Carina Round
Body Shaped Bruise, Come Pick Me Up, Damn Your Eyes, Four To The Floor, Hookah, How I See It, Idiot Dance, Into My Blood, Lacuna, Let It Fall, Lightbulb Song, M...
Carine Haddadou
C'est Toi Que Je Cherchais, Ce Mec Ne Lâche Pas L'affaire
Carl Belew
All Because Of You, All I Need Is You, Am I That Easy To Forget, Another Lonely Night, Before I Go To Bed, Big City Girls, Do I Have To, Don't Let That Happen T...
Carl Cox
Biographie, Sven Vг„th (Loveparade '99)
Carl Douglas
Dance the Kung Fu, Kung Fu Fighting, Kung fu Fighting
Carl Orff
Amor Volat Undique (boys), Ave Formosissima (chorus), Chramer, Gip Die Varwe Mir (small Chorus), Chume, Chum, Geselle Min (small Chorus), Cignus Ustus Cantat...
Carl Perkins
Blue Suede Shoes, Boppin' The Blues, Everyboy's Trying To Be My Baby, Glad All Over, Honey Don't, Let That Jukebox Keep On Playin', Matchbox, Movie Magg, Tennes...
Carl Sigman
Arrivederci, Roma
Carl Smith
(Margie's At The) Lincoln Park Inn, An Hour And A Six-Pack, At The Sight Of You, Ballad Of Forty Dollars, Country Bumpkin, Darling You Know I Wouldn't Lie, Doub...
Carl Thomas
Anything [Interlude], Cadillac Rap Interlude, Cold Cold World, Come To Me, Emotional, Emotional (Remix), Giving You All My Love, Hey Now, I Wish, Intro, Lady La...
Carl Thomas F and Faith Evans
Carl Wilson
Bright Lights, Givin' You Up, Grammy, Heaven, Hold Me, Hurry Love, If I Could Talk To Love, Of The Times, One More Night Alone, Right Lane, Rockin' All Over the...
Carla Bruni
Afternoon, At Last The Secret Is Out, Ballade At Thirty Five, Chanson Triste, J'en Connais, L'amour, L'excessive, La Dernière Minute, La Noyée, Lady Weeping At ...
Carle Frankie
Rumors Are Flying
Carlene Carter
All Night Long, Appalachian Eyes, Baby Ride Easy (Duet With Dave Edmunds), Bandit Of Love, Change, Come Here You, Come On Back, Cool Reaction, Do It In A Heartb...
Carlin George
Hair Poem
Carlinhos Brown
Maria Caipirinha (Samba Da Bahia)
Carlo Buti
Faccetta Nera, Luna Marinara, Reginella Campagnola
Carlo Fava
Certo Che Non Sai (Instrumental), Cofani E Portiere, Il Tuffatore, Il Verzeni, L'Italia Non Legge, L'uomo Flessibile, La Malavita Non è Più, La Palude, Lettera ...
Carlos Baute
Amar A Dos, Angelito, Ay ! Como Quisiera, Chiki-chiki, Dame De Eso, Dentro Y Fuera, Devorándote, Esperandote, Guayana, Hasta El Infinito, Hay Una Cosa, He Sido ...
Carlos Cano
María La Portuguesa
Carlos Gardel
A Media Luz, Adiуs Muchachos, Al Mundo Le Falta Un Tornillo, Amores De Estudiantes, Anclao En Parнs, Arrabal Amargo, Bandoneon Arrabalero, Calavera Viejo, Camin...
Carlos Jean
El Viejo Que Maneja, Have A Nice Day, Tiempo
Carlos Mencia
Carlos Smoov, Dee Dee Dee Song
Angeli E Fragole, Baciami Adesso, Caresse Toi, Caresse Toi (Adaptation Française), Frena, Gelosia (Se Dovessi Strangolarla Allora Legami), Gira Girasole, L'Hai ...
Carlton Larry
Dont Give it up
Carly Goodwin
Baby Come Back Home
Carly Rae Jepsen
Call Me Maybe, This Kiss
Carly Rae Jepsen & Justin Bieber
Carly Rae Jepsen And Justin Bieber
Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Justin Bieber
Carly Simon
(We Have) NO SECRETS, After The Storm, All I Want Is You, Alone, Another Door, Anticipation, Anyone But Me, Are You Ticklish, As Time Goes By, Attitude Dancing,...
Carly Simon & James Taylor
Alle meine Entchen, Habanera, Lean Like A Chola, Time To Move
Carmen Consoli
Amado Mio, Amado Senor, Amore Di Plastica, Anello Mancante, Autunno Dolciastro, Bambina Impertinente, Besame Giuda, Blunotte, Bonsai, Bonsai 2, Carmen, Confusa ...
