L'ocan Des Possibles, La Bimbo, La Vnus En Caoutchouc...
Clarissa & The Straightjackets
Dandilion, I Want A Car, O-Brother, P. E. A. C. E., This Is What "NA-NA" Means, Walkin' In The Cementery, Washing For Rain, I Want a Car, P. e. a. c. e.
Clark Gene
All i Want, Almost Saturday Night, Because Of You, Blue Raven, Crazy Ladies, Day For Night, Dont It Make You Want To Go Home, Elevator Operator, Elevator Operat...
Clark Gilby
Blue Grass Mosquito, Captain Chaos, Hang on to Yourself, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Higher, It's Good Enough For Rock And Roll, Kilroy Was Here, Mercedes Benz, Mi...
Clark Guy
Desperados Waiting For a Train, Homegrown Tomatoes, La Freeway, Let Him Roll, The Cape, A Nickel For The Fiddler, Ain't No Trouble To Me, All Through Throwin' G...
Clark Petura
Colour my World, Don't Sleep in The Subway, Dont Sleep in The Subway, Down Town, Downtown, Downtown, Happy Heart, I Know a Place, Monsieur, My Love, Round Every...
Clasic Country
Abilene (George Hamilton Iv), Battle Of New Orleans (Johnny Horton), Bye Bye Love (The Everly Brothers), Cattle Call (Eddy Arnold), Crazy (Patsy Cline), Crazy A...
Altcineva, Aproape De Tine, Danseaza In Noapte, E Vara, E Pro Fm, Inca Odata, Intr-O Zi, Intrebari, Luna Mi-A Zambit, M-Ai Mintit, Na, Na, Na, Nu Mai Esti, O...
Classe 1900
Adesso Muoviti, Battiti
Classic Case
Buildings, Down And Out, Fun Like War, Goner, Guilty Pleasure, Hospitalized, Human Error, Into A Nightmare, Losing At Life, Modus Operandi, One One Three Four, ...
Classic Iv
Spooky, Stormy, Traces of Love
Bach - Minuette, Bach - Ode To Joy, Bach - Sonata 2, Bach - Violin Things To Guitar, Beethoven - 5th Symphony, Beethoven - Ode To Joy, Classical Gas, Earnest Go...
Yellow Sun Of Eqador
Classics Four
Everyday Day With You Girl, Everyday With You Girl, Spooky, Stormy, Stormy, Traces, Twenty Four Hours of Loneliness
5th Element, Addicted, All About U, Average Mc, Beatin It, Cazual Drinking, F.A.D.S, Fall From Paradise, Feelin Fine (Remix), Feeling Fine, Find Out, Freezin In...
Classix Nouveaux
Guilty, 623, Every Home Should Have One, Foreward, Inside Outside, Nasty Little Green Men, No Sympathy, no Violins, Or a Movie, Run Away, Soldier, The Protecto...
Claude François
Comme D'habitude (My Way), Si J'avais Un Marteau, Alexandrie, Alexandra, Avec La Tête Avec Le Coeur, Belinda (Miss Belinda), Belles Belles Belles, Bordeaux Ros...
Claude King
All For The Love Of A Girl, Almost Persuaded, Ancient History, Battle Of New Orleans, Beertops And Teardrops, Big Ole Shoulder, Big River Big Man, Catch A Littl...
Claude Valade
Au Bout Du Monde, C'est Beau La Vie, C'est L'amour, Ce Monde, Comme Tu Es Grand, Danke SchÖn, Est-ce Si Facile De M'oublier, Et Si C'Était Vrai, Garde-moi Ton A...
Claudia Church
Home In My Heart (North Carolina), I Don't Fall In Love So Easy, It's All Your Fault, Just As Long As You Love Me, Lost In A Feeling, Small Town Girl, The Stree...
Claudia Jung & Richard Clayderman
Je T'aime Mon Amour
Claudia Mori
Mon Succedera Piu
Claudie Jung
Wo die Freiheit beginnt, Amore Amore, Fang mich auf, Komm und tanz, Machmal, Auch Wenn es Nicht Vernьnftig Ist, Das Dunkel Der Nacht, Du Ich Lieb Dich, Fьr Imme...
Claudio Baglioni
Noino, Stradafa, Tucome, Fammi Andar Via, Fotografie, ...Ed Aspettare, 21x, Faccia Pulita, Fine/Tra Le Ultime Parole D'Addio/E Quando Va La M, Io Ti Prendo Come...
Claudio Cecchetto
Gioca Jouer
Claudio Fuchs
Claudio Jorge
Amor De Fato, Coco Sacudido, Coisa De Chefe, E O Vento Levou, Estrela Cadente, Novos Tempos, O Que Carnaval, O Samba Melhor Do Brasil, Panela Na Pia, Princpio ...
Claudio Lolli
Ho Visto Anche Degli Zingari Felici, Vorrei Farti Vedere La Mia Vita
Claudio Villa
Buonanotte Cosenza, Granada, Mamma, Perdonami
catch Me, Crazy, Don't Get me Wrong, I can see them coming, I Don't Care, I Need You, I'm your life & religion, Nigger, Paste My Time, Rosegrove, Sad to see you...
Clay Aiken
Bridge Over Troubled Water, I Survived You, I Will Carry You, Invisible, Just You, Measure Of A Man, No More Sad Songs, Perfect Day, Run To Me, Shine, Tears Run...
Clay Davidson
Unconditional, Come Rain or Shine, Doghouse Rights, I Can't Lie to Me, Makin' Hay, My Best Friend and Me, One More Day, Plain Ol' Pain, Sometimes, What Was I Th...
Clay Walker
Boogie Till The Cows Come Home, Bury The Shovel, Cold Hearted, Could I Ask You Not To Dance, Country Boy and City Girl, Cowboyґs Toughest Ride, Down By The Rive...
Clayton Bob
Folksong Gig From Hell, A Song For Folk-legacy, Summer Man, We Don't Want to go
Download It, A Guy Like You, Butterflies And Rainbows, Crush, First Love, Identity Crisis, One More Try, Pretty Little Bad Girl, Sprung, Stuck in The Middle, Th...
The other me, Yoly
Clear Convictions
Arrepientete, Braveheart, Clear Convictions, Crisis Within, Highest Enemy, New Breath, The Bet, Tough Guy, War Genesis, Warning, Words
Cledus T. Judd
(She's Got A Butt) Bigger Than The Beatles, 1-900-Sheila, 270 Somethin', A Night I Can't Remember, All I Want For Christmas Is Two Gold Front Teef, Bake Me A Co...
Clegg Johnny
Are You Ready?, Asimbonanga (mandela), Berlin Wall, Don't Walk Away, Emotional Allegiance (stand by Me), Foreign Nights (working Dog in Babylon), Giyani, Great ...
La Vie Comme Elle Vient, On A Tous Besoin D'Amour, Sans Defense, Un Seul Mot D'Amour
Apostasy, Black Winds Of Death, Cruel Torment Of Soul, Funeral Of The Evil Forces, Innocent Death, Intrauterine Murder