Black Witchery
All evil, Fast as a shark, Hangman, I wanna be somebody, Neon knights, Purgatory, Raining, Riding on the wind, The executioner, The exorcist, The graveyard, The...
Cheezit Terrorist, Deception, Making Progress, One Of A Kind, Rhymes For The Deaf, Swan Lake, 40 Oz. For Breakfast, 4000 Miles, 40oz. For Breakfast, A 2 G, A To...
158, Days Passing Away, Goodbye Song (Cold Haroundan), Heartbeat, Lost In Time, Sitting By The River, Steal Away, Switch
Blank Memory, Headwound, Not Here, Out Of My Life, Outdone, Regrets, Silence Inside, Tomorrow, Under Myself, Wont Hurt Me
What You Got
Blackfield, Cloudy Now, Once, Open Mind, Perfect World, Scars, The Hole In Me, Where Is My Love_
Common Enemy, Downfall, Exile, Fence, Is This Justice, It Ain't Over, Level, Lying To Myself, Many Farms, No Control, One Nation Under, Overshadow, Painkiller, ...
Big Wheels, Born To Rock And Roll, Crossfire, Diary Of A Working Man, Diary Of A Workingman, Goin' In Circles, Guitar Slinger's Song And Dance, Heart's Grown Co...
Postmark Birmingham, A Kiss Is Worth A Thousand Words, Almost a Memory Now, Always Have, Always Will, Any Man With A Heartbeat, Bad Love Gone Good, Between Rag...
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings
Born To Be A Traveler, Heaven Knows Your Name, House Of Sin, If I Catch You Cryin', Swinging From The Chains Of Love, Tie Me At The Crossroads, Water Or Gasolin...
3800 (We're Unstoppable), Back And Forth, Brightest Son, Bruising Serenade, Coming Clean, Crossed Fingers, Do You Feel_, Finding Faith, Good Grief, How Quickly ...
Magical World
Blackmore Ritchie
All Things Are Quite Silent, Catherine Howard's Fate, Lovely Joan, Memmingen, Minstrel Hall, Spirit of The Sea, Stargazer, Still Im Sad, Temple Of The King, Unq...
Blackmore's Night
Avalon, Be mine tonight, Benzai-Ten, Castles and dreams, Catherine howard's fate, Fool's gold, Gone with the wind, Greensleeves, Magical World, March the heroes...
Ravehaert, Wonderfull tonight
Blackpool Lights
Blue Skies, Crash Sounds, Cursed By Yourself, Empty Tank, Goodnight To Romance, It's Never About What It's About, Lost Without You, Maybe Just Maybe, The Truth ...
Better The Devil, Game Over, Give Up The Ghost, New Song, Revolution Of The Heart, Rock And Roll Circus, Smile, Sound Of Silence, Thieves In Thie Night, Waste O...
(money Can't) Buy Me Love, Before I let you go, Black & Street Intro, Black & White, Buy Me Love (Money Can't), Call Me (Hip Hop Mix), Confused, Deep, Don't Lea...
Blackstreet/Dr. Dre/ Queen Pen
No Diggity
Black Funeral Holocaust, Carpathian Funeral, I Become A Werewolf Always, In The Glare Of Burning Oulugian Churches, Live In A Norway, Official Black Metal, Panz...
Come On, Don't See The Signs, Nobody Relates, Watchin' This Space
Blade Icewood
Boy Would U (Remix), Chips On Pistons, Fa Sho, Game On Lock, Ride On Me
Blahzay Blahzay
Danger, Medina's In Da House, Pain I Feel, Danger 2004, Danger, Pt. 2, Not Now
Blaine Larsen
At The Gate, Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me, Best Man, How Do You Get That Lonely, I Don't Know What She Said, I Don't Wanna Work That Hard, I'm In Love With A Mar...
Blake Babies
A Million Years, A Sweet Burger Lp, Alright, Baby Gets High, Better 'n You, Boiled Potato, Bye, Cesspool, Civil War, Dead And Gone, Disappear, Don't Suck My Bre...
