6 O'clock, Going Down, Hi-Fi Serious, Nothing, Pacific Ocean Blue, Shut Yer Face, Something's Going On, Starbucks, The Distance, The Springs, Took It Away, Why ...
A & E
Das Schullied
A Band Of Bees
A Minha Menina, Angryman, Binnel Bay, Chicken Payback, Horsemen, Lying In The Snow, No Atmosphere, No Trophy, One Glass Of Water, Punchbag, Sky Holds The Sun, S...
A Bird Flew
A Burning Water
A Passing Wish, In Failed Attempts, Introduction, Patience Is Me, Retract, So Much You Hide, The Instrumental, These Ruins, Turquoise Tears
A Cadence Of Sorts
And How We Would Give Her The Moon, Coastline_ Pleasant Dreams, Goodnight Blue Eyes, In Her Smile, Save It Girl (We Know Your Intentions)
A Canorous Quintet
Burning emotionless, Dream reality, In the twilight of fear, Naked with open eyes, Silence Of The World Beyond, Spellbound, The black spiral, The orchid's sleep...
A Change Of Pace
A Farewell To A Friendship, Asleep At The Wheel, Black Truth, Chippie, Death Do Us Part, December, Every Second, Home Is Where The Heart Is, Know One Knows, Pea...
Blame Barzon, Not My Fault, Red Bull Song, Shot Down, Still Gonna Play, Summer Song
A Day At The Fair
And My Name's Dignan, So What_, Another Lonely Winter, Cinderblock, Darkness Washed Over The Dude, Eastern Homes And Western Hearts, Erasing Wilkes, Everything...
A Day Away
Before It Ends, Coldest Night, Coldest Night (Piano), Parking Lot Romance, She Needs To Know, So Like You, Touch Me, Tease Me
A Day In The Life
Apparently Hoverboards Don't Work On Water, Audrey In Sacramento, Candycanes and Cola, Control Alt Delete, Do You Have A Map Because I'm Lost In Your Eyes, I'm ...
A Day To Remember
1958, A Second Glance, A Shot In The Dark, Casablanca Sucked Anyway, Colder Than My Heart, If You Can Imagine., Fast Forward To 2012, Heartless, Here's To The ...
A Dead Giveaway
Amongst The First To Fall, An End Like This, Blueprint, Empty Hearts, Heartless, I'M Nobody, Leaving For Good, Shadows And Silhouettes, Tragic Timing
A Dead Letter Promise
Skies Arn'T Built Like They Used To Be, The End Of The World Party
A Death For Every Sin
Beyond The Tears, Born To Lose, Desecration, Eternally Damned, Filled With Sorrow, For My Sins, Forever Gone, Holding Onto What's Left, Machine Devours, Memorie...
A Dominique
Hear no More, La Memoire Neuve, Le 22 Bar, Le Courage Des Oiseaux, Le Gros Boris, Le Ravalement Des Facades, Les Hauta Quartiers, Tutti va Bene, Adieu, Alma, A...
A Dozen Furies
An Idea And Some Rope, The Cycle, The Everlasting Grudge, The Ill Will, Wind Me Up, 138, Awake And Lifeless, By Any Means, Concept From Fire, Cycle, Everlasting...
A Faith Called Chaos
Boxing With Bayonets, Circa '98, Forgive Nothing, I Hate This City, Pugilist, Ten Thousand Times Tongue And Cheek, The Tenessee Promise Still Loves The Texas Li...
A Flock Of Seagulls
Electrics, I Ran (So Far Away), Modern Love Is Automatic, Never Again (The Dancer), Nightmares, Over The Border, Standing In The Doorway, The Fall, The More You...
A Fzria do Agucar
Eu gosto +e do verco
A Girl Called Eddy
Did You See The Moon Tonight, Girls Can Really Tear You Up Inside, Golden, Heartache, Kathleen, Life Thru The Same Lens, Little Bird, People Used To Dream About...
A Global Threat
American Culture, Cause For Abortion, Channel 4, Conformity, Don't Look, Elitist Attitudes, Everyone's Afraid, False Patriot, Filthy Greedy Guilt, Fucking Racis...
A Guy Called Gerald
Alien Report, Beaches and Deserts, Could you understand, Fever (or a Flame), Glow, Humanity, Hurry to Go Easy, I Make It You Take It, Landed, Multiplies, Scale ...
Cry Wolf, Hunting High And Low, I've Been Losing You, Stay on These Roads, The Living Daylights, The Sun Allways Shines on tv, Touchy
A Heartwell Ending
All Along, Feelings Between The Lines, Friction, From Heart And Soul To Pen And Paper, Heres To Conclusion, If Looks Could Kill, Letters In Lipstick
A Human And His Stds
Beautiful People, Heart Break Remedy, Keggar, One Tragic Christmas, Pour Me, Punker Bob, Superman Is Dead, Teardrops In Blood, The Devil Went Down To Santa Mari...
