Beneath The Skin, Black, Complicated, Crushed, Dreams And Illusions, Dreamsleep, Euphoria, Falling Up, Frozen, Halo, Have Faith, Like You Want To Believe, Monoc...
Collie Mark
Man in Moon is Crying, Even The Man In The Moon Is Cryin', Hard Lovin' Woman, Something With A Ring To It, Something's Gonna Change Her Mind
Collin Raye
A Bible and A Bus Ticket Home, A Long Way To Go, A Mother and Father's Prayer, Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me, All I Can Be, All My Roads, Angel Of No Mer...
Collins Lui
The Wildflower Song
Collins Phill
Do You Remember
Colonel Abrams
Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigad
Barrington Hall, Buzzards Of Green Hill, Cosmic Highway, D's Diner, David Makalaster, David Makalaster II, Ding Dang, Dogs, Girls For Single Men, Hendershot, Li...
Color Latino
Nuestro Barrio
Color Me Badd
All 4 Love, All The Way(Freaky Style), All the Way, Pt. 2, C'est La Vie, Choose, Close To Heaven, CMB (Postlude), Color Me Badd, Farmer's Daughter, Forever Lov...
Colour Of Fire
2nd Class Citizen, 9 Volter, A Couple Of Reasons, A Pearl Necklace For Her Majesty, Candles, Couple Of Reasons, Cut It, Decisions, Decisions, Hatemail, Images ...
Fly With Me
Coltrane John
Giant Steps, Naima
Colvin Shawn And John Leventhal
You And The Mona Lisa
Colvin, Shaun
Kill the Messenger, Monopoly, Object of My Affection, Set the Prairie On Fire
Il Suono, Laura
Bitch Alert, Celestial Spheres, Clash With Society, Desperado, Estuary, Flames, Job Hunting, Kill To Live, Masturbation, Philosophical, Revalidate Me, Ridiculou...
Wishful Thinking
Combo Loco
Me Enamoro De Ti
Come Down
Strange Places
Come On Down
Aerie, Anaconda Charms Grass Snake, Armed solution, Bleed / burn, Bovine Inspiration, Community, Conductor of ashes, Democrator, Dispstick, Frogs, God told me, ...
Comedian Harmonists, The
Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus, Ein Freund Ein Guter Freund, Auf Wiedersehn, my Dear, Ich Woll't Ich Wдr Ein Huhn, In Der Bar Zum Krokodil, In Einem Kьhlen Grunde,...
Take a Bath, Wash Yourself
Comedy Of Life
Aquì Otra Vez, By My Side, Even If, I Don't Know You, Is This Your Point Of View_, Je Prefer L'amour, Kiss Me (Ba...Ba...Baciami Piccina), Nina, Par Hazard, Ski...
Commander Cody
Hot Rod Lincoln, Hot Rod Lincon
Commander Tom
Commander Venus
Bent On Broken Nerves, Dress to Please, Jean's T.V., Life as Expected, Lock N' Chase, My Collapsing Frame, My Other Car is a Spaceship, Raining Holiday, Pt. 2,...
Bye Bye Baby, Chain Of Fools, Dark End of The Street, Destination Anywhere, Do Right Woman Do Right Man, I Can't Stand The Rain, I Never Loved A Man, In The Mid...
Thank you
1 2 Many, 8 Minutes To Sunrise, A Film Called (Pimp), A Song for Assata, All Night Long, Aquarius, Car Horn, Coldblooded, Come Close, Dooinin, Dooinit, Electric...
Common and Black Thought
Stolen Moments Pt. ii
Common and Canibus
Making a Name For Ourselves
Common and Cee-Lo
G.o.d. (gaining One's Definition)
Common and Chantay Savage
Reminding me (of Sef)
Common and Dug Infinite
1, 2 Many
Common and Lauryn Hill
Retrospect For Life
Common and Q-Tip
The Remedy
Common Children
Absence Of Light, Always On The Outside, Blue Raft, Broken Smile, Burn, Celebrity Virtue, Crashing Down, Delicate Fade, Domesticity, Drought, Drown, Dual Lens, ...
Common Rider
A Place Where We Can Stay, Am I On My Own, Angels At Play, Blackbirds vs. Crows, Blue Spark, Carry On, Castaways, Classics Of Love, Conscious Burning, Cool This...
