Crimson Moon
Amidst Labyrinthes Of Depression, Bloodstained Dreams Of The Dragon, Carpe Noctem, Chaos Of The Sea (Mummu Tiamat), Her Cursed Kiss, Kingdom Of Shadows, Nocturn...
Crimson Moonlight
Eternal Emperor, The Final Battle, Where Darkness Cannot Reach, A Painting In Dark, A Thorn In My Heart, Contemplations Along the Way, Embraced by the Beauty of...
Crimson Thorn
Asphyxiated, Comatose, Corruption Of The Flesh, Crimson Thorn, Cultivate Decay, Decrepit, Defaced, Ignorant Self, Immanent Wrath, Malignant Masters, Misrepresen...
The Damned
Crippled Youth
Can't You See, Choice, K-Town Mosh Crew, Not Just Talk, Positive Scene, Respect, Stand Together, United We Stand, Walk Tall, Walk Straight
Nationwide Rip Ridaz, Atlantic Dr. Hoo Ride, Betrayed, Between Heaven Or Hell, Break-A-Slob-Down, C's In The Air, Compton Nut, Everything Gonna C Alright, Gangs...
2 minutes hate, After The Flood, Bloodlines, Deadfall, Different ways of decay, Fires Of Sorrow, In The Shadow Of The Sun, Kingdom's End, Mechanical Man, Method...
Crispian St. Peters
The Pied Piper
Cristi Dules
24, 25, Dragoste De Vagaboanta, E Bairam, Nu Te Vreu Pentru O Zi
Cristiano De Andrè
Briciola Di Pane, Buona Speranza, Canzoni Con Il Naso Lungo, Cattive Compagnie, Che Gran Confusione, Cio' Che Ci Resta, Cose Che Dimentico, Di Bolina, Dietro La...
Cristiano Malgioglio
... Io, La Pantera, Caro Berlusconi, Ernesto, Sbucciami
Ce Aveam De Spus, Mesaj De Dragoste
Cristina Dona
Cibo Estremo, Così Cara, Deliziosa Abbondanza, Dove Sei Tu, Give It Back (To Me), Goccia, Il Mondo, In Fondo Al Mare, Invisibile, l'ultima Giornata Di Sole, L'...
Cristina Feat Grasu' Xxl
Totul Pe O Carte
Cristina Marocco
A Côté Du Soleil, Appelle-moi, Appelle-moi (Video), C'est La Vie, Camminare Sola, Faire Semblant, J'ai Tout Oublié, Les Jardins Des Promesses, Nessun Timore, Pa...
Cristina Raduta
Amor, Amor
Cristina Rus
Aproape de tine, Inima mea bate, Te voi iubi, Viata mea
Cristina Y Los Subterraneos
Dile A PapÁ, Mil Pedazos, PÁLido, Tu Por Mi
Booketa, Connections, Draped In Blood, Good Luck, Grey Matter, It Happens, Kiss The Wake, Mainline Life, Me On Your Front Porch, On Time, Play On Words, Prevent...
Croce Jim
A Long Time Ago, A Long Time Ago, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, Box #10, Careful Man, Dreamin' Again, Hard Time Losin' Man, I Got a Name, I Got a ...
Crocodile Harris
Give Me The Good News
Cromm Cruac
...And Remember Nothing, Entwined Forever, Midsummer Night's Eve, Mirrorworld, Second Sight, Shade Of The Rowan Tree, Swain Island, Twist Of Fate
Another You
Crooked Fingers
Call To Love
Crooked I
40 Barz, All I Ever Wanted, Auphelia Payne, Baby (Remix), Bitch Niggas, Bitch Niggas '04, Black Pussy, Black Superman Freestyle, Boom Boom Clap, Boss Nigga Now,...
Crooked Lettaz
Chicken And Swine, Firewater, Pimp Shit, South's On My Mind, Get Crunk, Pimpshit, Trill
Accordon, Adieu Cher Camarade, Avec Mon Harmonica, Emmenez-Moi, Farewell To Ireland, Grand Jacques, Je Bois, Je Mvoyais Dj, La Femme D'hector, La Marine, Le Che...
Crosby & Nash
Bittersweet, Blacknotes, Broken Bird, Carry Me, Charlie, Cowboy of Dreams, Dancer, Don't Dig Here, Exit Sounds, Fieldworker, Foolish Man, Frozen Smiles, Games, ...
