Brantley Gilbert
Freshman Year, Modern Day Prodigal Son, Picture On The Dashboard, Whenever We're Alone
Vida En El Ghetto
Samba Set
Brat Pack
You're The Only Woman
90's Nomad, Affection Training, And I Live In A Town Where The Boys..., Bitch Theme, Brat Girl, Cheap Trick Record, Cherry Bomb, Come Hither, Cool Schmool, Do Y...
All About You, All Together, Bein Who We Are, Bratitude, Change The World, It Could Be Yours, Life's A Wild Ride, Lookin Good, Make Ya Wanna Dance, Never Gonna ...
Brave Combo
A Day In The Life Of A Fool, A Night On Earth, A Way To Say Goodbye, All That I Want Is You, Always Vienna, Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie, Atotonilco, Ave Maria, A...
Brave Saint Saturn
Anastasia, Atropos, Babies Breath, Binary, Daylight, Enamel, Estrella, Fireworks, Gemini, Gloria, Heart Still Beats, I Fell Away, Indpendence Day, Moon Burns Br...
B Train, Bravehearted, Buss My Gun, Cash Flow, I Wanna, I Wanna Live, I Will, Oochie Wally, Oochie Wally Remix, Quick To Back Down, Realize, Sensations, Situati...
Bravo All Stars
Let The Music Heal Your Soul
Brazeros Musical
Adios Adios Amor, Digale, Juego De Amor
Brazeros Musical De Durango
Anoche Soñé Contigo, Arboles De La Barranca, El Errante, El Puente Roto, Las Isabeles, Rosas Rojas, Te Extraño
A Hostage, A Year In Heaven, Au, Revoir, Mr. Mercury, Aventine, Cameo, Candles (Cast Long Shadows), Canon, Captain Mainwaring, Crime (And The Antique Solution...
Brazilian Girls
All About Us, All We Have, Corner Store, Dance Till The Morning Sun, Die Gedanken Sind Frei, Don't Stop, Homme, Jique, La Territoire, Last Call, Lazy Lover, Lon...
All The Time, Black And Purple, California, Everyone Told You, First Day Of School, I Will Be, I'm Worth It, It's Alright, Miss Mary-Jane, Rockin' Into My Life,...
Everything I Own, Ann, Ann, Ann, Anyway You Want Me, Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey, Baby I'm-A Want You, Baby im a Want You, Be Kind To Me, Been Too Long On The Road, ...
Break Away
A Reason To Wake Up, A Sad State Of Affairs, Age Versus Cunning, Chalk It Up, Dynasty, Grey Keys, In Times Of Wine And Roses, Long Overdue, Realize, The Best Da...
Break The Silence
A Piece Of Mind, At War With Instinct, Break The Silence, Close My Eyes, Drawbridge, Forgiven, Not Forgotten, Iris, Loud And Clear, Moving Day, Natoma, Ocean's...
Breakbeat Era
Animal Machine, Anti-Everything, Breakbeat Era, Bullitproof, Late Morning, Life Is My Friend, Max, Our Disease, Past Life, Rancid, Sex Change, Terrible Funk, Ti...
I Feel
Breaking Benjamin
Home, I Wish I May, Medicate, Natural Life, Next To Nothing, No Games, Phase, Polyamorous, Shallow Bay, Skin, Stay Alive Forever (Bonus Track), Sugarcoat, Water...
Breaking Pangaea
...And Still They Hated It, Better Off, Color On The Inside, For A Word, Part, Picture Possible, Sick Day, Skylight, Suspended, The Last, The New Sound, The Tru...
Breaking Point
27, All Messed Up, Angry Side, Coming Of Age, Falling Down, Falling Down, Goodbye To You, Had Enough Of You, How Does It Feel, Killing With Kindness, Live For T...
Breaking Sanity
A Million Miles
Swing Out Sister
Breath Of The Black Muse
Dark Cold Sound
Hands To Heaven, Hands to Heaven, How Can i Fall, Say a Prayer
Brecht Bertolt
Mack The Knife
Bree Sharp
Fool's Gold, Guttermouth, Not Your Girl, Show Me, Smitten, A Cheap And Evil Girl, Ballad Of Grim And Lily, Cheap And Evil Girl, David Duchovny, Dirty Magazine, ...
Breech Birth
Noise 1
Breed 77
A Matter Of Time, A Safe Place, Alive, Empty Words, Eyes That See, Eyes That See, Eyes That See '04, Floods, Individuo, Individuo, Karma, Know That You Know, La...