A Jealousy Issue
And Days Were Longer, Burning Butterflies, Dance Of The Demons (Intro), Dollface, In The Shape Of Stars, Like Dynamite, Midnights With The Monster Squad, Paperw...
a K
A Kay BJ
Love Reaction
A Kiss To Build A Dream On
A Klana Indiana
A klana Indiana, Zicke Zacke -Tommahacke
A Knight's Tale
Crazy On You, Eye Conqueror, Get Ready, Golden Years, I Want To Take You Higher, Low Rider, Takin' Care Of Business, The Boys Are Back In Town, We Are The Champ...
A la Carte
Ahe Tamoure, Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Have You Forgotten, In The Summer Sun Of Greece, River Blue, Viva Torero, You Get Me On The Rund, You Get me on The Run
A Letter For Sally
Anyway, Melting Jellyfish, My Friend, My Moon, Promises To Change, Sincerely Unyour, Talking About Me, You And The Place Where We Live, The Call
A Life In Vain
This Isn't A Funeral
A Life Once Lost
...In Anything Done Under The Sun, All Falls River Failed, Almost Perfect But I Failed, Cavil, Chileab, Gentle And Elegant, Joan Said Please, Just Before His Cr...
A Long Winter
Her Delicat Yearning, If Everything Ends, Please Don't Leave Me, Juliet, Just One Kiss, Portrait Hung In Empty Halls, Raxel Got Her Wings, She's Gone And Her G...
A New Found Glory
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You, 2's And 3's, A New Found Glory, All about her, All For Her, Back that ass up, Better off dead, Black and Blue, Certain, Comfo...
A Nude
B With U, Love, Sinner, Soulman, B With You, Dont Wanna Live Without You 2
A Perfect Circle
A Stranger, Blue, Breсa, Crimes, Diary of a Lovesong, Gravity, Lullaby, Oestes, Over, Pet, Renholder, 3 Libras, Brena, Judith, Magdelena, Orestes, Over, Rose, S...
A Perfect Murder
A Perfect Murder, Another Day, Another Plague, Bouc Emissaire, Cease To Suffer, Choke, Crucified By Fear, Dead And Gone, Die With Regret, Disappear, Downfall O...
A Really Cool Song
All I Really Wanted
A Rhyme This Time
Al Jarreau
Cireasa Amara, Da-Mi Noptile Inapoi, Daca Vei Uita, De Cate Ori, Garsoniera Ta, Luna De Pe Cer, Maine In Zori, Noapte Albastra, Nu Mai Promite, Nu Spune Nu, O I...
A Salty Dog
A Salty Dog, All This and More, Boredom, Crucifiction Lane, Girl Falling Down (deutsche ersetzung), Juicy John Pink, Pilgrims Progress, The Devil Came From Kans...
A Shine
A Drewling Baby, Lavatory Lama, Motorcar, The Drewling Baby, The Vibes, Wastebasket, The War
A Shrine
Break, Lavatory Lama, Motorcar, The Drewling Baby, The Vibes, Wastebasket
A Side
Forevermore (New Version), Tell Me, Until Then, 'till, Ako'y Sa'yo, All This Time, Breakaway, Got To Believe, Hold On, I Accept, I Believe In Dreams, If Only, L...
A Silver Mt. Zion
13 Angles Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your B, American Motor Over Smoldered Field, Blown Out Joy From Heaven'S Mercied Hole, Broken Chord Can Sing A Littl...
A Small Victory
Amy Never Misses, Birds Of Prey, Blindman's Holiday, Clavicle, Farewell Copeside, Hammer Strong, Hell-Bent On Heaven's Smile, James Dean B-Side, Limousines 'n C...
A Sortie
Красивая любовь
A Static Lullaby
A Sip Of Wine Chased With Cyanide, A Sip Of Wine Chased With Cyanide, A Song For A Broken Heart, A Song For The Broken Heart, Annunciate While You Mastacate, Ca...
A Step Behind
Arbitrary Reason, Back In Action, First Dibs On Last Chances, Genre's On A Roll, I'm Losing, Jailbait Judgement, Playtime Is Over, Proper Precautions For A Fake...
A Storybook Ending
Dark Heir, Don't Rob Me Of This Hate, High Tide, Hold Me Now, Hopeless Nights, Refer Me To Someone, Shades Of Blue, The Chill Of Summer
A Suken Ship Irony
Island Of Misfit Toys, Our Heads Were Filled With Thoughts Of Home
A Taste Of Honey
Ave Maria, Boogie Oogie Oogie, Secret Lovers, Sukiyaki
A Textbook Tragedy
...A Cadaver, Confessions Of A Teenage Grammar Queen, Cynthia_ A Mistress..., Dance, Nils, Dance!, Enjoying The Company Of Bears, Flatlining On Foreign Soil, ...
