Cummings Burton
My Own Way Back
Cumshots (the)
Baptized In Broken Glass, Bitter Erection, Black Silence, I Drink Alone, Last Laugh, Like Pouring Salt On A Slug, Praying For Cancer, Punchdrunk On Death, Vomit...
Cunnie Williams
Are You My Friend, Come Back To Me, Crazy Little Girl, Deja Blue, For The Children, Gangster Of Love, Go When He Calls Me, In The Ghetto, Just Doing My Thing, L...
Cuong Nguyen
Generic Plush
Cupido Motel
25, Angolo Su Angolo, Cattivi, Come Fare Da SÉ, Fammi La Rivoluzione, Fammi Sognare, Il Trono, Immobile, Istintoamore, Lontana E Sicura, Molecola, Ruggine, Sceg...
A Real Change, All Things Possible, Beautiful, Dependence Day, London Fire, OIC, Rain To Snow, Six, To Whom It May Concern, Waste Of Time, Your Song
Curd Juergens
60 Jahre Und Kein Bißchen Weise
Curiosity Killed The Cat
Curious Fools
Love {is Believing}
Curl Up And Die
100 M.P.H. Vomit Dedicated To Jon, Absolute Denial Of The Ultimate Nullifier, An Uncorfortable Routine, And Then The Robots Killed, Antidepressants Are Depressi...
Beautiful Lies
All Pretty Horses
Current 93
I - A Voice From Catland, Ii - Steven And I In The Field Of Stars, Iii - The Teeth Of The Winds Of The Sea, Ix - All The World Makes Great Blood, V - Into The B...
Curry Mark
All Over me, Gone Swimming, Sorry About The Weather
Alles Wird Besser, Apfel (Featuring Germany & Italo Reno), Curse Ist Zurück, Das Versteh Ich Nicht, Dreht Ab, Gangsta Rap, Gleichgewicht (Featuring Stress & Tra...
Clocked In Punched Out, Head Of The Baptist, Hell Comes Home, Model Home Invasion, Old Money, R.I.P., Reparations, The Void, Two
A Career In Transcendence, A Disruption In Our Lines Of Influence, A Disruption In The Normal Swing Of Things, A Distruption In The Normal Swing Of Things, A Ge...
Curt Smith
Aeroplane, Beautiful To Me, Calling Out, Come The Revolution, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Gone Again, I Don't Want To Be Around, I Will Be There, Jasmine...
Curtis Catie
Crocodile Tears, Cry Fire, Dad's Yard, Everybody Was Dancing, Got Me Wondering, Grandmother's Name, Hole In The Bucket, If I Could, Just Getting By, Mine Fields...
Curtis Mayfield
Billy Jack, Choice Of Colors, Do Do Wap Is Strong In Here, Eddie You Should Know Better, Fool For You, Freddie's Dead, Freddie's Dead (Theme From Superfly) - S...
Curtis Stigers
Love Is A Hunger, I wonder why, Keep Me From The Cold
All Of One, Alligators Getting Up, Already Yours, Arms Out, Blindfold, Cherry, Chinese Burn, Clipped, Coast Is Clear, Crystal, Cuckoo, Die Like A Dog, Forgotten...
Barricades, Caron's Call, Deliver Me, Denials, Fading Memories, Failed Mission, For My King, Freedom For All, I Know You, Imprisoned, Kingdoms Of Your Life, Mas...
Custodie Cautelari
Bandiera Bianca, Canzoni Alla Radio (Live Edited), Cara Mamma, Censore, Cento Libri, Che Cosa M’insegna La Vita, Clochard, Dedicato, Dio, Edon, Erba Cattiva, Ex...
Beat Me, Hey Mister, Like You, Morning Spank
Custom Made Gangstas (Cmg)
84's, Calculated Steps, Hogg Da Lane, I'll Be Around, Im A Dog, Shoot First, Victorious, When Da Smoke Clear
Cut 'N' Move
I'm Alive
Cute Is What We Aim For
Curse Of Curves, Finger Twist And Split, I Dont Care If It'S The Moon, We Went..., I Put The 'metro' In Metronome, Lyrical Lies, Moan, Newport Living, Risque, ...
Cutlass Frankie
Boriquas on da Set, Boriquas on da Set (remix), Boriquas On The Set, Feel The Vibe, Focus, Games, Know da Game, Pay ya Dues, The Chypher_ Part Iii, The Cypher: ...
Cutting Crew
(Between A) Rock And A Hard Place, (I Just) Died In Your Arms, Any Colour, Don't Look Back, Everything But My Pride, Fear Of Falling, I've Been In Love Before, ...
Cw Band And The Band
Aea Tah Cheio Dos Podre?, Chega De Claudioman!, Cheio Dos Rols, Podre Dos Meolo, Um Nove Nove
Cyan Velvet Project
Over The Noise Of The Living, Passive Attack
Antithesis, Beta Blocker, Deface, Deface (Iammynewt Remix), Insurgence, Order Out Of Chaos, Sensory Deprivation, Suspension Of Disbelief, Transhuman
Accidental Orniments, Better Than You, Bullet Proof, Crave, Crawl Down, Crowns, Fallen Wishes, Five Years, Following Yesterday, Generation Sap, Karma Killer, Ki...
Cyco Miko
Ain't Gonna Get Me, All I Ever Get, All Kinda Crazy, Cyco Miko Wants You, F.U.B.A.R., Gonna Be Alright, I Love Destruction, It's Always Something, Lost My Brain...
Cydne Raven
Anatomy Of A Ruptured Heart, Grotesque, Imperfection, Tears To Wash Away The Silence, Whats Unforseen
Another One, Beyond Time, Confused Future, Dark Flower, Diamond Dust, Eternal Night, Great Soul Of Steel, Invisible, Land Of Life, Last Prayers, Legend In Time,...
Cyndi Lauper
911, A Night To Remember, All Through The Night, Ballad Of Cleo & Joe, Boy Blue, Brimstone And Fire, Broken Glass, Calm Inside The Storm, Change Of Heart, Chris...
Cyndi Thomson
I Always Liked That Best, What I Really Meant To Say, Always Liked That Best, But I Want To, Hope You're Doing Fine, I'll Be Seeing You, I'm Gone, If You Could ...
Arrow Of God, Deferred, Growing, Plight About Now, Rappin', Rousseau, Running Water, Up Above
Cyne feat.big t, strong l, lil s(new stuff)
Celestial Voyage, How Could I, I'm But A Wave To, Sentiment, Textures, The Eagle Nature, Uroboric Forms, Veil Of Maya, A Life Astray, Agitating Affliction, Cele...
Angel Standing, Footsteps On My Roses, I Fell In Love For The First Time, I Got It Bad, Koolaid Dreams, Never, Ophelia's Crying, Prick Me
Change on me, Endless Nights, If i Had The Chance, Thief of Heart, Thinking About You
Cynthia feat Johnny O
Dreamboy, Dreamgirl
Cynthia Simons
Peace Like A River
Cypress Hill
(Goin' All Out) Nothin' to Lose, 16 Men Till There's No Men Left, 3 Lil Putos, A Man, A to the K, Amplified, Another Victory, Audio X, Bitter, Boom Biddy Bye By...
Cyril Paulus
Un Autre Nom
Cyril Tawney
Chicken On A Raft
Cемён Фролов
Про любовь к салу и Пугачёву Аллу