Crosby David
Almost Cut my Hair, Almost Cut my Hair, Almost Cut My Hair, Cowboy Movie, Distance, Distance, Drive my Car, Guinnevere, Helpless Heart, Hero, Homeward Thru The ...
Cross Borns
A Hetedik, A Vegzet Hegye, Dawn Oath, Gollam Dala, I Know That Pain Exist, Moria Banyaja
Cross Canadian Ragweed
Dimebag, Fightin For, On Your Own, (Hidden Song At End Of Proud Souls Track), 42 Miles, After All, Again, Alabama, Alabama (New Version), Alright, Amos Moses, A...
Sick Inside
Breathe, Concentrate, Lost Soul, Machine, Machines, Painted Red, Pure Energy, Regretful Times, Release Me, Seasons, Severed, Stem, Underlined
READ BEFORE CORRECTING, "The Deep End", Already Gone, Anchor, Breathing Slowly, Broken Like An Angel, Colors, Dead Skin, Death Trend Setta, Disco, Drown You Out...
...and Darkness Fallin', Aggression Treaty, Don't Fool Me, Dream Within A Dream, Eternal Lies (Nonserviam), Gate, Gelibolu, Inner Conflict, Nightwolf, Slaves, T...
Big Top Williams, Cain Sings The Blues, Crotchopus, Jogging In Hell Forever, Let Me Into Starfish Land, Mammal Sauce, Mr. Indignant Erection, The True Nature Of...
(Can't) Turn Away From Dying, ...And Suffer As One, 1, 000 Years Internal War, A Breed Apart, A Perpetual Need, Above, Below And In Between, All I Had, All I H...
Crowd, The
You Never Walk Alone
Crowded House
As Sure As I Am, Better Be Home Soon (Live), Can't Carry On, Distant Sun, Don’t Dream It’s Over, Fame Is, I Walk Away, I'm Still Here, In The Lowlands, It's Onl...
Stay (It's Party Time)
Crowell Rodney
After All This Time, Heartbroke, I Couldnt Leave You if i Tried, Now And Then Theres a Fool Such as i, Song For Life, Victim or a Fool, Viola an American Dream,...
Crown Of Autumn
'Neath Selenic Majesty, ...And The Cold Came O'er The Feud, A Lyre In The Old Vesper's Realm, Equinox, Forlorn Elven Realms, Nocturnal Gold Part II_ The Name Of...
Crown of thorns
Angels die, Beautiful evil soul, Candles, Death of god, Earthborn, Forever heaven gone, Forget the light, Godless, Hunger, I crawl, In bitterness and sorrow, Ki...
Crowned King
A Million Pictures, A Song About Death, All That She Wanted, Don't Wanna Go, Impatience, One In A Million, Playing God, Reason To Believe, Tired Eyes, True Love...
Just Another Case, Live At The Tunnel, Ooh Wee, Pronto, The Ebonic Plague, Up North, Armaggedon, Bluntz & Bakakeemis, Bubblin', Fresh, Wild And Bold, Goin' Dow...
A Celtic Mourning, Brian Boru, Cattle Raid of Cooley, Celtica (Voice Of The Morrigan), CUCHULAINN (The Hound Of Culann), I Am Tuan, Maeves March, Tain Bo Cuailg...
Crucial Conflict
1 900 Off Your Square, 2 Bogus, Airplane, Bogus Mayn, Desperado, Hay, Ride The Rodeo, Scummie, Showdown, 2 Bogish, Back Against The Wall, Faceless Ones, Final T...
Crucified Barbara
Bad Hangover, Going Down, Hide 'Em All, I Need A Cowboy From Hell, I Wet Myself, In Distortion We Trust, Losing The Game, Play Me Hard (The Bachelor's Guitar), ...
Crucified The
Blackstone, Close Your Eyes, Release Your Mind., Don't Get Your Hopes up Son, , Fellowship of Thieves, Focus, Hateworld, It's All About Fear, It's O.k. to Spea...
Annihilaton, Another Mouth To Feed, Blind Destruction, Death Toll, How When And Where, Indo China, No Limbs, Prejudice, Rise And Fall, Search For The Sun, See T...
Cruel Intentions (Soundtrack)
Bedroom Dancing, Bitter Sweet Symphony, Coffee And tv, Colorblind, Comin up From Behind, Every You Every me, Praise You, Secretly, This Love, You Could Make a K...
