Buck Owens
41-St Street Lonely Heart's Club, A-11, Abilene, Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love), Across This Town And Gone, Act Naturally, Adios Farewell Goodbye Good Luck...
Heroin, Hyper Love, Muchi No Namida, National Media Boys, Thanatos
Alone, Check Your Head, Crushed, Lit Up, Anything Anything, Astro Boy (And The Proles On Parade), Borderline, Carousel, Crazy Bitch, Dead Again, Dirty Mind, Dir...
5-Card Trick, Alice In Slaughterland, All In The Waiting, Aluminum Clouds, Angel Monster, Aquabot, Aquabot, Armour Piercing Projectile, Atlantis Found, Azzim's ...
Buckingham Nicks
Cryin in The Night, Crystal, Don't Let me Down Again, Frozen Love, Long Distance Winner, Races Are Run, Without a Leg to Stand on
Bucklew Wendy
Buckets of Rain, My Heart Might
Buckner And Garcia
Do The Donkey Kong, Froggy's Lament, Goin' Berzerk, Hyperspace, Mousetrap, Ode To A Centipede, Pac Man Fever, The Defender
Bucks Fizz
Making Your Mind Up, The Land of Make Believe
Boom Bye Bye, Breath Control, Crooklyn, Eye Of The Scorpio, Feel It, Final Words, Follow With Pride, Glide With Me, Heavy Weighters, I'll Be Damned, Ladies N Ge...
Buckshot Lefongue
Another Day
Buckwheat Boyz
Ice Cream And Cake, Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Buckwheat Zydeco
Hard to Stop
Bucky Covington
A Different World
Clock Face
Budd Flanagan
Who Do You Think You Are Kidding My Hitler?
Broken, Chains, Disappear, Holding Me Back, How Does It Feel?, Outside, Strong, Take It All Away, Turn Away, When I Fall, Face Into The Wind, How Does I Feel_, ...
Buddha Monk
Art Of War, Bang It In Ya Whip, Bust Gats, Butterflies, Crazy Cats, Cuts To The Gut, Dedicated, East Side Story, Fuck Somebody Up, Got's Like Come On Thru, Gots...
Buddy And Julie Miller
Don't Wait, Fall On The Rock, Fire And Water, Is That You, Returning To The Living Water, Shelter Me, There's A Higher Power, This Old World, Wide River To Cros...
Buddy Clark
Peg o' my Heart
Buddy Greene
Looking For Susanne
Buddy Guy
Feels Like Rain, First Time I Met The Blues, Stone Crazy, Five Long Years, Mustang Sally
Buddy Holly
Rave On, That'll Be The Day, (Ummm, Oh Yeah) Dearest, (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care, Ain't Got No Home, Baby It's Love, Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonigh...
Buddy Jewell
Abilene On Her Mind, Addicted To The Rain, Back To You, Dyess Arkansas, Glad I'm Gone, Help Pour Out The Rain (Lacey's Song), I Can Get By, I Wanna Thank Everyo...
Buddy Knox
Party Doll, Rock Your Little Baby to Sleep
Buddy Lackey
Five Years, It's A Ghetto, Just Like A Timepiece, Let's Start A War, Sing, State Of Mind, Whispering Into Oblivion
Buddy Miles
Down by the river, Dem Changes
Buddy Miller
Don't Wait, Fall On The Rock, Fire And Water, Is That You, Returning To The Living Water, Shelter Me, There's A Higher Power, This Old World, Wide River To Cros...
Love Deep Inside, Travel Without A Move
Breadfan, Guts, In For The Kill, In The Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand, Parents, You Know I'll Always Love You
Angel Feet, Dark, Grammys '97, Keepin' It Real, People Die, Pistolgal, Seattle Sky, Sellblocks, Single, The Flow, What Do You Suppose
Buena Vista Social Club
Amor de Loca Juventud, Candela, Chan Chan, De Camino A La Vereda, Dos Gardenias, El Carretero, La Bayamesa, Murmullo, Orgullecida, Veinte Aсos
Buffalo Tom
Summer, Tangerine, 500, 000 Warnings, Anything That Way, Big Red Letter Day Album, Birdbrain, Bleeding Heart, Blue, Blue, Caress, Clobbered, Crawl, Crueler, Cru...
Buffy Saint Marie
Universal Soldier, Universal Soldier
Buffy The Musical
Drawn To The Fire, Ive Got A Theory, Let Me Rest In Peace, Standing In The Way, Under Your Spell
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Drawn to the Fire, Life's Show, Already Met You By Superfine, Blue By Angie Hart, Charge By Splendid, Dawn's Lament, Early One Morning (Spike's Trigger), First ...
Bugley Band Derek
High Strung
...Nca Il Tempo, 147, 193 Part 1, 193 Part 2, 295, 579, 623, 805, 851, Alleluia, Alleluia 1 Rep, Anche Se Ho Il Mal Di Schiena, Aspettando Il Verde, Assorpresa,...
