Blow, Laughter Crescendo
Basstoy feat. Dana
Basta, Gorod 312 & You Tube Orchestra
Bastian Baker
Bastian Van Shield
With Dust
Bastino feat. [email protected]
Ti Si Sve
Again And Again
Basto & Yves V
Basto feat. Yves V
Again And Again
Barre Pt. 3, Barre Pt.4, Bat-Taglia, Can'T Take This, Devo Rischiare, Il Branco, L'Ultima Chance, La Fazione Vigila, Ogni Giorno, Parli Di Me Pt.2, Riprendiamoc...
Batdorf and Rodney
Home Again, Inner Poor Man's Dreams
Armageddon, Bestial Lust (Bitch), Blood On Ice, Born For Burning, Gods Of Thunder Of Wind And Of Rain, Hades, In Conspiracy With Satan, Man Of Iron, Necromansy,...
Bathtub Shitter
Be Shatter Proof, Control Of Own Hole, Escapism To Refresh, Fireworks, Fuck Hip Raper, Holy Song For You, Hot Shit Hits Maximum, Introduction - Sea Of Filth, Li...
Battiato Franco
I Cancelli Della Memoria, ...Ein Tag Aus, 23 Coppie Di Cromosomi, A Cell, A La Memoria De Giulia, Accetta Il Consiglio, Agnus, Agnus Dei, Alexander Platz, Amada...
Beautiful Dynasty, Children, Damascus, Demons, Easy To Listen To, Feel The Same, I Am The Driver, I Never Stopped, Isabelle, North Sea, One More Night, Oxygen, ...
Battlefield Band
From Here to There
Attack Of The Orcs, Buccaneers Inn, Chazad-Dum Pt. 2 (Silent Caverns), Dragonslayer, Forked Height, Sons Of Riddermark, Starlight Kingdom, Sword's Song, The Cur...
Angelfire, Armageddon Arrives, Darkened Descendants, Forever Laid In Chains, Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft, Retrobution, Snow And Ice And Demonmight, The Dawn ...
Battlerage, Covered In The Blood Of The Gods, Cult Of Doom, Heavy Metal Axe, Spawn Of Terror, The Nameless One, Wage The Demon War
Almuric, Battleroar, Berzerker, Dragonship, Egyptian Doom, Megaloman, Morituri Te Salutant, Mourning Sword, Swordbrothers, Victorious Path
1. David Jay 2. Peter Murphy 3. Kevin Haskins 4. Daniel Ash, A God In An Alcove, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, Antonin Artaud, Bela Lugosi's Dead, Boys, Bu...
Baumann Peter
Be Mine, Cash, Glass House, Ground Zero, King of The Jungle, Metro Man, Strangers in The Night, Taxi, Time Machine, Welcome
All In, Boss Level, Come On, Feel It, Denouement, Do The Choo Choo, Exceptional Affair, Take What's Mine, The Perfect Day, Turn Up The Good
A Vita Bassa, Arriva Lo Ye-yé, Arrivederci, Beethoven O Chopin_, Bouquet, Cin Cin, Cinecittà, Cronaca Nera, Cuore Di Tenebra, E.n., Gomma, I Provinciali, Il Cor...
Bavaar Tony
I Talk to The Trees
All Of My Pride, Ballad Of Behaviour, Breathe In Breathe Out, Can't, Don't Have A Choice, Fading, Gonna Make It There, Got To Wake Up, I Can't See Why, I'm Here...
Bay City Rollers
Don't Stop the Music, I Only Want to Be With You, Jenny Gotta Dance, Another Rainy Day In New York City, Bye Bye Baby, Dedication, Give a Little Love, I Only Wa...
Bay Laurel
A Lighter Of Sperm, A Misery Song, Anxiety, Apart, At Night, Away, Black Candles, Black Dove, Bleeding Tears, Blue, Celestial Signs, Down The Hall, Dream Foreve...
Bayer Thommie
Der Letzte Cowboy
(Pop)Ular Science, A Long December, A Rite Of Passage, A Synonym For Acquiesce, Advance Letter Goodbye, Alcohol And Alter Boys, Answers We'll Never Get, Ask For...
Baywatchclan, The
Bad Gisi Girl
i Only Want To Be With You
Baz Luhrman
Everybody's free (to wear sunscreen)
Baz Luhrmann
Everybody's free (to wear sunscreen) - dtsch. Übersetzung, Everybody's Free, I'm Losing You, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
Bazar Matia
I Feel You
Kaj Dugaja, Vi љMekoidioti
BB (Les)
Cavalière, Comme Un Loup, Donne-moi Ma Chance, Et Tourne Le Vent, Fais Attention, Il Est Seul, Je N'aurai Pas Le Temps, Je Tends Les Bras, L'âge Fou, L'Éternel ...