Carmen Rasmusen
Be With You, Crazy In Love, How Do I Live, I've Just Seen A Face, Photograph, The One After 909
Carmen Serban
Casatoria E O Fortareata, Cu El, Cu El, Numai Cu El, De La 1 La 69, Esti Picatura De Apa In Desertul Meu, Frati Si Dusmani, Inelul Meu, Luca Luca, M-Ai Gasit ...
Carmen Twillie
The Lion King Movie - Circle Of Life
Das Fabrik, Larbusto Sul Cemento, Lilith, More Pleasure, Resume
Boy Bands, Drinking Drugs And Carnagie (Skit), Just Like Me, News Report (Skit), No Way, Say About Me, Split Personality, The Beginning, Watch Out, Why I Hate P...
Carnal Forge
A Higher Level Of Pain, A Revel In Violence, A World All Soaked In Blood, Baptized In Fire, Becoming Dust, Born To Hate, Breaking Boundaries, Burn Them Alive, B...
Carnal Grief
The Hate That Dwells Within
Desafío, El Cristal, El Joven Y El Diablo, El Lamento Del Vampiro, El Ocaso De Los Sueños, Fénix, La Huida De Angora, Lascia Ch´io Pianga, Magdalena, Marcha Nu...
Carnival In Coal
1308.JP.08, A Swedish Winter Tale, Baker Street, Bark At The Moon, Cadillac, Cartilage Holocaust, D.O.A. (Drunk Once Again), Daaahhhh, Delivery Day, Don't Be Ha...
Carnivore, Predator, Dead, Angry Neurotic Catholics, God is Dead, Ground Zero Brooklyn, Inner Conflict, Inner Connflict, Jack Daniel's And Pizza, ...
(We are) Atomic, 14 maj, 60-talsmedley, All the reasons to live, Amazing grace, Amore, Back to the fort, Believe, Benjamin, Best shot, Bjдllerklang, Boys and gi...
Carole Bayer Sager
Aces, Come In From The Rain, Don't Wish Too Hard, Home To Myself, I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love, It's The Falling In Love, Shy As A Violet, Sometimes Late ...
Carole King
Jazzman, Tapestry, You've Got A Friend, (Love Is Like A) Boomerang, (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman, A Fine Way To Go, A Night This Side Of Dying, A Qui...
Carolina Marquez
Discomani, Mas Musica, Ritmo, Sexo Sexo, Super Dj
Caroline Loeb
A Quoi Tu Penses?, C'Est La Ouate
Caroline's Spine
Mrs. sullivan, 61, Again And Again, As I Am, Attention Please, Attention Please, Deep In Your Wake, Dirty Work, Drift Away, Forget, Good Afternoon, Happy Withou...
Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Complicated, All You Need To Know, Crybaby, Die Of A Broken Heart, Dissillusioned Heart, Dress Rehearsal, Everybodys Favourite, Georgia, God Doesn't Make Mistak...
Don't Have My Back, Holding Hands Is For Girls, If Looks Could Kill, Kiss The Rings, Snareroll, Tommy Dollars Likes My Band
Carpathian forest
A forest, Black shining leather, Death triumphant, In silence i observe, Lunar nights, Pierced genitalia, Sadomasochistic, The northern hemisphere, The swordsme...
Carpe tenebrum
Blood dance, Drain the labyrinth, Perpetual dancer, Requiem spell, Temptress luna, And Forever, Ludus, Mirrored In Scarry Skies, The Abyss's Mystic Haze, The Pa...
Carpenter Mary-Chapin
A Keeper For Every Flame, A Keeper For Every Flame, A Lot Like me, A Road is Just a Road, A Road Is Just A Road, Come on Come on, Down at The Twist And Shout, D...
Carradine Keith
I'm Easy
Carrie Underwood
Jesus Take The Wheel, Angels Brought Me Here, Before He Cheats, Don't Forget To Remember Me, I Ain't In Checotah Anymore, I Just Can't Live A Lie, I'll Stand By...
Carrier Flux
Above The Crippled Earth, Alone In Waste, Am I One Am I, False Projection, Ghost In The Machine, Lustmord, Martyrs, Rebirth, The Enemy Within
Carryl Charles
A Capital Ship
A, Burn This City, If I Fail, Matter of Time, Q, Save Us, Settle Down, Fiend (Alt. Version), Georgia, Get Away, Hey, Don't Stop, Honestly, I Were To Write This...
Carter Clearance
Carter Family
Wildwood Flower, Will The Circle be Unbroken
Carter Leslie
I Need To Hear It, Like Wow!, Shy Guy, They Don't Know
Carter Sydney
Lord of The Dance
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
1993, 2 Million Years B.c., A Bachelor For Baden Powell, A Perfect Day to Drop The Bomb, A Prince in a Pauper's Grave, An All American National Sport, Anytime, ...