Bugs In Amber
All My Friends, Bedroom Furniture, Between Blue And Green, Cratered Footsteps, Dream Of Gold, Factory Paradise, Flute Song, Friend Or Foe, I Need A Beverage, In...
Ay De Mi Primavera, Jodida Pero Contenta, Loca, Mi Niña Lola, Mi Niг±a Lola, Triunfo
Building 429
Above It All, All You Ask Of Me, Amazed, Angeline, Back To Me, Because You're Mine, Constant, Crying Out, Glory Defined, I Belong To You, Never Look Away, No On...
Built To Last
Between The Lines, Burn, Til The End, Why Don't You Listen, Won't Back Down
Built To Spill
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Alarmed, Bad Light, Bad Light, Big Dipper, Broken Chairs, Built To Spill, Car, Car, Car, Carry The Zero, Carry The Zero, Cente...
Bukis Los
A Donde Vallas, Acepto Mi Derrota, Chiquilla Bonita, Cuando Te Acuerdes De Mi, Ladron De Buena Suerte, Llega Que Llega, Mas Que Tu Amigo, Me Dio Coraje, Necesit...
Cut Throat, Don't Trust The "Saint", Endless Funeral, Insurrection Of The Living Damned, Mad Man, Never Relax, Ride Hard - Die Fast, Sex Symbol's Bull Shit, The...
Bullet For My Valentine
10 Years Today, All These Things (Revolve Around Me), Her Voice Resides, Spit You Out, Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do), Tears Don't Fall, Hit ...
Bullets And Octane
All Hail Halo, Bad Things To Bad People, Bathroom Floor, Breakout, Bring The House Down, Building A Legend, Cancer California, Caving In, City Of The Angels, Ev...
Bump Of Chicken
Elevation (Free My Mind), It's A Street Fight, Non
Bun B
Bun, Dangerous(Freestyle) (Bonus Track), Draped Up, Draped Up (H Town Mix), Draped Up (H-Town Remix), Get Throwed, Git It, Hold U Down, Hold You Down, I'm A G, ...
Al Final, Alicia (Expulsada Al País De Las Maravillas, Apuesta Por El Rock´n´roll, Canto (El Mismo Dolor), De Mayor, El Club De Los Imposibles, El Extranjero, E...
Agisce, Fare E Disfare (Lividi E Fiori), Guardastelle, Il Regista, L'elenco Delle Cose, L'Infedele, Le Donne D'Autunno, Moti Lunari, Nottambula, Occhibelli, Pre...
Bunkers, Los
Ahora Que No Estas, Buscando Cuadros, CanciÓN De Cerca, CanciÓN Para MaÑAna, Cancion De Lejos, Culpable, Cura De Espanto, Dios No Sabe Perder, Dulce Final, El D...
Bunny Wailer
Bide Up, Blackheart Man, Cool Runnings, Dreamland, Fig Tree, Fighting Against Conviction, Follow Fashion Monkey, Get Up Stand Up, Here In Jamaica, Hypocrite, I'...
Buonocore Nino
Burden Brothers
400 Bucks, Beautiful Night, Buried In Your Black Heart, Can't Let Go, Come On Down, Conditional, Dirty Sanchez, Do For Me, Hang Your Head, If You're Going To He...
Burden Of A Day
Anatomy Of A Scene, Cupid Missed His Mark, Escapism As An Art Form, For Tomorrow We Die, Hello My Name Is Euphoria, High Noon
Bürger Lars Dietrich
Ich bring' dich um, Seys Eis, Lцwenzahn, Sexy Eis
Buried Alive
A Cowards Eyes, Burning Holes Through Myself, Can't Take This From Me, Cleanse Yourself, Curse Of The Womb, Do You Remember, Drenched In Disease, Empty Sky, Eng...
Buried Dreams
360, Andromeda Strain, At The End, Cosmic Prophecies, Death Beneath, Gods Of Fire, Immortal Echoes, Inside Reallity, Io, Perceptions, Preemptive Solution, Redem...
Buried Inside
Introduction, Reintroduction, Time As Abjection, Time As Automation, Time As Commodity, Time As Ideology, Time As Imperialism, Time As Resistance, Time As Surro...
Do You Wanna Be My Fjortisboy feat. Erikane
Burl Ives
I've got no use for women, Taut I taw a puddy tat, A Little Bitty Tear, A new Name In Glory, All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth, Amazing Grace, Are ...
Burlap To Cashmere
Ancient Man, Anybody Out There_, Basic Instructions, Chop Chop, Digee Dime, Divorce, Eileen's Song, Good Man, Mansions, Scenes, Skin Is Burning, Treasures In He...
Burma Shave
Burn Season
Addicted, Any Harder, Carry On, Carry On (Demo Version), Ceiling, Difficult, Ending, Mistake (Demo Version), Mistakes, Monday, Revolution, Save Me, Suffering, W...
Burn The Priest
Bloodletting, Buckeye, Chronic Auditory Hallucination, Departure Hymn, Dimera, Duane, Goatfish, Lame, Lies Of Autumn, Preaching To The Converted, Resurrection #...