Children in Need
After All Is Said And Done, Again, Back Here, Can't Say, Emily's Song, Get You Through The Night, Ghost Of You And Me, I Can Tell, I Still Believe, I'm Not In L...
BBS & DJ Andy B
Dama Dam
Bbs Paranoicos
BC Camplight
Blood And Peanut Butter
BDP (Boogie Down Productions)
100 Guns, 13 And Good, 30 Cops Or More, 7 Dee Jays, 9mm Goes Bang, Beef, Blackman In Effect, Bo Bo Bo, Breath Control, Build And Destroy, Criminal Minded, Dope ...
Be Bop Deluxe
Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape, Darkness (L'Immoraliste), Fair Exchange, Heavenly Homes, Jet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus, Jets At Dawn, Night Creatures, ...
Be Good Tanyas
Dogsong2, Hello Love, House Of The Rising Sun, I Wish My Baby Was Born, In My Time Of Dying, It's Not Happening, Junkie Song, Lonesome Blues, Midnight Moonlight...
Be Your Own Pet
Adventure, Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle, Bunk Trunk Skunk, Damn Damn Leash, Electric Shake, Fill My Pill, Fire Department, Fuuuuuun, Girls On Tv, Hillmont...
Beady Belle
Airing, April Fool, Bella, Big Balloon, Consolatory Dance, Drawback, Ghosts, Goldilocks, Hindsight, In A Good Way, Irony, Lose And Win, Mobile Bubble, Moderatio...
Beamer Brothers
Honolulu City Lights, Only Goodtimes
Agnst By Numbers, Army Of Me, Bite The Hand, Chubb, Desire Of The Son Of Morning, Disturbed, Dynamic Lifter, Face I Paint, Freesignal, Happy Dispatch, Ill Minde...
Beanie Sigel
Beanie (Mack Bitch), Die, Everybody Wanna Be A Star, For My Niggaz, Gangsta Gangsta, I Don't Do Much, Mac Man, Man's World, Mom Praying, Nothing Like It, Ride 4...
Bear Vs. Shark
5, 6 Kids, Antwan, Baraga Embankment, Bloodgiver, Broken Dog Leg, Campfire, Catamaran, Don't Tell The Horses The Stable's On Fire, Entrance Of The Elected, Hea...
Black Witchcraft, Burnt At His Altar, Energumen, Enter The Chasm, Into The Burning Pit Of Hell, Pentagram Sacrifice, Recrucifixion, Satanic Supremacy, Summoning...
Beastie Boys
3, 3 The Hard Way, 3-Minute Rule, Alive, All Lifestyles, Alright Hear This, An Open Letter To NYC, And Me, B-Boys Makin With the Freak Freak, Believe Me, Bodhis...
Beasty Boys
Body Movin, Fight for your right (to party)
Beat Box
Can't Take My Eyes Off You, What A Wonderful World
Beat Farmers
Happy Boy, Make it Last, The Girl i Almost, Where do They go
Beat Happening
Knick Knack
Beat The Clock
Could i Borrow
Somebody's Watching Me, Superfreak
Let It Be
Beatles Revival Band, The
Ausflipper (Day Tripper), Bleib (Girl), Das War Ein Harter Tag, Du Wirst Seh'n (Let it Be), Eleonor Rigby, Geh Heim (Get Back), Gestern, Hey Jude, ICH FÜHL MICH...
40 Oz, Are You Ready, Beatnuts Forever, Do You Believe, Engineer Talking Shit, Find That, Get Funky, Give Me The Ass, Hellraiser, Hit Me With That, I Love It, I...
Beatnuts and Cuban Link, Big Punisher
Off The Books
Beatrk, Last Dawn, Returning After A Death, To Feel The End Near
Beatriz Adriana
Alegre Y Enamorada, Ando Llena De Alegria, Arrepentida Y Sola, Ay Amor Ingrato, El Cofrecito, El Macho Panzon, La Basurita, La Reyna Es El Rey, Mira Nomas, No A...
Beatriz Luengo
'africa, 60s, Ain't No Mountains, Angelito, Aquarius, Dos Gardenias, Escape, Frica, Hit Lerele, How Deep Is Your Love, It's Raining Men, Joyful Joyful, Lejos De...
Go, ...And Wait, 2 O'clock, 48 49, A-Way, Above Us, Ain't Complaining, Aint Complaining, Atomic Love, Barfrau, Big Attack, Change, Different Ways, Disconnected,...