Day Oh, In der großen Stadt, Day Oh, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Teletubbies, Witchdoctor
Cartwright/New Model Army
51st State
Carulli Ferdinando
Andantino, Prelude, Prelude in d Minor, Valse
Miracle, 7 Years And 50 Days, A Neverending Dream, Another You, Bad Boy, Big Bad Love, Can't Stop The Rain, Endless Summer, Everytime We Touch, Everytime We Tou...
Cascavelletes Os
A Moto, A Moto, A Ultima Virgem, A Ultima Virgem, Carro Roubado, Estou Amando Uma Mulher, Estou Amando Uma Mulher, Jessica Rose, Jessica Rose, Ugagogobabago, Ug...
Already Have, Another Minute, Call A Cab (Interlude), Can't Force Love, Caught You, Conversate, Crazy, Crooked Letter, Don't Be Afraid, Driving, Even Though, Fa...
Case f and Foxy Brown
Touch me Tease me
Casey Donovan
Better To Love, Flow, For You, How Could I Fall (For That), Listen With Your Heart, Something Beautiful, Symphony Of Life, Till I Found You, What's Going On, Yo...
Casey Jones
Grown Ass Man, Know This X, You Were Never A Fan Of the Dry Hump, 1 Out Of 3 Has A STD, Any Port In A Storm, Big Train, Raging Ice, Bite The Dust, C.G.L. 2K3, ...
Casey Rivers
The Hearts Don'T Lie
Cash Money Click
4 My Click (Street), Get Tha Fortune (street), Yelling Away
Cash Money Millionaires
Project Chick, Tha Hood (It's All Good), Undisputed
Cash Rosanne
Hold on, Seven Year Ache, Tennessee Flat Top Box, The Real me, The Wheel, Beautiful Pain, Closer Than I Appear, I'll Change For You, Last Stop Before Home, Thre...
Cashman Terry
Willie, Mickey And(talkin' Baseball)
Cashman Tom
Jkb, Just Leave it, Look Away, Yesterday Was Easier
Casino Drive
A Day in The Life of Peter Pan, The Weather Report
Casino Royale
Anno Zero, Cose Difficili, Guarda In Alto, Lunacezione, Ogni Singolo Giorno, Pronti Al Peggio, Sei In Fila, Sempre Più Vicino, Suona Ancora
Casket Garden
7th Scar, Across The Vast Oceans Of Time, Grief 100%, Human Corrosive Disease, I Witness, Immortality Inc., Non-Existent, Song Of Tears (Ashes), The Day When Si...
Caspi Matti
Makom Ledeaga, Ba-psanter, Ba-Psanter, Brit Olam, Brit Olam, Heene Heene, Heene Heene, I cu, Sof Hayom, Sof Hayom, When Got Said, When Got Said, Yeled Asur, You...
Cass Elliot
It's Getting Better, Make Your Own Kind of Music
Cassa Loco
Americam Dream, Bau-Bau, Caii, Ce Bine-Mi Pare Ca Ai Luat Teapa, Cenaclul Foc Si Para, Din Dragoste, E Randul Tau, Esti O Vagaboanta, Esti Piesa, Esti Senzatie,...
Cassandra Wilson
If Loving You Is Wrong, Love Is Blindness, Sankofa, Sleight Of Time, Time After Time, You Don't Know What Love Is, You Move Me
Get No Better, Hotel, Hotel (Remix), Make U Scream, 6 Minutes, A.M. To P.M., Around Tha World, B-Boy Stance, Bellybutton, Blood Pressure, C-Bonics, Can I Talk T...
Cassidy Shaun
Da Doo Ron Ron, Do You Believe In Magic, Heaven in Your Eyes, Hey Deanie, It's Like Heaven, Morning Girl, Teen Dream, That's Rock N' Roll
Me & U (Remix), About Time, Call U Out, Call U Out (Remix), Can't Do It Without You, Ditto, Don't Go To Slow, Hope You'Re Behaving (Interlude), In Love With The...
Cassie Miller
Carry On
Cassie Steele
A Sinners Prayer, Blue Bird, Broken (How Much For Happy), Crimson Tears, Drink Me Dry, Empty Eyes, Famous, Jaded, Love Cost, Not Yours Truly, Rock Your Bones
American Low, Boomerang, Governor, Ice Factory, Lolita, New Jerusalem, New Jerusalem Acoustic Demo, Platano, The Gin War, The Old Year, Tin Man's Throne
See Me Now, The Sound Of Violence, Toop Toop
Alright, Back of My Mind, Finetime, Four Walls, History, Mankind, Promised Land, Reflections, Sandstorm, Tell It Like It Is, Two of a Kind, Walkaway, Alright, F...
Cast Iron Hike
Let me Down
Cast Jose Feliciano Form Movie Molin Rouge
Le Tango De Roxanne