Count The Stars
All Good Things, Better Off Alone, Better Ways, Brand New Skin, Breakthrough, Down Again, Fight the Fade, Fireflies, Hanging On, Hold Me Up, Just Like You, Left...
Count Zero
Sail Your Ship By
Countdown To Life
Beach Patrol, Countdown In Heaven, Countdown Rules!, Countdown's Back, Countdown's In The House, Ethan Stay Clean, Getting It On, Jacko On His Backo, Paul Two A...
Arriving Where You Will, Better Late Than Never, Completely Incomplete, Feel the Ride, From Finish to Starting Line, Further On, Happy Endings, In Between the B...
Counting Crows
40 Years, 99 Days, A Little Discipline, A Long December, A Mona Lisa, A Murder Of One, Accidentally In Love, All My Friends, All My Love (Richard Manuel Is Dead...
Counting Crows and Vanessa Carlton
Big Yellow Taxi
Country Gentlemen
Long Black Veil, Roving Gambler, The Little Sparrow
Country Joe And The Fish
Fixin to Die Rag, Sad And Lonely Times, Save The Whales, Who am i
Country Joe McDonald
I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die, Fixing to Die Rag
Course Of Nature
1000 Times, After The Fall, Better Part Of Me, Caught In The Sun, Could I've Been, Dead End Lights, Difference Of Opinion, Gain, Remain, Someone Else To You, Wa...
Courtney Drummey
The Way I Feel About You
Courtney Jaye
Can You Sleep, Can't Behave, Hanalei Road, Lose My Head, Love Me, Love Song (For Everyone), Mental, Permanent, Somersault, This Is The Day, Time For Goodbye, Tr...
Courtney Love
Asking For It, Awful, Baby Doll, Berry, Celebrity Skin, Clouds, Credit In The Straight World, Doll Parts, Dying, Garbage Man, Gutless, Hit So Hard, I Think That...
Cousin Kevin
A True Rolling Stone, Angel Vs. the Train, Bully For You, Callidora, Coming Back From Yesterday, Easy to Sing, Further than the Stars, Give Me More, Here in the...
(Damn These) Hungry Times, (shades Of) Ruinous Blue, After The Fall, Have You Seen Her, Heavy Weather, How Will I Know?, Jump In The River, Last Good Day Of The...
Couvreur And Schatteman
Amigos Para Siempre
Mcdonaldland Massacre, One Tin Soldier (the Legend Of Billy Jack), Black Sabbath, Choke, Thirst, Die, Coven In Charing Cross, Dignitaries Of Hell, For Unlawfu...
Bizarre Cosmic Industries, Bringer of the sixth sun, Chariots of thunder, Dragonheart, Dragonstorms, From The Storm Of Shadows, In Times Before The Light, Monar...
Coverdale And Page
Absolution Blues, Don't Leave Me This Way, Easy Does It, Feeling Hot, Over Now, Pride And Joy, Shake My Tree, Take A Look At Yourself, Take Me For A Little Whil...
Please be With me
Cowboy Boyer And Talton
Its Time, Josephine Beyond Compare, Pats Song, Please be With me, Pretty Friend, Weak And Strong
Cowboy Crush
Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart
Cowboy Junkies
'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel, 200 More Miles, At The End Of The Rainbow, Baby Please Don't Go, Bad Boy, Bea's Song, Bea's Song (River Song Trilogy: part II), Blue...
Cowboy Mouth
Jenny Says, Love Of My Life, Better, Drummer Man, Everybody Loves Jill, Everything You Do, G-D Makes The Rain, God Makes The Rain, Here i Sit in Prison, Hey Bar...
Cowboy Songs
Billy The Kid, Bury Not on Lone Prarie, Chisolm Trail, Cowboy's Lament, Ghost Riders, Ghost Ridersinthe Sky, Ghost Ridersinthe Sky2, Ghost Ridersinthe Sky3, Git...
Cowboy Troy
Ain't Broke Yet, Automatic, Beast on the Mic ft. James Otto, Do Your Thang ft. Jill Kinsey, El Tejano, My Last Yee-Haw (ft. Big and Rich), Somebody's Smilin' On...
