Billy Idol
(Do Not) Stand In The Shadow, Adam In Chains, All Summer Single, Baby Talk, Beyond Belief, Bitter Pill, Blue Highway, Buried Alive, Catch My Fall, Come On Come ...
Billy Joe Royal
Down In The Boondocks, A Place For The Heartache, A Ring Where A Ring Used To Be, Before The Night Is Over, Bring It On Home To Me, Burn Like A Rocket, Cherry H...
Billy Joel
52nd Street, A Matter Of Trust, All About Soul, Allentown, An Innocent Man, And So It Goes, Angry Young Man, Baby Grand, Back In The USSR, Big Man On Mulberry S...
Billy Madison
Suntan Lotion
Billy Mo
Ich Kauf´ Mir Lieber Einen Tirolerhut
Billy More
Come On And Do It (Saturdaynightlife), Gimme Love, I Keep On Burnin', Loneliness, The New Millenium Girl, Try Me, Up & Down (Don't Fall In Love With Me), Up And...
Billy Ocean
Calypso Crazy, European Queen (Caribbean Queen), There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry), Caribbean Queen (no More Love on The Run), Caribbean Queen, Get Outta ...
Billy Paul
Your Song, Me And Mrs. Jones, Only The Strong Survive
Billy Pilgrim
Sweet Louisiana Sound
Billy Preston
Music Man
Billy Rankin
A Day In The Life, Baby Come Back, Baby's Got A Gun, Burning Down, Call Me Automatic, I Wanna Be Alone Tonight, Never In A Million Years, Rip It Up, Think I'm I...
Billy Ray Cyrus
Couldve Been Me, When Im Gone, Achy Breaky Heart, A Heart With Your Name On It, A Pain In The Gas, Ain't No Good Goodbye, Ain't Your Dog No More, All I'm Thinki...
Billy Sawn
Everything's the Same (Ain't Nothing Changed)
Billy Sprague and Niles Borop
Via Dolorosa
Billy Squire
'Til It's Over, (Another) 1984, (I Put A) Spell On You, (L.O.V.E.) Four Letter Word, 42nd Street, All Night Long, All We Have To Give, Alone In Your Dreams (Don...
Billy Strayhorn
Take The "a" Train
Billy Swan & Kris Kristofferson
Lover Please
Billy Talent
Celebrity, Cut The Curtains, How It Goes, Lies, Line And Sinker, Living In The Shadows, Nothing To Lose, Prisoners Of Today, River Below, Standing In The Rain, ...
Billy Thorpe
Children of The Sun, Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy)
Billy Vera & Judy Clay
Country Girl, City Man
Billy Walker
All I Have To Offer You Is Me, Alone With You, Amigo's Guitar, Ancient History, Anything Your Heart Desires, Blizzard, Blue Moonlight, Bouquet Of Roses, Cattle ...
Billy Ze Kick
Course Dans Le Park, L'adjudant Gereux, Ma Petite DÉPression, Mangez-moi! Mangez-moi!, O.C.B.
Lighted Candle
Binary Star
Binary Shuffle, Conquistadors, Evolution Of Man, Glen Close, Honest Expression, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (Part 1), I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (Part ...
Bing Crosby
True Love, A Ghost of a Chance, Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive, Amor, Aren't You Glad You're You, Baia, Be Careful Its My Heart, Blue Hawaii, Blue Skies, Brother...
Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters
Along The Navajo Trail
Bini & Martini
As The End Of The World, Deep, Don't Say Goodbye Say Goodnight, Everything Turns, Fire Burns Bright, Gone Away, Let Me Fly So Long, Never, Paradise Club, Wait U...
Binsey Poplars
Bloat, Spoons
Bio Killaz
Bang Bang, Be Kind 2 Your Budz, Break Away, Bulletproof Revisited (Featuring Bugzee Malone &Am, Dead Sea Walk (Slangin' Bulletz Remix), Don't Even Know, Finger ...
Abandon In Place, All For None, Authority, Better Days, Black And White And Red All Over, Blue Blood, Breakdown, Business, Camouflage, Chamber Spins Three, Cycl...
Absolution - Part 1: Final offence, Absolution - Part 2: From the abyss, Assualter, DNA Metastasis, Enemy within, Long time dead, Regenerated, Relinquished dest...
Aftermath, As I Bleed, Chemical Dream, Dollhouse, Having It All, Miscomm, Path, Take You Down, The Cause
Bird York
Bought A Gun, Breathe Deeply, Come Be With Me, Come Home, Had A Dream, Haunting You, Have No Fear, I'm Not Laughing Anymore, In The Deep, Lovely Thing, Never Go...
Youth of America
100 Million Dollars, Championship Pop Bottles, Get It All Together, Get Your Shine On, Ghetto Life, Neck Of The Woods, Out The Ghetto, Pop Bottles, Smoke Out, S...
Birds Of Wales
Everynight, Fall Of The 49, Life, My Lady; In July, Sicamous, T-shirt, Tin Soldier, White Dress
People Help The People, Radioactive
A little famous, Few Like You, A Little Famous, Alright, Born Again, Cruising, Fake, Few Like You, I Know, I Know, I Own You, Intro (Live In Bunnik, 1982), Jus...
