Cheap Sex
Backstabber, Boy In A Bubble, Child Molester, Consume And Consume, Dead Today, Death Is The Law, Desperation, Dick Cheney, Excuses, Eyes See All, False Pride, F...
Cheap Trick
3-D, Ain't That A Shame(Live), All We Need Is A Dream, All Wound Up, Are You Lonely Tonight, Auf Wiedersehen, Baby Loves To Rock, Back 'N Blue, Big Eyes, Border...
Cheap Trick (written by Rick Nielsen)
I Want You to Want me
Cheb Khaled
Aicha, Ya Rayah
Checco Zalone
A Me Mi Piace Quella Cosa, Checco Rap, Grazie Al Cazzo, I Cinesi, I Juventini, Io Faccio Il Cantande, La Clobalizzazzione, La Ginnastica, La Mia Prima Fidanzata...
Checker Chubby
The Twist, (At The) Discotheque, (Dance The) Mess Around, Birdland, Cu Ma La Be Stay, Dancin' Party, Do The Freddie, Everythings Gonna Be All Right, Everythings...
Checks, The
What You Heard
Cheeky Girls
Celebration, Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum), Espanola Dream, Follow My Star, Get Over It, Get The Party On, Hooray, Hooray (It's A Cheeky Holiday), Lady In Red-Ful...
Bring It On
Cheese Wallop
The Ballad Of 'Brain Knight'
Chocolate Salty Balls
Chef (From South Park)
Bitch Song, Mountain Town, Shut Ur Fucking Face Uncle Fucker, South Park The, Blame Canada, Brad Logan, Bubblegoose, Carol Of The Bells, Chocolate Salty Balls, ...
Can't Let It Go, Cha Cha, Cha Cha (Spanglish), Slow Motion, U Got Me, Un Corazon, Voodoo, Yummy, Yummy (Remix)
Aproape De Perfectiune, Cronica Unei Senilitati Premature, Exorcistu-N Izmene, Fabricant De Gunoi, Fara Pic De Regie Feat. Ombladon And Fdd, Inutilitati, Manife...
Let The Beat Hold
Chely Wright
10 LB. Heart, Alligator Purse, Before You Lie, Day One, Deep Down Low, Emma Jean's Guitar, For The Long Run, Go On And Go, Gotta Get Good At Givin' Again, He Do...
Atrйvete, Chenoa, Chicas Solas, Cuando Tu Vas, Desnuda Frente A Ti, El Alma En Pie (A Duo Con David Bisbal), El Centro De Mi Amor, El Tiempo Que Me Das, Love St...
(This Is) A Song For The Lonely, A Different Kind Of Love Song, A world without heroes, After all, After All (with Peter Cetera), Again, Alfie, Alive Again, All...
Cher and Peter Cetera
After All
Cher Lloyd
Want U Back
Cher Lloyd feat. Astro
Want U Back
Cher Lloyd feat. Mike Posner
With Ur Love
Cheri Dennis
Caught Up, Freak, I Love You (Remix), Oh La La, Ooh La La, Showdown, So Complete (Remix)
Chevy, Chick Like Me, Do It To It, Do It To It (Remix), Fool 4 You, He Said, She Said, Keep It Fresh, Miss P, Moment In Time, Oooh, Show And Tell, Stop Calling...
Cherry Bombs
Heart Of A Jealous Man, It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night, Let It Roll, Let It Ride, Making Memories Of Us, Sweet Little Lisa, Wait A Minute
Cherry Monroe
At The Stars, Bandages, Can't Explain, Crazy Love, Crazylove, Down, Gone, If You Go, Painkillers, Satellites
Cherry Poppin' daddies
Answering Machine, Bobby Kennedy, Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut, Chyrsalis, Come Back To Me, Cosa Nostra, Dave's Pie Shoppe, Diabolic Tastemaker, Dirty Mutha Fuzz,...
Cherry Stone
Big Winter Cold, Building Something, Clone, Dway’s Song, Final Round, Funny How_, Here Comes The Rain, Insane In The Brain, Movin’, Natural Rebel, Outro (Stoned...
Cherubini Lorenzo
Call My Name, Under The Sun
Cheryl Cole
Fight For This Love, Parachute, Fireflies, Promise This, The Flood, Call My Name, Under The Sun
Cheryl Cole feat. Calvin Harris
Call My Name
Cheryl Cole feat. Will I Am
3 Words
Cheryl Cole feat. Will.i.am
3 Words
Cheryl Lynn
Daybreak (Storybook Children), Got To Be Real
Cheryl Riley
Thanks For my Child  
Cheryl Wheeler
75 Septembers, Aces, Act of Nature, Addicted, Alice, All the Live Long Day, Almost, Arrow, Beyond The Lights, Christine Lavin Could Do It, Don't Wanna, Gandhi.....