Como Yo Te Amo, Esperando Aqui, Estuve Enamorado, Hazme Una SeÑAl, Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti, Jamas, La Distancia, Maravilla Entre Mis Brazos, Mi Gran Noche, Quisie...
Cox Peter
Ain't Gonna Cry Again, If You Walk Away
Coxon Graham
Are You Lonely, Freakin Out, I Wish, Mountain Of Regret, Song For The Sick, Whered You Oo, A Day Is Far Too Long, A Place For Grief, All Has Gone, All I Wanna D...
Coyne Kevin
Eastbourne Ladies, Flashing Back, House On The Hill, Marlene, Old Lady, Old Soldier, Pointing The Finger, Talking To No One, There She Goes, Your Holliness
Coyote Shivers
Bi-Sexual Girl, Classic Car, Guilty, Happiness Is A Warm Bong, If, It's All Over, Leather Jacket Weather, Living With Me, Pay Per View, Plus One, Secretly Jealo...
Coyote Ugly
Battle Flag (Lo-Fidelity Allstars Remix)[Pigenhed], Cailin [Unwritten Law], Can't Help Falling In Love [Elvis Presley], Cowboy [Kid Rock], Fly Away [Lenny Kravi...
Cozy Powell
Na Na Na
Cpm 22
Irreversнvel, Anteontem, Desconfio, O Mundo Da Voltas, Regina Lets Go, Tarde De Outubro
Anewrevolution, Backlash, Birth Of Defiance, Convicted Resistance, Curtain Call, Internal Anthem, Soul Shocker, Spitfire, System Failure
Lundi Matin??¦
Crack Jaw
Galley Without Aim, Make Me Believe, Never Tell No Lie, New Tomorrow, Nightout, Saracen, Seven Days Of Wonder, Struck By Thunder, The Change
Crack The Sky
A Night On The Town (With Snow White), A Sea Epic, All American Boy, All Fly Away, Animal Skins, Breakdown, Flashlight, From The Greenhouse, Give Myself To You,...
Crack Up
Blood On The Floor, Broomer, Burrrn!, Cracked Pack, Dysorientated, For Fake, From The Ground, Glorious, Money Will Roll Right In, Rats, Razzberry, Sappy Restrai...
Crack Vultures
Sha And Laur
100 Flower Power Maximum, Another Song About the Rain, Bad Vibes Everybody, Be My Love, Been Around The World, Bicycle Spaniard, Big Dipper, Blue Danube (blues)...
142, All This Colour, Barricaded, Breakout, Chuck, Edit, Empty Head, Fairytale Nothing, Feel At Home, Forget About Hope, Freakin' All Night, Guillotine, I am Th...
Cradle of Filth
A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon, A Cresendo Of Passion Bleeding, A Dream Of Wolves In The Snow, A Gothic Romance, A gothic romance (red roses for the devil's whor...
Death To Planet Earth, False Orders Begone, Kill Everything, N.D.P., Reaktor 4, Terror Propaganda, The Silence Thereafter, Total Soul Rape
I Dont Care For Religion, Ive Got Virtues, Jizz Music, Lost Myself, New York City, Optimism, Perfect Sound, Pornographic Thoughts, Regret, Start Again, Suffocat...
Craig Armstrong
Let's go out tonight, This love, After The Storm, Amber, As If You Said Nothing, Balcony Scene, Choral Ending, Finding Beauty, Glasgow, Hymn, Hymn 2 Feat. Phote...
Craig David
"r U Ready", "what Ya Gonna Do" (feat. Pete Devereux & Mark Hill), 2 Steps, 2step Garage (Wicked Mc Remix), 7 Days, 7 Days (Live Vibe In Amsterdam), 7 Days Full...
Craig David feat. Sting
Rise And Fall
Craig Francis
Near You
Craig Kleeman
In The Way, July July, Punchline, Saying Goodbye To You, This Only Happens When I Drive, Untitled
Craig Mack
Flava In Ya Ear, Get Down, Get Down Remix, Jockin My Style, Judgement Day, Making Moves With Puff, Real Raw, When God Comes, Do You Have What It Takes_, Flava I...