Gamma Ray
Action And Drama, Am I Loud Enough_, Antiseptic Poetry, Are You Ready_, Automatic Freestyle, Beats At The Office, Burn The Suit, Caustic Sofa, Chicago, Cinema S...
U Know U Ghetto, True Crimes
Bishop Elvin
Fooled Around And Fell in Love
Bishop Of Hexen
Crossing The Borders Between Light & Darkness, Diaries Of Primeval Tragedies, Installment Of Triumph, Journeys, Lure My Spelled Emotions, The Fascinating, The S...
Bishop Stephen
(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet, Across The Sea To You, Bish's Hideaway, Careless, Dive Into The Pool Of Love, Dreams Of Someday, Everybody Needs Love, I Go Numb, ...
Bisso Na Bisso
Bisso Na Bisso, Dans La Peau D'un Chef, Tata Nzamb
Bitch & Animal
33 Zen Lane, Best Cock On The Block, Black Eyed Girl, Blah Do Blay, Boy Girl Wonder, By Morning, Climbing, Croquet, Dog Grab Dog, Don't Do Crystal, Drag King Ba...
Bitch Alert
Bikini, Blonde, Kids In America(Kim Wilde Cover), Latenight Lullaby, Sandy, Selling Hugs
Bitter Suite
Run With Me
Bitter Sweet
Bittersweet Faith, Dirty Laundry, Don't Forget To Breathe, Moody, Moving Forward, Our Remains, Overdue, Salty Air, Take 2 Blue, The Mating Game
10 Degete, Bagaboanta, Cantecul Si Povestea Lui, Concluzii (Corectata), Daca Vrei, Dialog In Fata Postei, Moarte Ficatului, Momento Mori, Musikk For A Elsek Deg...
Bitza Feat Butch
Razboi In Doi
Biz Markie
Family Tree, Just A Friend, Nobody Beats The Biz, Pickin Boogers, Vapors, Cool V's Tribute To Scratching, Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz, A Thing Named Ki...
Bad Day, Coming Home, Doctor Doctor, Down Low, Fat Father, Fuck Your Life, Get The Dick, Get The Dick (Raw Mix), Gospel Weed Song, I'm In Love Withchu, I'm In L...
The Dragon, Tsr (Toilet Stool Rap), What Comes Around Goes Around
N-A Fost Sa Fie
Bizzy Bone
(The Roof Is) On Fire, All Good, All In Togehter, All In Together, Bb Da Thug, Be Careful, Before I Go, Better Run, Better Hide, Bizzy's Lil' Speech ( Where He...
BJ Thomas
(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song, A Southern Girl On A Summer Night, America Is, As Long As We Got Each Other, Away In The Manger,...
107 Steps, 5 Years, Aeroplane, Alarm Call, All Is Full Of Love, All Neon Like, Army Of Me, Bachelorette, Big Time Sensuality, Come To Me, Cover Me, Crying, Cval...
Björn Afzelius
Arvidsson Pе Svetsen, Balladen Om K, Brukshotellet, Galakvдll, Hцg Tid, Jag Gеr Med Dej, Luffarblues, Tre Gеvor, Älska Mej Nu, Absolut Solar Plexus, Amerika, D...
Björn Rosenström
Anders Och Jag, Balladen Om En Grillbit, Brunnsparken, Conny, Bobby Och Ronny Men Mest Larsa, Dra Ner Din Rullgardin, Du Och Jag Jerker, Egon, En Gång Är Ingen...
BjöRns VäNner
Åkrar Och Himmel, Flyttlass, Kvar På Film, Ser Jag Ut Att Må Bra_, Stoppa Porren, Vad Ska Jag Med Ett Foto På Dig_, Visa Mig
Bjшrn Eidsvеg
Blyge Blomar
Blac Haze
Du U Wanna Ride, Like What, I Remember Mom, I'mma Die A Husla
Blue, Everything's Coming Up Roses, Finder, Hardly Star-Crossed Lovers, I Can Laugh About It Now, I Just Grew Tired, I'm Not Afraid, It's Not You Lady Jane, Lea...
Black 47
40 Shades Of Blue, American Wake, Black 47, Black Rose, Blood Wedding, Bobby Sands Mp, Brooklyn Girls, Brooklyn, Goodbye, Change, Czechoslovakia, Danny Boy, Di...
Black Abyss
Damnation, Dark Legacy, Pure Evil, Rebellion, Shadows Of The Past, The Messenger, Unholy War, When Angels Wear Black
Black Attack
Black Bomb A
Born To Die, Burn, Double, Down, Everlast, Fine Talkers, Get Out Da Bastards, Hostile Infection, Human Circus, Judge, Law's Phobia, Legalize Me, Look At The Pai...
Black Box
Ride On Time (Massive Mix), Dreamland, Everybody Everybody, Everybody Everybody (Le Freak Mix), Everybody Everybody (Rockapella), Ghost Box, Hold On, I Don't Kn...