Common Sense
1 2 Many, A Penny For My Thoughts, Another Wasted Nite With..., Blows to the Temple, Book of Life, Breaker 1/9, Can I Bust, Chapter 13 (Rich Man Vs Poor Man), C...
Communication Sublime, Conspiracy In Mind, History Reversed, Ocean Bed, Silence Surrounds, The Distance, They Feed On Our Fear
Community Trolls
Tainted Obligations
Calator Spre Infinit, Cand Ma Gandesc La Tine, Cantec Pentru Prieteni, Da-Mi O Veste, Dupa Ani Si Ani, Fata Din Vis, In Memoriam Teo Peter, Intoarce-Te Acasa, J...
Compagnons De La Chansons
Le Galerien
Company Flow
8 Steps To Perfection, 89.9 Detrimental, Bad Touch Example, Blind, Collude/Intrude, Definitive, End To End Burners, Info Kill 2, Krazy Kings Too, Last Good Slee...
Charlie - 5, Future, Old wounds, Shades of gods, The prophecy, The second coming, Unholy war, Vortex of unknown
Complete Control
Are You Ready, Blame, Bodies Are Burning, Don't Wanna, Headache, Image, Keep Me Out, Kids Want A War, Locked In, Never Been Diseased, Old Man, On The Outside, R...
Compton's Most Wanted
8 Iz Enough, Can I Kill It, Compton 4 Life, Compton's Lynchin, Dead Men Tell No Lies, Def Wish, Def Wish II, Driveby Miss Daisy, Duck Sick, Duck Sick Ii, Final ...
Concato Fabio
Domenica Bestiale, Fiore di Maggio, Rosalina, Speriamo Che Piova
Concentration Camp
Cabbage Savage, Outside My Life, Sickess
A million gods, A virtual lovestory, Angel (come walk with me), Cardinal sin, Carnal comprehension, Cry, Flow, Gethsemane, Guilt, Hand on heart, Hold on, In you...
Ad Occhi Aperti, Ci Vuole K..., Credo, Dento I Tuoi Occhi, Dimmi Dove Sei, Fuori Di Testa, L'odio, Lacrime, O Mio Capitano, Situazioni Instabili
Concrete Blonde
Beware Of Darkness, Blind Ambition, Blood Letting, Bloodletting, Bloodletting, Can Make Me Cry, Caroline, Carry me Away, Carry Me Away, City Screaming, City Scr...
Conducting From The Grave
A Never Ending Search For Closure, Eternally Gutted, Improper Burial, In Times Of Wars And Worries, The Skies Are Blackened Not By Clouds, But Insects, When Tw...
I Put It Down, You Aint The Homie No More, California My Way, City Of Angeles, Conejo, Conejo And Capone, Dead Men's Blanket, Hey Hold On Bitch, Homie Homie, I ...
Mai Ramai Putin, Tu
Confederate Railroad
Between the Rainbows and the Rain, Borrowed Time, Cowboy Cadillac, Daddy Never Was, Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind, Elvis & Andy, I Hate Rap, I'm Diggin' It,...
Confessions Of Obscurity
A Serial Killer Memoire, Cannibalistic intent, Childbutchering, Dance Macabre, Disguisting Sexual Lust, Fucking whore, Horror, In sickness..., Meat, Necrophile,...
Alone, Collapse into despair, Condemned, Defining happiness, Eve of salvation, Prepare yourself, Suffer, The stain, Uncontrolled
A Declaration of Independence, A Question of Priorities, Climbing The Stairs, Conflict, Custom Rock, From Protest to Resistance, Increase The Pressure, Is Never...
Angry With The Sun, Breed Some Courage, Chemical Breakdown, Forsaken Future, In Bad Blood, Overlord, Reality Conspiracy, Sharpening The Stakes, Sunset Forever, ...
Coni Lewin
Te Quiero Tanto
Conjunto Atardecer
Quiero Pensar en Ti
Conjunto Oro
Enamorado, Pintame
Conjunto Primavera
Aún Sigues Siendo Mía, Actos De Un Tonto, Algo De Mг­, Amigo Mesero, Anónimo, Ave Cautiva, Con Una Copa De Vino, De Nuevo A Tu Lado, Diganle, Enamorado De Ti, E...