Craig Morgan
302 South Maple Avenue, Ain't The Way I Wanna Go Out, Always Be Mine, Blame Me, Cowboy And Clown, Ev'rything's A Thing, Every Friday Afternoon, Everywhere I Go,...
Craig Smith
Ancient of Days, Father me, Glory to The Holy One, He is Risen, Jehovah, Lord of All The Earth, Pure Heart, Refuge, Rest That Remains, Sculptor of my Heart
Craig's Brother
Back And Forth, Dear Charlotte, Divorce, Falling Out, Glory, Going Blind, Head In A Cloud, Homecoming, In Memory, Insult To Injury, Lonely Girl, Lost At Sea, Ma...
How Far Can Too Far Go, Like A Bad Girl Should, Tv Set, What's Behind The Mask, (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed, All Women Are Bad, All Women Are Bad, Alligator Stomp, ...
Bestial Butcher, Cranium_ Crushers Of Christ, Full Moon Fistbanger, Lucifer's Breath (The Storm To Come), Nymphomanic Nuns, Pestilential Penis, Raped By Demons,...
Crash Boom Bang (Dc)
Devil In Disguise, Let It Out
Crash Rickshaw
A. N., Angry Sunset, Co-Depentent Idolatry, El Gato, Imperfect Demanding Perfect, Johnny Law, Self-Defeating Mind, Thank God I'm An Atheist, Time Alone, When
Crash Romeo
Actions Not Words, Dial M For Murder, Die In Your Arms, From The Bottom Of This Bottle, Get Up, Shut Up, Hang Your Head, Heading West, Hot Commodity, Meet Me A...
Crash Test Dummies
I'm a dog, A Cigarette Is All You Get, A Little Something, A Worm's Life, Aching To Sneeze, Afternoons And Coffeespoons, All Of This Ugly, All You Pretty Girls,...
Crash, The
Funk 1, Thorn In My Side, Empty, Fireworks, Lauren Caught My Eye, New York, Of Hope And Despair, Phoebe, Secrets, Simple Things, Times, Coming Home, Fidelity, F...
My God, Voice Of Defiance, Billboard Justice, Bloody Lane, Branded, Career, Degeneration, Dream So Vain, Easy Out, Fair Play, Forget My Name, Godjudge, Helpless...
Angels, Asylum, Banned From The Roxy, Bata Motel, Beg Your Pardon, Berkertex Bribe, Big A Little A, Big Man Big M A N, Birth Control, Bumhooler, Buy Now Pay As ...
Craven Beverly
Castle In The Clouds, Holding On, I Listen To The Rain, Joey, Memories, Missing You, Promise Me, Two Of A Kind, Woman To Woman, You're Not The First, Afraid Of ...
Cravin Melon
Come Undone, Sweet Tea
Craving Theo
All I Am, Alone (No More), Hold Me Down, Lie, Push Away, Sky, Stomp, Welcome You, What Do You Want, When, World Of Mine
Crawford Michael
All I Ask Of You
Crawford Randy
One Hello
Big Mistake
Crazy C
Big Mistake, Chapter Three, Dead Presidents
Crazy Frog
Axel F, I Like To Move It, Popcorn, We Are The Champions (Ding A Dang Dong)
Crazy Town
B-boys 2000, Battle Cry, Beautiful, Black cloud, Butterfly, Buttrefly, Candy Coated, Change, Darkside, Decorated, Drowning, Hurt You So Bad, Hurt You So Bad"(fe...
Disco Fun
Black Cloud, Darkside, Face The Music, Hollywood Babylon, Only When I'm Drunk, Think Fast, B-boy 2000, B-boys 2000, Battle Cry, Beautiful, Candy Coated, Change,...
Cream & Eric Clapton
After Midnight, Ain't Going Down, All Our Past Times, Another Ticket, Anyday, Anything For Your Love, Bad Boy, Bad Influence, Bad Love, Beautiful Thing, Before ...
Cream, The
Anyone For Tennis By Eric Clapton And Martin Sharp, As You Said, As You Said By Jack Bruce And Pete Brown, Badge By Eric Clapton And George Harrison, Blue Condi...