Burnes Roger
Early Autumn
Burnett T-bone
Boomerang, Criminal Under my Own Hat, Euromad, Image, Monkey Dance, Nothing in Return, Purple Heart, Relentless, River of Love, The Killer Moon, The Strange Cas...
Burnette Johnny
You're Sixteen
Burning Heads
A Bitter Taste, A Whole Life, After Me The Storm, All'S Fine, Among The Stars, An 01, Angry Sometimes, Autopilot Off, [email protected] By Skate, Babylon'S Burning, Bad T...
Burning In Hell
Brave Warriors, Forever I'll Be Here, Last Of The Dragons, Shadows Of The Wars, Sheding Bloody Tears, Slave Of Darkness, The Battle Will Begin..., The End Of Th...
Burning Inside
Blind To All That Exist, Chapters Of Youth, Drained Of Essence, Engulfed In Flames, Everlasting Sleep, Masque, My Own, The Eve Of The Entities, The Unknown, The...
Burning Point
All The Madness, Black Star, Blackended The Sun, Fall Of Thy Kingdom, Feeding The Flames, Finally Free, Higher, I Am The Silent One, Into The Fire, Lake Of Fire...
Burning Season
A Fate Like Yours, First Glance, Losing My Voice, Pick Up The Pieces, The Eternal Now, These Things, Watch In Faith, Weight Of The World, Year Of The Cicada, Yo...
Burning Sensations
Pablo Picasso
Burning Shadows
Force Of Fire, Forest Of The Dead, Haunter Of The Dark, Sarnath, Supernatural Warfare, The Darkest Winter, The Human In Me, Whisper Suffering
Burning Witch
Sacred Predictions, Warning Signs
Burns Out Bright
5_00 Burden, Crowded Streets, Empty Skies, Do What You Want, Epitaph, Fallen Hero, Halo, I Just Want You To Know, I Hate Each One Of You Fo, My Other Band Is ...
Burns Robert
A Man's a Man For a' That, A Man's a Man For All That, A Pint o Wine, A Waukrife Minnie, Ae Fond Kiss, Amang The Trees, Auld Lang Syne, Awa' Whigs Awa', Beware ...
Burnside R L
Goin Down South
Burnt By The Sun
180 Proof, 2012, Abril Los Ojos, Arrival Of Niburu, Battleship, Buffy, Don Knotts, Dow Jones And The Temple Of Doom, Dracula With Glasses, Famke, Forlani, Human...
Burrello Tony
Theres a New Sound
Crystal Asunder, Epidemic, Fourth Sun, Iris, Monument, Sculpt The Lives, The Foe Sublime, Undoing (Prey On Life), Visionary, Vortex
Burton Cummings
My Own Way to Rock
Burton Tim
Finale, Jack's Lament, Jack's Obsession, Kidnap The Sandy Claws, Making Christmas, Oogie Boogie's Song, Poorjack, Sally's Song, This is Halloween, Town Meeting ...
Bury St. Edmunds
Walking Briskly
Bury Your Dead
33 Rpm, 33rpm, 69 Times A Charm, A Glass Slipper, A Wishing Well, All The Right Moves, Burn Baby Burn, Bury Your Fucking Dead, Cammo Is My Favorite Color, Dragg...
A lost forgotten sad spirit, Balferd baldrs, Beholding the daughters of the firmament, Decrepitude, Det som en gang var, Ea lord of the deeps, En ring til aa he...
Bus Stop
Footloose, Kick The Can, Since You Been Gone
The Boys Are Back In Town
Buscaglione Fred
Buonasera Signorina, Buonasera (Signorina), Che Bambola!, Che Notte!, Come Pagliaccio, Eri Piccola CosÌ, Guarda Che Luna, Il Dritto Di Chicago, Lo Stregone, Lov...
40 Miles From the Sun, A Tendency to Start Fires, Alien, Altered States, Body, Bomb, Bonedriven, Cold Contagious, Comedown, Communicator, Dead Meat, Distant Voi...
Bush Stan
A Little Thing, Ain't That Worth Somethin', Ain't That Worth Something, Autobot|decepticon Battle, Blinded, Can't Hide Love, Can't Live Without Love, Could This...
Bushido - Es Tut Mir Leid, Alles Verloren, Tokio Hotel Diss, Ab 18 Ft. Saad, Augenblick, Bis Wir Uns Wieder Sehen, Cokxxx Skit, Das Leben Ist Hart, Der Bsewi...
Bushido Feat. Summer Cem
No One Else
Bushwick Bill
Ever So Clear, The Bushwicken, Wha Cha Gonna Do, Who's The Biggest, Already Dead, Call Me Crazy, Chuckwick, Coming With That Shit, Copper To Cash, Dollars And S...
Busta Rhymes
A Quarter To Cutthroat, A Trip Out of Town, Abandon Ship, Against All Odds, All Night, Anarchy, As I Come Back, Ass On Your Shoulders, Bad Dreams, Betta Stay Up...
Busta Rhymes and Ozzy Osbourne
This Means War!!