Blake Norman
The Constitution March, You Are my Sunshine
Blake Shelton
All Over Me, Austin, Every Time I Look At You, If I Was Your Man, Ol Red, Problems At Home, Same Old Song, She Doesn't Know She's Got It, That's What I Call Hom...
Blame Featuring Ruff Sqwad
On My Own
Blame It On Rio
Begging For Acceptance, From The Beginning, Lenoir, Still I Am Nothing, What I Meant To Say
Casper City, Hamartia, Twenty Years, Two Legs, Wake Up, West
Blank & Jones
After Love, A Forest, A New Culture Is Born, After Love, Caress The Hardest Heart, Flying To The Moon, Fragile, Lonliness (Ft. Bobo), Mind Of The Wonderful, The...
Blank Logic
A New Heart, Christmas Song, Constant Struggle, Down Holiday, Everything's Gray, Forever Yours, Forgetting November, H.I.B., I Don't Wanna To Be Your Friend, I ...
Another Brick In The Wall, C'Est Moi, Ce Qu'On Se Doit, Ce Que Tu N'Es Pas, Celui Que J'Aime, D'O Je Viens, Danse Avec Les Vieux, Death Or Glory, Fatigu, Je N'A...
Blanks 77
Are We Having Fun Yet_, Automatic, Bastards, Burn It Down, Chelsea Girls, Crash & Burn, Do Or Die, Dog, Drag, Final Solution, Get Out Alive, Gimme Speed, Hit An...
808, 808 (Remix), Adore Me, As If, Blaque Intro, Bring it all to me, Bring It All To Me (Remix), Don't Go Looking for Love, I Do, I Do Remix 2000, Leny, Mind of...
Atomic Nuclear Desolation, Blasphemous Attack, Demoniac, Desecration, Emperor Of The Black Abyss, Fallen Angel Of Doom, Goddess Of Perversity, Gods Of War, Necr...
Look Me In My Eyes
Blasting All Rotten Fuckers
Le Ptit Poisson, Mouton Noir
Berkeley Is My Baby (And I Wanna Kill It), Blatz To The Future, California, Chuck, Cockroach Cafe, Fuk New York, Fuk Shit Up, Homemade Speed, Hustler, Nausea, R...
Esplodere, L'ultima Parola, La Legge Di Max, Lucido D'incertezza, Mi Confondo, Milano Solo Andata, Nuvoledraghi, Rido E Piango
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Hood Ratz
Blazin' Squad
'Flip Reverse', All About The Music, Biggest Fan, Bounce, Crossroads, Dirty, How Blazin' Rolls, I Belong To You, I understand, In Your Eyes, Love On The Line, O...
Blazing Eternity
(Don't) Tell The World, A World To Drown In, Concluding The Dive Of Centuries, Cover Me With Your Eyes, Dark Summernights Of Eternal Twilight, Dead Inside, En N...
All That's Sweet, All to You, Almost To Late, Andy's Doin' Time, Astronomy, Baseline, Breakthrough, Broke In The Head, Cannonball, Cannonball, Celebrate, Child ...
Any Given Day, Burns Inside, Crossword, Don't Touch, Fate (feat. Ana Johnsson), Good Girl, M, Modual, Play, Silvertigo, Stains, What You Are, [9]
Bleed The Dream
A Killer Inside, A Smile For Judas, Be There, Beaten And Blindfolded, Black Skys, Broken Wings, Confessions, Considering, This Time It Was Me, Destroying Somet...
Bleed The Sky
Borrellia Mass, Division, Gated, God In The Frame, Killtank, Leverage, Minion, Paradigm In Entropy, Skin Un Skin, The Martyr
Bleeding Kansas
Dig Your Own Grave
Bleeding Through
City Of The Condemned, Confession, Dead Like Me, Dearly Demented, For Love And Failing, Hemlock Society, I Dream Of July, Ill Part 2, Ill Part Two, Insomniac, J...
Blessed By A Broken Heart
Carry On, Cellar Door, Courting Marry, Dont Stop, Omg!, Sawing My Head Off, Serial Thriller, Show Me What You Got, Side By Side, Some Kind Of Wonderful, That Kn...