Creaming Jesus
Do You Think I'm Pretty?, Fantasy Spaceship, Help! I'm A Fish, I Do I Do I Do, It Can Happen To You, Never Ending Story, I Do, i Do, i do
Creation Is Crucifixion
Ai Tech 1.0, Avatar, Dethrone Or Devour ("While There Is A Soul In, Emergence (Through The Cables), Gutter Tech, Metaman, Modeling The Fossile Evidence (There's...
Creation Of Silence
No Solution
Cree Summer
Angry Boy, Curious White Boy, Deliciously Down, Dirty Love, Fall, Life Goes On, Mean Sleep, Miss Moon, Naheo, Poem Of Revelation Sunshine Live, Revelation Sunsh...
Are you Ready?, Arms Wide Open, Beautiful, Bound And Tied, Bullets, Don't Stop Dancing, Eighteen, Faceless Man, Freedom Fighter, Hide, Higher, I'm Eighteen, Ill...
Creedance Clearwater Revival
(Wish I Could) Hideaway, Before You Accuse Me, Born On The Bayou, Born To Move, Commotion, Cross-Tie Walker, Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me), Don't Look Now...
Creeper Lagoon
Black Hole, Chance Of A Lifetime, Claustrophobia, Dear Deadly, Dreaming Again, Empty Ships, Second Chance, Sylvia, Tracy, Wonderful Love, Wrecking Ball, Celloph...
A serenade for the tragic, Black widower, Chiaroscuro, Chinese whispers, Clarity, Diced, Fools paradise, Gather the shattered, God thoughts, In the flesh, King ...
Creighton Doane
Arms Of A Hero, C U Next Tuesday, Cried My Eyes Out, Dear Frankenstein, Do Yourself A Favour, Don't Pretend You're Happy, Dummy, Expiry Date, Losers, Mercy, My ...
...Just Dreaming, Act Seven, An Other ?, An other...?, Caroline, Das licht in dir, Deformity, Dreams, Endless, Eternal, Ewigkeit, Eyes of suffering, Flammen, Fl...
Creme 21
Das beste Lied dr Welt, Das nächste Jahrtausend, Du redest im Schlaf, Es ist vorbei, Farbspiralen, Star, Stereo im Radio, Traumfrau, Wann wird's mal wieder rich...
Creme de la Creme
Letzte Nacht, Marihuana, Haschisch Kakalake
Braindead, Fantasy World, Hollywood Superstar, Mermaids And Pirates, Mischevious Children, Pint Sized Glass, Road Outter Here
Another Life, Butterflies & Dragons, Childhood's End, Come On Down, Fire Walk With Me, Flavour Of The Day, Frozen Garden, In This Cage, Moument, My War, Never S...
Crest of darkness
On a sea of darkness, Quench my thirst, Recall the earth, Sinister scenario, Substitute lover, The acknowledgment, The voice, This is the morning magic, This wo...
Cri Cri
La Marcha De Las Vocales
Cricca Dei Balordi
B-Boy Wanna Have Fun, Baggy Jeans, Definitivi, Fuori Meno Dieci
Andare Lenti, Azzurra, Beddha Ca Camini, Cavalier Testardo, Cecilia, Come Sara’ _, Danza Onirica, Di Pane Di Vino La Vita, Irish Rover, La Courbe De Tes Jeux, M...
Crime In Stereo
Abre Los Ojos, Amsterdamned!, Arson At 563, Barfight On Bedford Ave., Bicycles For Afghanistan, Compass And Square, Dark Island City, For Exes, Here'S To Things...
Crime Mob
2nd Look, Ain't No Joke, All Madden, Big Boy Pimpin, Black Market Bonus, Black Tee, Circles, Crunk Inc., Diggin Me, Ellenwood Area, Fuck Nigga, Go To War, I'll ...
Crimes Against Music
Browneye Chris, Colonel Wickey, One Woman Mountain, Smoke Ganga Get High, The Demonstrator, The Slug Song, Trouser Thieving Scouse Bastard, Warden Earl
Crimson Glory
Angels of War, Astronomica, Azrael, Cyber-Christ, Cydonia, Dance on Fire, Dragon Lady, Edge Of Forever, Eternal World, Far Away, Heart of Steel, In Dark Places,...