Black Buddafly
Bad Girl, If U Want It, Rock-A-Bye, Sheets And Pillows
Black Countess
A Melody Of Coming Nightmare, Black Countess' Erotic Poetry, Carpathian Legends, Desire, Escape To Nowhere, Female Masturbation For My Ill-Natured Pleasure, In ...
Black Dawn
A Horned Moon Rising, A Hymn To Grand Darkness, Blood For Satan, Enemy Of The Day, Graverape Ritual, Of Blackest Witchcraft, Pitbound (The 4th Trial Of Acolyte)...
Black Eyed Peas
Meet Me Halfway, I Gotta Feeling, Imma Be, Boom Boom Pow, Rock That Body, The Time (Dirty Bit), Just Can't Get Enough, Don't Stop The Party
Black Eyed Peas 5
I Gotta Feeling
Black Eyed Peas 6
I Gotta Feeling
Black Eyed Peas Feat. Macy Gray
Request + Line
Black Flag
American Waste, Annihilate This Week, Annihilate This Week, Annihilate This Week, Annihlate This Week, Bastard in Love, Bastard in Love, Beat My Head Against Th...
Bläck Föös
Nur Mehr Zwei, Bye Bye, my Love, Drink Doch Einen Met, Et Spanien Lied, Katrin, Drink Doch Eine Met, Frankreich, Frankreich
Black Happy
3-day Weekend (at Rancho Bebop), A. Bedini, Basically Wrong, Black Radio, Bubbles, Bullmonkey, Chicken in a Biscuit, Garlic, Holly Would, Moflo, Mrs. Berri, Mys...
Black Lab
Keep Myself Awake, All The Money In The World, Black Eye, Bring It On, Can't Keep The Rain, Dreaming In Color, Gates Of The Country, Gates Of The Country, Gone,...
Black Label Society
13 Years Of Grief, 13 Years Of Grief, Ain't Life Grand, Aint Life Grand, All For You, All For You, America The Beautiful, America The Beautiful, Battering Ram, ...
Black Legend
You See The Trouble With Me
Black Lodge
Cube, Dissonance, Mortal, Mother Urge, Tower Inertia, Travesty
Black Majesty
A Better Way To Die, Beyond Reality, Colliding Worlds, Darkened Room, Destination, Dragon Reborn, Fall Of The Reich, Firestorm, Guardian, Journey's End, Lady Of...
Black market farts
B.m.f. Main Theme, Cbc Morning Trilogy
Black Messiah
A New Messiah, Blutsbruder, Bury The Lambs Of Christ, Christenfeind, Der Eid, Feld Der Ehre, Götterdämmerung, My Way to Asgaard, Riding The Drakkar
Black Moon
Black Smif, Buck Em Down (Da Beatminerz Remix), How Many Mc's., I Got Cha Opin (Remix), Murder Mc's, Powaful Impak, Shit Iz Real, Showdown, Slave, The Onslaught...
Black My Heart
Antonio Ricci, Before The Devil, Did It All, Remember Me, Thick As Blood, Tick Tock, We Weren't Brought Up Right, What You Know About
Black Omen
Black Candle, Elegy Of Infernal Angels, Fall Season, Gate Of Darkness, Gothic Ceremony, Revenge Of Vampire, Under The Armageddon's Sky, When The Sun Rises
Black Project
Announcement Song, Die OWA-Buben, Ein Coach namens Schleifer, Ox, Sportfreunde Schneeberg I, Unser Sven
Black Rob
I Dare U, Jasmine, Life Story, Thug Story, You Don't Know Me, B.L.A.C.K., B.r., Can i Live, Down The Line Joint, Espacio, Lookin at us, Muscle Game, Pd World To...
Black Sabbath
Paranoid, A National Acrobat, After All (The Dead), After Forever, Air Dance, All Moving Parts (Stand Still), Am I Going Insane, Am I Going Insane (Radio), Anci...
Black Sheep
Are You Mad, Bbs, Black With Nv, Blunted 10, Butt In The Meantime, Flavor Of The Month, Gimme The Finga, Go To Hail, Have Une Pull, La Menage, Lasm, On The Wall...
Black Star
Astronomy (8th Light), B Boys Will B Boys, Brown Skin Lady, Children's Story, Hater Players, K O S (Determination), Respiration, Respiration (Flying High Mix), ...
Black Stone Cherry
Backwoods Gold, Big City Lights, Crosstown Woman, Hell & High Water, Lonely Train, Maybe Someday, Rain Wizard, Rollin' On, Shooting Star, Tired Of Rain, Violato...
Black Swan
Autumn In Eden, Into The Sea Of Sorrow, Mist, The Travastian Parade, The Withering Flower Of Life, To Behold The Sky Of Flames, Under Cloak And Hood, When The A...
Black Train Jack
Alright Then, Back up, Dosen't Matter, Guy Like me, Handouts, Handouts, Leapfrog, Mad Doll, My Disciple, No Reward, Not Alone, One Love, Regrets, Someday, That ...
Black Unicorn
Blue Lips Under Green Grass, Katy, Mr. Jonesy, Nothing Else In Between, Radio Dial, The Whitest Shoes, Watch Out!