Blessed In Sin
De Profundis Tristitia, Erzebeth, Melancholia, Princesse, Remembrances, Under The Veil Of Isis, Wisdom
Blessid Union Of Souls
Hey Leonardo, Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me), If She Couldn't Sleep, It's Your Day, Light In Your Eyes, Real Good Friends, Scenes From A Coffee House (You'l...
A Message To The Unknown, Black Rose Dying, Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad, Higinia, His Last Walk, Pray, Pray (Diff Version_), Rise Up, Times Like These, With ...
3's A Charm, Call Girl, Could Be Worse, Distracted, Don't Let It Go, Feet Don't Fail, Goodbye Innocence, I Won't Go Hollywood, It's Not Over, Make Me, Nothin' W...
Blige Mary
Give You me, My Love, Sweet Thing, What's The 411, You Remind me
Blind Blake
Ditty Wah Ditty, Police Dog Blues
Blind Boy Fuller
Big House Bound, Cat Man Blues, Flyin' Airplane Blues, It Doesn't Matter Baby, Little Woman You're so Sweet, Lost Lover Blues, Meat Shakin' Woman, Stingy Mama, ...
Blind Boys of Alabama
11th Commandment, Church House Steps, Church On Time, Mother Pray, Picture of Jesus, Satisfied Mind, Take My Hand, There Will Be a Light, Well Well Well, Where ...
Blind Date
Your Hearts Keeps Burning
Blind Dog
Back Off, Be The Same, Don't Ask Me Where I Stand, Fading Memories, Follow The Fools, Iron Cage, Let It Go, There Must Be Better Ways Of Losing Your Mind, Unsel...
Blind Faith
Can't Find my Way Home, Cant Find my Way Home, Cant Find My Way Home, Do What You Like, Had to Cry Today, Had To Cry Today, In The Presence of The Lord, Presenc...
Blind Guardian
A dark passage, Age Of False Innocence, Altair 4, And the story ends, And Then There Was Silence, Another Holy War, Ashes to ashes, Barbara Ann, Battalions Of F...
Blind Melon
2 X 4, All That I Need, Carseat (God's Presents), Change, Dear 'Ol Dad, Deserted, Drive, Dumptruck, Galaxie, Glitch, Hell, Holyman, I Wonder, John Sinclair, Lem...
Blind Myself
Apple, Black Magic Bitch, Bullets, Center Of Everything, Circle Of Pain, Crabs, Cry Of The Earth, Half-Breed Hand, Heart, Heaven't, Innocent's Hell, Kain, Kick ...
Blind Passengers
Born to Die, Walking to Heaven
Blind Radio
Blind Stare
All For The Unspoken, An Insane's Diary Pt. II, Central Theory, Ender, My Black Letter, Shotgun Symphony, Statues And The Worldends, The Silent Song, Thornheart...
Blind Zero
Tomorrow Is a Promise
Blinded By Faith
A Perfect Imperfection, A Slumber In Cobwebs, Behind The Placid Mask Of The Starlit Cosmos, Burning Rebellion, My Burnt Wings, Reptilian Shudders, Submit To The...
Blinded Colony
Anno Domini 1224, Contagious Sin, Demoniser Dclxvi, Discrown The Holy, Kingdom Of Pain, Legacy (Slaves In The Name Of Christ), Lifeless Dominion, Selfobtained P...
Blinding Light (the)
Alive, Ammunition, Earth Razor, Hydrant, I Can't Slow Down, Routine Seizure, Snake Killer
Blindmans Holiday
Boots of Persuasion (bryan Mccann, Chris Jennings), Boots Reprise (bryan Mccann, Chris Jennings), Born Yesterday (chris Jennings), Chief Joseph (brian Bongo D...
Across Waters, Act, As You Walk, Born, Caught A Glimpse, Close, Coming Back To Life, Cute Boring Love, Daughter, Empty Box, In The Air Of Truth, Invert, King Of...