Beaucoup Fish
Mi Sento Più Leggero, Nella Pioggia
Beautiful Creatures
1 A.M., Blacklist, Goin' Off, I Got It All, Kick Out, Kickin' For Days, New Orleans, Ride, Time And Time Again, Wasted, Wish, Wish
Beautiful South
36d, 36d, 36d, A Little Time, A Little Time, A Little Time, Bell Bottomed Tear, Bell-bottomed Tear, Bell-Bottomed Tear, Domino Man, Domino Man, Domino Man, Dont...
Beauty And The Beast
A Change In Me, A Cut Above The Rest (Beauty And The Beast - The E, A Gift To You (Beauty And The Beast - One Magical, As Long As There's Christmas, Be Our Gues...
At The Mirrorpalace, Circumnavigation, End Of A Rope, Hourglass, I Reckon, Immaterialised, Interstate, Liberator, Nine Lifes, Private Stash, Repossessed, Static...
Beavis & Butthead
99 Ways to Die, Bounce, Come to Butt-head, Deuces Are Wild, I am Hell, I Got You Babe, I Hate Myself And Want to Die, Information, Looking Down The Barrel of a ...
Beavis John
Cigarettes, Hallelujah Breakfast, Love's Fools, Time Was, To Change my Mind
Como los olivos, Ska de la tierra, Con Mis Manos, Cuidándote, Desconfias, El Golpe, Ella, Malo, Men Señará, Razones, Revolvió, Siempre Me Quedará, Siete Horas, ...
Bebe Lilly
Allo Papy, Halo Dziadku, La Jungle Des Animaux, Les BÊTises, Les Btises
Altes Haus
Bebo Norman
A Page Is Turned, All That I Have Sown, Amazing Love, Angel Fire, Back To Me, Be My Covering, Beautiful You, Big Blue Sky, Borrow Mine, Break Me Through, Bring ...
Beborn Beton
Ambush, Angel One, Bittersweet, Conspiracy, Deeper Than The Usual Feeling, Earth, Eisplanet, Game of Fools, Im Innern Einer Frau, Life is a Distance, Mantrap, M...
Becaud Gilbert
Auf Der Insel Nirgendwo, C'est En Septembre, Charlie, T'iras Pas Au Paradis, DÉSirÉE, Et Maintenant, Il Y A Des Moments Si Merveilleux, Je Partirai, Je Reviens...
Beccy Cole
Wild At Heart
11.6.45, 8.4.82, 8.6.82, Alcohol, All In Your Mind, Already Dead, Aphid Manure Heist, Asshole, Asskizz Powergrudge (payback '94!), Atmospheric Conditions, Bad E...
Beck feat Jon Brion
Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
Beck Jeff
Above the Clouds with Cyndi Lauper, All Shook Up, Ambitious, Beck's Bolero, Becks Bolero, Blue Wind, Blues Deluxe, Brush With The Blues, Come Out Dancing, Earth...
Diamond dogs
Becker Jason
Dweller In The Cellar, Higher, Higher, Mables Fatal Fable, Perpetual Burn, Serrana, Altitudes, Mabels Fatal Fable, Paganinis 5th Caprice
Beckmann & Brühne
Schenk mir Liebe
Beckmann & Mackeben
Bel Ami
Beckstroem Lars Fredrik
Den Feite
Becoming The Archetype
Autopsy, Balance Of Eternity (The Physics Of Fire Pt 4), Beyond Adaption, Construct And Collapse, Denouement, Endure, Epoch Of War (The Physics Of Fire Pt 3), E...
Bed & Breakfast
Forever My Girl, I'll be there for you, Let My Dreams Come True, Stay Together, You Made Me Believe in Magic, Every Time
Bedlight For Blueeyes
Christmas Song, Dig On This, Ephemeral Addictons, Hindsight, Jumper, Leaving Berkeley Heights, Ligeia, Midnight Symphony, Reciprocal, Soundscapes & Lullabies, T...
Bedouin Soundclash
Corrections, Gyasi Went Home, Jeb Rand, Living in Jungles, Money Worries, Shadow of a Man, Shelter, When the Night Feels my Song, 1259 Lullaby, Criminal, Immigr...
Bee Hive
Amore Mio, Andrea, Andrea E Giuliano, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You (Instrumental), Baciami, Balliamo E Cantiamo Con Licia., Broken Heart, Città, Città, Con...
Run to Her
Beenie Man
100 Dollar Bag, 123, Africans, Ain't Gonna Figure It Yet, Any Mr. Man, Bad Girl, Bad Man, Bad Man Nuh Flee, Bad Mind Is Active, Battery Dolly, Be My Lady, Bette...