Chesney Hawkes
The one and only
Chesnutt Mark
I Just Wanted You to Know, I Just Wanted You To Know, Ill Think of Something, It Sure is Monday, It Sure Is Monday, King of Broken Hearts, King Of Broken Hearts...
Anatolij Och Molokov, Anthem, Argument, Embassy Lament, Endgame, Ett MÖTe PÅ En Bro, Florence LÄMnar Freddie, Florence Quits, GlÖM Mig Om Du Kan, Heaven Help my...
Happy Being Me, Keep The Train, No More To See, Song For You, They Just Run, You
Chester Bennington
An Evening With El Diablo, Anticipation, Blank Earth, Closure, Comfortable Liar, Don't Fake This, Dos, Family System, Forfeit, Grab Thy Hand, Long, Mia, One Lon...
Breaking Your Heart, Didn't I, Everything To Lose, Four Walls, Full Circle, Good Go Bad, Hanging On, Hello Goodbye, I Want To, Mr. Beautiful, One Original Thing...
Cheyenne Kimball
Everything To Lose, Four Walls, Full Circle, Good Go Bad, Hanging On, Hello Goodbye, Mr. Beautiful, One Original Thing, The Day Has Come, Wonderful
Age Ain't Nothin' But A #, Chi-Ali Vs. Vanilla Shake, Chi-ali Vs. Vanilli Shake, Funky Lemonade, Funky Lemonade (Remix), Let The Horns Blow, Looped It, Roadrunn...
The one that I love (Eurovisions Songcontest 1998)
Chiave di Volta
Dietro Le Mura, Il Viaggio, Involuzioni Rapide, Oniricamente, Ritratto Libero
Dance, Le Freak
25 or 6 to 4, A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast, A Hit By Varese, A Song For Richard And His Friends, Ain't It Blue?, Ain't It Time, Aire, Alive Again, Al...
Chicago Gay Men's Chorus
Follow Your Heart, Let Me Be Your Wings, Let Me Be Your Wings (Reprise), On The Road (Reprise), Out Of The Blue, Thumbelina, Yer Beautiful Baby
Come Back
Chicane Ft. Brian Adams
Don't Give Up
Chick Webb
Stompin’ at The Savoy
Chicks On Speed
99 Cents, Class War, Coventry, Culture Vulture, Euro-Trash Girl, Fashion Rules, Glamour Girl, Kaltes, Klares Wasser, Last Night They Landed, Love Life, Mind Yo...
It's Chico Time
Chico Debarge
Give You What You Want, Give You What You Want (Remix), Listen To Your Man, Love Still Good, No Guarantee, Not 2 Gether, Playa Hater, Smile, Superman, When Can ...
A Habit Of Rest Brings Nothing, A Promise, An Argument, Chicosci Vampire Social Club, Colonized, Dim, Gift Of Tongues, Glass Is Broken, In Arms, In Response A S...
...Where The Rain Is Borning, Get Loved, Love In A Mist, Misery's Child, Sear Me, State Of Gothique
...Where the Rain is Borning, Love in a mist, Misery's child
Children Of Bodom
Bed of razors, Children of bodom, Downfall, Towards dead end, Warheart, Aces High, Aces High, Angels Don't Kill, Angels Dont Kill, Are You Dead Yet_, Bastards O...
Children Of Eden
Children of Eden Reprise (dove Song), In Whatever Time we Have, Stranger to The Rain
Chill Rob G
Bad Dreams, Court Is Now In Session, Future Shock, Let The Words Flow, Dope Rhymes, Let Me Show You, Make It, Motivation, Ride The Rhythm, Wild Pitch (Kday Remi...
Friday On My Mind, Johnny Loves Jenny, We Are The Pop Kings
Abeo, Abeo, Army Of Me, Army Of Me, Balls To The Wall, Balls To The Wall, Baptizing The Dead, Black Heart, Bloodlust, Cleansation, Cleansation, Comatose, Crawl,...
Chimene Badi
Comme Un Appel, Comme Une Ombre, Dis-moi Que Tu M'aimes, En Attendant, Entre Nous, Give Me One Reason, J'ai Tout Oublié, J'aurais Préféré, Jalousie, Je N'attend...