Conjure One
Beyond Being, Center Of The Sun, Endless Dream, Extraordinary Way, Face The Music, Forever Lost, Into The Escape, Manic Star, One Word, Pilgrimage, Premonition,...
Conlee John
I Dont Remember Loving You
Connee Boswell
Lullaby of The Leaves
'74 - '75, 74 75, 74-75, 74-75 (Solo Ver 2), Fun And Games, Motel
Connels, the
'74 -'75, '74 -'75, '74-'75, 74-75, Any Day Now, Burden, Carry my Picture, Disappointed, Doin' You, Eyes on The Ground, Find Out, Fun And Games, Lay me Down, Mo...
Conner Sarah
From Sarah With Love
Connie Francis
Abends in Der Mondscheinallee, Barcarole in Der Nacht, Der Mond War Schuld Daran, Die Nacht Ist Mein, Du Musst Bleiben, Eine Insel Fuer Zwei, Es Ist So Schoen, ...
Connie Smith
(i'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again, (in The Valley) He Restoreth My Soul, A Picture Of Me Without You, A-Sleepin' At The Foot Of The Bed, Ain't Had No Lovin', ...
Connolly John
Dublin Lady
Connor T
A Little Bit of Cucumber, Hang on The Bell
Connors Tom
Blue Nose, Manitoba, Margos Cargo, Marten Hartwell Story, Sudbury Saturday Night, The Bridge Came Tumblin Down, The Hockey Song, The Ketchup Song, The Moon-man ...
Conny Froboess
Lady Sunshine Und Mister Moon
Conny Quick & The Teddybears
Kleben Ist Mein Leben
Conor Maynard
Vegas Girl, Turn Around, Animal
Conor Maynard feat. Ne-Yo
Turn Around
Ancient Winds, Angry Angel, Before It's Done, Endless Power, I Wanna Be With You, I'm Flying Back, I've Seen You In My Dreams, Motherland (Overture), The Last S...
Anal Probe, Few Words About Gandhi G, Superman Lamp, The Shower Song, Tool
Take My Heart
Brave Melvin From The Southern Point, Dominion Fails, Ephemera, Godmode, Moribund, Murder, Red Rum, Sin, Stahlhelm, The Darkest Black, The Truth, Truckload Of H...
Tool And Die, You Suck!
Act Your Part, Annabelle, Come Winter, Forward, I’ll Take The Rain, Mirrors, The Child Inside, The Dreamer
A Summer Not Remembered, Calm In Rain, Fighting For A New Life, Forever Seemed To Long, Side Your Smile, The Perfect Day, Traffic Stop
As Time Bleeds, At Any Cost, God After Me, I've Come To Rule, Metamorphosia, Moral In Corrosion, My Undying Hate, Repent, Through Parasite Eyes, To War
Consuelo Velazquez
Besame Mucho
A Twat Called Maurice, A.O.T., Bigger Shoe, Black And Blue, Brutal Tooth, Brutal Tooth, Butterside Down, Bye Bye Fatman, Bye Bye Fatman, Chop Suicide, Dear Jame...
Aggress, Ingest, Scratch, Turn of The Screw, We Believe
Conte Paolo
Bartali, Boogie, Colleghi Trascurati, Dal Loggione, Dragon, Eden, Genova Per Noi, Happy Feet, Ho Ballato di Tutto, Il Maestro, La Canoa di Mezzanotte, Lupi Spel...
Continental Drifters
A Song For You, Anything, Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway, Daddy Just Wants It To Rain, Darlin Darlin, Desperate Love, Don't Do What I Did, Drifte...
Continuum, Dance Again, Do we Remember?, Dream of a Star, Emotion Recall, Immortality, In a Human Race, Sinfonia en s, Sound Check, War Fare
Du Rubbade Min Existens, Kan Du LÅTa Mig
Control denied
Believe, Breaking the broken, Consumed, Cut down, Expect the unexpected, The fragile art of existence, What if...?, When the link becomes missing, Breaking The ...
Control Machete
¿Te Aprovechas del Limite_, ç·¾omprendes Mendez_, "Si Senor", Andamos Armados, Así Son Mís Dí, Asi Son Mis Dias, Cheve, Comprendes Mendes_, Control Machete, ...