Blank, Mind Dependency, Plastic Shadow, Suffocate, Suit
Adam's Song, All The Small Things, Anthem Part ii, Carousel, Dammit, Damnit, M+ms, Sometimes, Touchdown Boy, Waggy (song 6 Dude Ranch)
Blink 182
13 Miles, 21 Days, A New Hope, Acoustic Bonus Track, Adams Song, Aliens Exist, All the Small Things, Alone, Always, Anthem, Anthem Pt.2, Apple Shampoo, Asthenia...
Blink The Star
All Dreamed Out, Below The Sliding Doors, Bicycle Freedom, Black Eyes, Dull Care, Bluish Boy, Bourgeois Kitten, Crazy Eyes, Earman, Flite Song, I Am A Fraction...
Adams Song, First Date
5 Minute, As Fi Vrut Sa Mai Stai, Doar Tu Esti
Bliss 66
Ain't This The Feeling, Crazy Nights, Defense, Do It Again, Far Away, If We Could, Letting Go, Life Is, Live, Not Quite Paradise, Paramont, Sooner Or Later, Tri...
Bliss N Eso
Bliss Team
People Have The Power
Day By Day
Ain't Looking For Love, All Dressed Up, B-Boys Bop, Devotion, Enjoy Me Now, Friday Night, Get Ready For The Show, Hey Boys, I Don't Wanna Be A Working Stiff, I ...
Aching Shadows, Bettys Psychedelic Spanish Teacher, Blizzard, Bloody Blizzard, Cocaine, Iron Man, It's Only Love, Mangled Dreams, Msh, Pillow Of Kisses, Psy Sic...
Bloc Party
Always New Depths, American Kids, Banquet, Banquet (Dance Remix), Blue Light, Cells Shaped Like Stars, Compliments, Helicopter, Hero, Hunting For Witches, I Sti...
A.C.T., Dead Men Working, Dreamland, Enmeshed, Ephemeral, Face Yourself, Make Up Your Mind!, Hide Your Face, It Will Eat You, Lamenting Spirit, Logic Of Chaos,...
Angels From Future, As The Rain & The Rainbow, Behind The Mirror, By My Side, Evil's Souls, Kid Warrior, Last Battle, Liberty, Lord Of The Final Sin, Raging Pla...
A Blaze In The Winter Night, As Darkness Prevail, Blinded By Fire, Crossing Spheres Of Fire, Deciple Of Thy Darkened Ways, Goddess Of Life Eternal, I SpåR Av J...
A Bolder Race, Crusher Ov Covens, Desolate, Divine Perversion, Dreadnought, Famine Pulse, Grim Disturbance, Grimness, Karmafrost, Menacing Dark Relentless, Pois...
Bloem De Ligny
Amberine, Armage, Blue Nix, Capsule, Cells, Cherubine, Fingiecrookie, Ice And Angels, Pink Serenity, Pirates, Twinky, Zink
Blik op oneindig, Buit, De duivel in het bloed, De schaduw van de brug, Dichterbij Dan Ooit, Droomkoningin, Hand op mijn hart, Heel beheerst, (Hier) Aan De Kust...
Hey Boy, Hey Boy (Get Your Ass Up), I Want What I Want, I'm Callin U, Life Like This, Stay Outta My Way, Turn You On To Music, Uh La La La, Who I Am_, Wid Out Y...
Blonde Redhead
(I Am Taking Out My Eurotrash) I Still Get Rocks O, 23, A Cure, Anticipation, Astro Boy, Bipolar, Chi É E Non É, Distilled, Doll Is Mine, Dr. Stra...
(Can I Find) The Right Words (To Say), (I'm Always Touched) By Your Presence Dear, 11:59, A Shark In Jets Clothing, Accidents Never Happen, Angel Eyes, Angels O...
Blondin Jan
Ai Gresit, Atat De Aproape, Cu Tine Vreau Sa Traiesc, Dansez, Dulce Si Amar, Iubeste-Ma, Mi-Ai Promis, Nu Meriti Dragostea Mea, Nu-I Vina Mea, Plec In Vacanta, ...
Blondy Feat Rominesc
Multe Lacrimi Cristaline
Carapace, Grandeur Et Decadence, La Lumiere, La Sueur, Le Silence Est D’or, Perime _, Soleil, Warfare