Breinholt Peter
Brel Jacques
Amsterdam, Amsterdam, La Chanson Des Vieux Amants, Le Moribond, Livrogne, Livrogne, Mathilde, Mathilde, Ne me Quitte Pas, Ne me Quitte Pas, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Qu...
Per Chi
Brenda Lee
Ain't Gonna Cry No More, All The Way, Amazing Grace, Baby Face, Back In Your Own Backyard, Ballin' That Jack, Be My Love Again, Big Chance, Break It To Me Gentl...
Brenda Russell
Piano In The Dark, Get Here, Paris Rain, So Good So Right, To Be With You Tonight, We Will Find A Way
Brendan Benson
Alternative To Love, Between Us, Biggest Fan, Bird's Eye View, Crosseyed, Feel Like My Self, Flesh And Bone, Get It Together, Gold Into Straw, Got No Secrets, H...
Brendan Perry
Archangel, Death Will Be My Bride, I Must Have Been Blind, Medusa, Saturday's Child, Sloth, The Captive Heart, Voyage Of Bran
Brennan Maire
A Place Among The Stones, An Fharraige, Big Yellow Taxi, Dream on, E|irigh Suas a Sto|ri|n, Misty Eyed Adventure, Pilgrim’s Way, The Days of The Dancing, The Mi...
Brent Lamb
The Booger Song
Brenton Wood
Baby You Got it, Catch You On The Rebound, Darlin', Gimme A Little Sign, Good Night Baby, I Like The Way You Love Me, I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up, I'...
Bret Michaels
All I Ever Needed, It's Just Me You're Talking To, One More Day, Raine, Stay With Me, The Last Breath
Brett Anderson
Back To You, Dust & Rain, Ebony, Intimacy, Love Is Dead, One Lazy Morning, Scorpio Rising, Song For My Father, To The Winter
Brett Bixby
City Lights, Elsewhere Life, Fireside, Hindsight, Lift, Matador, Memento, Miss Like Hell, Spilling, Umbrella
Brett Dennen
Ain't No Reason, Blessed, Darlin' Do Not Fear, Desert Sunrise, The One Who Loves You The Most, There Is So Much More, When I Go
Brett James
Dark Side Of The Moon, Female Bonding
Broke My Only Heart, Something I Don't Know
Brewer And Shipley
One Toke Over The Line
Der Mops (evr-hymne)
Brian Burns
A Cowboy's Prayer
Brian Dewan
The Cowboy Outlaw
Brian Edward Robson
new babe (in B flat)
brian edward robson and Karl Chadwick
Running Free
Brian Eno
Blank Frank, Sky Saw, Ali Click, America Is Waiting, And Then So Clear, Another Green World, Are They Thinking Of Me_, Baby's On Fire, Back In Judy's Jungle, Ba...
Brian Glaze
Daylight, Magic Lover, The Other Side, Twenty One Thirty One
Brian Hyland
If I Had A Hammer, (why Can't You) Stay And Love me All Summer, 3000 Miles, Act Naturally, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Baby Face, Baby What You Want Me To Do, Bye...
Brian Jonestown Massacre
Free And Easy Take 2, Those Memories
Brian Littrell
Angels And Heroes, Gone Without Goodbye, Grace Of My Life, I'M Alive, In Christ Alone, Jesus Loves You, Keep Givin' Me, My Answer Is You, One Last Cry, Over My ...
Brian May
'39, Aaron, All The Way From Memphis, Alternative Gun, Apparition, April Lady, Arrest, Back To The Light, Blag, Bohemian Rhapsody, Business, China Belle, Cyborg...
Brian Mccomas
99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before), Baby Let Me Be Your Man, Good Good Lovin', I Could Never Love You Enough, I'll Always Be There For You, Never Meant A ...
Brian Mcfadden
Almost Here, Auf Weidersehen Bitch, Be True To Your Woman, Demons, He's No Hero, Hollow No More, Irish Son, Lose Lose Situation, Oblivious, Optimystik, Pull Mys...
Brian Mcfadden & Delta Goodrem
Almost Here
Brian Mcknight
6 8 12, After The Love, All Night Long, All the way, Anytime, Anytime (Suave House Remix), Anyway, Back at One, Back Seat (Gettin' Down), Been So Long, Biggest ...