Cruel Sea
Black Stick
Cruise Julee
9th Ave. Limbo, Beachcomber Voodoo, Cha Cha In The Dark, Everybody Knows, Falling In Love (Featuring Mocean Worker), Floating, I Float Alone, In My Other World,...
All This Negativity, Cautionary Tale, Dearest Drew, Elephant, Goodbye Daily Sadness, Have You Had One Of Those Days_, I'm Back, Operation Eyes Closed, Paramount...
Crumbling Arches
A Stillborn Memory, Hibakusha, The Preachings Of Priamides, Tree Of Evil
B.O.M.B. (Beast On My Back), Breakout, Charge, Connection, I Am He, Initial Shock, Jimmie's Dream, Rejuvenate, Remembering Tomorrow
Crunchy Black
Ain't No Nigga, Luv 2 Get High
A Tale For Druids, Angus, Beast From The South, Carnival, Dragon's Tears, Flowers Of War, I...Joan, King Of Kings, Sleep Of The Innocent, The 7th Crusade, The A...
Crush Luther
City Girl, Jody Looks Out For Himself, The Cools, When We Were Golden
Close my eyes, Down down, Face the waves, Falling, Flame, Hey, Life as one, Purple, Reverie, Ride on
de que vale, Desperate For Your Love, Desperate For Your Love, Dime Que Sera, Esa Loka, Escapate Conmigo, Mi Gatita Sensual, No Se, No Tengas Pena, Quitarte La ...
CRW feat. Veronika
After The Rain, Like A Cat, Precious Life
Before The Boat Goes Down, Dreamland, Laughing & Crying, Money Talks, Need You, No Time (for Love), Quick Quick Slow, Take it Round Again
Bloodtie, Come With Me, Cryscythe, I Fade Away, Metamorphosis, Pagan Uprise, Repent (Whore), Snowsong, Spree, The Serpent And Eve, The Wind, Wild At Heart, Wolf...
Cryonic Temple
A Soldiers Tale, Beast Slayer, Eternal Flames Of Metal, Gatekeeper, Heavy Metal Never Dies, In Thy Power, Inquisition (The Quest Pt Ii), King Of Transilvania, L...
Crypt Of Kerberos
Cyclone Of Insanity, The Ancient War
Cryptal Darkness
A Dream of Beauty & Desire Lost, All That Remains, Always, Forever, Darkened Is My Soul, Descend Into Thy Grave, Endless Tears, I Bleed, Last Embrace, Lost Vis...
Axe, Gore And Thy Awful Charms, Betrothed To A Witch, Hanged Amidst The Graves, Of Seductress In Obsequal Attire
Cryptic Carnage
1793, Beauty At Everytime, Disobediance, Francis T., Franziskus, However Rich A Man May Be..., Liebe, HaÃ_, Neid Und Verderben, Lived To Die, Primae Noctis, R...
Cryptic Slaughter
Black and White, Born Too Soon, Co-Exist, Convicted, Deathstyles Of The Poor & Lowly, Divided Minds, Hypocrite, Insanity By The Numbers, Killing Time, Little Wo...
Cryptic Wintermoon
A Coming Storm, Angels Never Die, Bastard, Beyond the night, Black Moon, Blood Of The Dragon, Born In Fire, Dark Crusade, Darkness Forever, Doomsday, Fallen Kin...
...And Then It Passes, Abigor, Born Headless, Defenestration, Gravaged (A Cryptopsy), Memories of Blood, Mutant Christ, Open Face Surgery, Serial Messiah, Soar ...
Crystal Ball
Celebration, Digital World, Fallen From Grace, He Came To Change The World, Mozart Symphony, Powerflight, Sensational, Talking To The Walls, Tear Down The Wall,...
Crystal Bernard
Call It Love, Could Have Been Mine, Don't Touch Me There, Eleven Roses, Gardenia, Have We Forgotten What Love Is (Wbilly Dean), Here's Looking At You, Hey, If Y...
Crystal Bowersox
Up To The Mountain
Crystal Castle
Crystal Heart Of Season, Devil's Blessing, Heavy Metal, Lady Of Spring Spell, October Hymn, The Dark Storm Is Back, The Silent Voice Of Insanity (The Apotheosis...
Crystal Eyes
A Tale Of Forgotten Realms, Adrian Blackwood, Another Race, Child Of Rock, Crystal Eyes, Cursed And Damned, Dream Chaser, Extreme Paranoia, Eyes Of The Forrest ...