Chimera Twilight
A Safe Bet, Air For Ivory, Choke, Lost At Sea, Symphony As A Portriat, The Phantom, Trace, Try To Change Whats In The Mirror, View By Flight, White Lights
China Crisis
African and white, Are we a worker, Arizona Sky, Christian, Feel to be driven away, No more blue horizons (fool fool fool), Red sails, Seven sports for all, Som...
China Drum
60 Seconds, All I Wanna Be, Another Toy, Better Than Me, Biscuit Barrel F.M.R, Bothered, Can't Stop These Things, Cloud 9, Control, Down By The River, Fall into...
A Dance With The Devil, Battle Of The World, Crack In The Mirror, Demons We Call, Entire World, Father Forgive Me, Headless Fools, Heaven Or Hell, Heavy Metal, ...
Chinen Rina
Baby Love, Break Out Emotion, Club Zipangu, Do do For me, God Bless The World, In Your Eyes, Precious Delicious, Pride And Joy, Wing, Yes
Bagg Up, Chingy Jackpot, Gettin' It, He's Herre, Holidae In, Juice, Madd @ Me, One Call Away, Represent, Right Thurr, Right Thurr (Remix), Sample Dat Ass, Wurrs...
Chino Xl
Deliver, Feelin' Evil, Freestyle Rhymes, Ghetto Vampire, Here To Save You All, It's All Bad, Jesus, Kreep, Many Different Ways, Never, No Complex, Partner To Sw...
All Nereids Beware, Baby, You Wouldn'T Last A Minute On The Creek, Expired In Goreville, Interlude Pt. 1, No Hardcore Dancing In The Living Room, One Day Women...
Chip Taylor
Angel of The Morning
Chipmunk feat. Chris Brown
Chipmunk feat. Talay Riley
Look For Me
Carnival, Who You Gonna Call
24 Horas, A Bailar, Abre, Entra, Adiós Mamá, Adolescente, Album De La Vida, Alebrije, Amigas, Amigo Mio, Amor Chiquito, Angel cocinero, Ay Amor, Ay Tok!, Campa...
Chirstina Aguilera
Your Body
Chirstophe Mae
Dingue, Dingue, Dingue
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Doll On A Music Box, Truly Scrumptious
(I Feel Like) Gerry Cheevers (Stitch Marks On My H, 20 Times, 2000 Flushes, 323, Angriest Young Men (We're The), Aromatherapy, Born In Toulouse, Brunette Summer...
Chloe White
Chain Around Your Heart, Chain Around Your Heart Reprise, I Want You Tonight, Leave You, Sadie, That Kinda Love
Bare Witness, Flagrant, Fresh, Let's Ride, Rubbin', Situation 9, Suave Dirt Dogs, Twenty One Years, What It Takes, What It Takes (Ill B. Style), Young Gunz, All...
Choclair, Marvel, Solitair
Chocolate Puma
Always And Forever, I Wanna Be U
Chocolate Watch Band
Misty Lane, She Weaves a Tender Trap
Its Cold Outside
Bent On Profit, Blackmarker, Concrete Timeline, Doin' Fine, Drain, Every Word, Fallout Leader, Far From True, Filter, Forget To Learn, Fourteen Days, Framed In ...
Choke N Gag
Time to Die
Choking Victim
500 Channels, Apple Pie And Police State, Born To Die, Choking Victim, Crack Rock Steady, Death Song, Five-Finger Discount, Fuck America, Fucked Reality, Hate Y...
Chop Chop Band
Ci Sei O No!_, Credo Nella Musica, Frena, Grande Carica, Guardo Davanti, L'isola Che C'e', Mr. Sorriso, Murgia In Dub-bio, Nella Musica, Se Il Mondo Gira, Sotto...
Chop Suey
System Of A Down
Chopin Frederic
Nocturne In Cm No 21, Nocturne in fm, Nocturne In Fm, Prleude, Prleude, Valse, Valse, Valse In Em
Bonus Track #1, Bonus Track #2, Choppa Style, Dirty Dirty, Gettin' Money, Hatin', I'mma Be Here, Lil' Daddy, Lookin' Good
Choristes, Les
Les Avions En Papier, Vois Sur Ton Chemin ( Con 2da Voz - With 2nd Voice, Action Réaction, Caresse Sur L'Océan, Cerf-Volant, Compère Guilleri, In Memoriam, La N...
Chorus Line
Chorus of ruin
Dreaming of Indigo, Dreaming Of Indigo (A Blood Red Vision), Ocean of Sins
Chou Jay
Do Nio, Gui Ji, Kai Bu Liao Ku, Qing Tian