Brian Molko
First Day, Like Siamese, Pictures
Brian Setzer Orchestra
'49 Mercury Blues, (She's) Sexy + 17, (The Legend Of) Johnny Kool, A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, Americano, As Long As I'm Singin', Aztec, Ball And Cha...
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Through Heaven'S Eyes
Brian Wilson
'til I Die, Add Some Music To Your Day, All Summer Long, Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long, Back Home, Barnyard, Be My Baby, Brian, Brian Wilson, Cabin Essence, Cali...
Brice Long
Anywhere But Here, It's Only Monday
Brick & Lace
Get That Clear, Jamaican Girl
Heroes, Beast, Best I Expect To Do, Biginning Of The End, Bitter End, Blow It All Away, California Sunshine, Close To The Center Of The Earth, Cosmic Christ, Cr...
Brides Of Destruction
2 Times Dead, Brace Yourself, Brace Yourself, I Got A Gun, I Got A Gun, Life, Natural Born Killers, Only Get So Far, Revolution, Shut The Fuck Up, Shut The Fuck...
Bridge Band, The
Make A Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent
San Andreas Is My Kind Of City
Bridgit Mendler
Ready Or Not
Brie Larson
Coming Around, Done With Like, Falling Into History, Finally Out Of P.E., Go Goodbye, Hope Has Wings, Invisible Girl, Life After You, Loser In Me, She Said, She...
Brigach Ciccios
Bademeister Rap
Guillotine, Magneto, Meet Me At My Funeral
Bright Eyes
A Celebration Upon Completion, A Few Minutes On Friday, A New Arrangement, A Perfect Sonnet, A Poetic Retelling Of An Unfortunate Seduction, A Song To Pass The ...
Bright Light Fever
All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
Bright Teresa
Cops And Robbers, Darling Nicotene, Friends For Lovers, Just Breathe, More Vacations, Place Less Traveled, Ready When You Are, Single Millionaires, Television, ...
Brighter Death Now
Behind Curtains, Fourteen, I Hate You, I Wish I Was A Little Girl, Oh What A Night, Payday
In Memory, My Reply, Sit Still, Surefire, Taken, The Futile
Brigitte Bardot
Harley Davidson, A.S.A.P., Before I Let You Go, Dirty Water, Don't Call Me (I'll Call You), Down, Empty Room, Feel Right, Girls Do Boys Don't, Girls Of The Nigh...
Breaking The Waves, Carving A Crimson Career, Heavy Metal Kid, King Of My Kind, Pagan Sons, Tunes Of Thunder, Welcome To The Night
Bring It On Soundtrack
Brrr Its Cold In Here, I'm Sexy I'm Cute, As If, Awesome And Missy Cheer (From Movie Cheer Tryoutz), Awsome, Bring It On, Bring It On Cheer, Bring It On-Opening...
Bring Me The Horizon
(I Used To Make Out With) Medusa, 15 Fathoms And Counting, A Lot Like Vegas, Black & Blue, Braille, For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only, J, Liquor And Love Lost, Off ...
Superjeilezick, Hallelujah
Bristol Johnny
Hang on in There, Baby
British Lions
Big Drift Away, Booster, Break This Fool, Fork Talking Man, International Heroes, My Life In Your Hands, One More Chance To Run, Wild In The Streets
British Sea Power
A Lovely Day Tomorrow, A Wooden Horse, Albert's Eyes, Apologies To Insect Life, Be Gone, Birdy, Blackout, Carrion, Childhood Memories, Don't You Want To Be A Bi...
Britney Spears
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, (You Drive Me) Crazy - Stop Remix, And Then We Kiss [Junkie Xl Remix], Anticipating, Autumn Goodbye, Baby One More Time, Before T...
Britney Spears and Madonna
Me Against The Music
Britney Spears and Pharrell Williams
Austin Powers In Goldmember soundtrack
Britny Fox
Angel In My Heart, Black And White, Closer To Your Love, Coup D'etat, Don't Hide, Dream On, Far Enough, Feel It, Freaktown, Fun In Texas, Girl School, Great Bal...
Britt Black
Definitely Maybe, Jet Black Heart, Night Time, Sick & Tired, Speed Of Light
Britt Elton
Detour, There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
I Believe, A Day In November, Ain't That The Way, All I Wanna Know, Bounce, Bro'sis - White Christmas, Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby, Do You, Gimme Some Lovi...