Crystal Gayle
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, A Long And Lasting Love, Dont it Make my Brown Eyes Blue, This is my Year For Mexico, Wrong Road Again, You And i
Crystal Lewis
Ahora Vivo, Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace [Live], Angels, Angels We Have Heard On High, Asi Que Ven, BáLsamo Que Sana, Be With Him, Beauty For Ashes, Been Takin...
Introducere, Kamen Brown
Cuarteto De Nos
Al Cielo No No.2, Asi Soy Yo, Autos Nuevos, Bacalao Beach, Bo Cartero, Cómo Ha Cambiado Mi Barrio, Canción De Amor No.2, Chico Correcto, Corazón Maricón No.2, C...
My Little Star, Your Bed
Cuban Link
Chain Reaction, Comin' Home With Me, Flowers, Flowers For The Dead, Letter To Pun, Life Goes On, My Story, No Falla, No Mercy, Prison Wisdom, Private Party, Rid...
Cuban Pete
Dezi Arnez (Ricky Ricardo) and Lucille Ball (Lucy Ricordo)
Cubanito 20.02
Aida, Lloraras, Lloraras (Balada), Matame, Me Gusta El Reggae, Pideme, Pideme (Cubaton Spain Remix), Soy Cubanito, Te Olvidaré
Cucumber Men
Aus Deinen Hдnden, Bist du Bereit, Deinetwegen Meinetwegen, Disco Montezuma, Du Wьrdest so Gern Ьber Den Dingen Stehen, Egal, Groя um Grцяer zu Sein, Guten Morg...
Burnin', Hello
Cuentos Borgeanos
Alimentando, Alquimista, Andorondack, Canción del agua, Chau, Cuentos imborrables, Días, Desconcertado, El extraño caso de Mr Nadie y Dr Soy, En nombre del tiem...
24 Hours, Back To Me, Bakit Ba_, Borrowed Time, Broken Into Pieces, Can't Escape Your Smile, Can't Let You Go, Hard to believe, Here For You, Hump Ahead, I Won'...
Cuff The Duke
A Long Night My Love, Anti-Social, Belgium Or Peru, I Really Want To Help You, It's Over, Meet You On The Other Side, No Sleep, No Heat, Take My Money And Run,...
Cugini Di Campagna
64 Anni, A.a.. Ragazza Cercasi, Adamo Ed Eva, Ale (Alessandra), Anima Mia, Brividi D'amore, Che Bella Festa, Conchiglia Bianca, Credi In Te, Cucciolo, Dentro L...
Culpepers Orchard
Blue Days Morning, Gideon's Trap, Hey You People, Mountain Music - Part One, Mountain Music - Part Two, Ode To Resistance, Teaparty For An Orchard, Your Song & ...
Cult Of Luna
Adrift, Arrival, Beyond Fate, Circle, Clones, Crossing Over, Echoes, Further, Hollow, Inside Fort Meade, Into The Beyond, Leash, Leave Me Here, Receiver, The Ar...
Culture Beat
Anything, Blue Skies, Crying In The Rain, Do You Really Know, Electrify Me, Faith In Your Heart, Guardian Angel, It's Too Late, Language Of Love, Pay No Mind, P...
Culture Club
Black Money, Church Of The Poison Mind, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, Don't Cry, Everything I Own, God Thank You Woman, Gusto Blusto, I'll Tumble 4 Ya, It's A ...
Cultured Pearls
Sugar Sugar Honey, Why Should i Cry
Cultus Sanguine
A Grave Upon Mankind, As A Funeral Inside, Dominatress, Highest Depression, I Ride The Winds Of Hate, Il Richiamo In Rosso, Il sangue, In The Days Of Sombre, In...
Cumbia SoledeУa
El Garabato, El Toro Negro, Josefa MatОa, Las Pilanderas Momposinas, MapalК, Puya Loca, Santo Y Parrandero, Tusa Sobre Tusa, VisiХn Del Carnaval
Crucifixion Must Hurt Like A Bitch, Ditchpig, I Had To Break Up With Your Mom, Jehova Probe, Jesus Sold Me A Bunk Eigth, Jesus Was A Face-Painter, Jesus Was An ...
Always The Cross, Grief, I Fly, I Need A Strength, In Search (Pt. 2), In Search Of (Pt. 1), It Is Possible, See You, Soul Of The Deadman, The Last Engagement