A Thorn For Every Heart
99 With An Anchor, A Night To Remember, A Morning To Forget, A Street Car Named Desire, Dead Man's Party, February, Its Hard To Move You, Next Of Kin, No More ...
A Thousand Falling Skies
Almost Heaven (Intro), And Still I Try, Casting Shadows, Embracing Emptiness, Paint Me A Pretty Picture, When Tomorrow Seems Forever
A Tribe Called Quest
1nce Again, 8 Million Stories, After Hours, Against The World, Award Tour, Baby Phife's Return, Bonita Aplebum, Buggin' out, Busta's Lament, Butter, Check the r...
A Trillion Barnacle Lapse
Appliance Romance, Faceless Cowboy, Fountain, Man Of The Year, Million Dollar Legs, Privacy Had A Bad Ticker, Spectators For My Spectacles
A True Story
...And Therapy For All, 19 Years Young, Among The Dead, For Her (Acoustic), I Hate You, But I'd Love To..., Some Things Never Change, Spider, The Air We Breath...
A Walk To Remember Soundtrak
I Dare You To Move By Switchfoot, Cannonball, Dancin' In The Moonligh, Dare You To Move, Empty Spaces, Friday On My Mind, If You Believe, It's Gonna Be Love, Le...
A Wilhelm Scream
Hike, It Will Happen To You, 1957, A Chapter Of Accidents, A Picture Of The World, Beautiful Girl Disease, Beer And Loafing In New Bedford, Better Health Throug...
Так Же Как Все
A+Z, All I See, Ameno, Boys To Men, Enjoy Yourself, Enter Hempstead, Gotta Have it, Gusto, Hard Times, Move On, Up Top New York, What You Weigh Me, 6 O'clock, A...
A+ and AZ
A+ and Canibus, Mr. Cheeks
Boyz 2 Men
A+ and Prodigy
A+ and Q-Tip
Me & my Microphone
A+ and Shakira
All i See
Algebra, Angel Of Sadness, Charlie Charlie, Deceased, Elephant, Frequent Flyer, Hard As A Stone, I Can Buy You, My Dad, My Misery Is A Mystery, Rock'n Roll Ghos...
Ради тебя
(Seemingly) Nonstop July, A Little Bit, Afternoon High, And You Tell Me, Angel In The Snow, Barely Hanging On, Between Your Mama And Yourself, Cannot Hide, Cann...
Remember Me
All My Love, Around The Corner Of Your Eye, Back For More, Bouncing Off The Ceiling (Upside Down), Can't Help Falling In Love, Can't Stop The Pop, Closer To Per...
Am Gasit In Geanta Ta
Schwester Esther
Heaven or Hell, 65 G'z In A Jordan Briefcase (Intro), Before You Go, Can't Fuck Wit Me, Dome Shots, Entertainment For Thugz, Field Of Dreamz, Gangsta, Journey, ...
A. Bi-C
Disco King, Musist, Reimen im Dunkeln, Sцnke Part 2
A. C. Jobim
How Insensitive
A. F. I.
Silver And Cold, This Celluliod Dream
A. for W.
Mit der Liebe spaßt man nicht
A.B. Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Kings
Say It, U Don't Love Me
A.C. one
Sing a song now now
A Loaded Situation - Surveying Room, A Supposed Tour, And They Lived Happily Ever After, At The Altar, Biggest Mistake, Call In Dead, Catherine, Consequences (T...
A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Eclissi Di Luna, Equilibrio, Gemiti, I Don'T Have Time, I Know, In Me, Lasciami Andare Via, Libert E Rispetto, Lo Specchio, New Italian Classic, Oneday, Sei, Si...
...But Home Is Nowhere, 3 1/2, 6 To 8, A Single Second, A Story At Three, A Winter's Tale, Advances In Modern Technology, Aspirin Free, At A Glance, Battled (hi...
A.I. Ravers
Anthem #3, Free, I Love You, Outa Space
A.J. McLean
Lay down beside me, London
So In Love With You
17 Shots, Audi 5000, Represent the Brown, Tequila
A.M. Sixty
Big As The Sky
A Little More Time, Better Off Just Me, Don't Fear, Hold On, Just Let It Slide, Mary, Pleasant Dreams, Send Me Your Angels, Stones, Won't Back Down
Alas, Amigos, Antes De Morir, Cerebro Incendiado, Chalito, Cruel Adicciףn, Desde La Trinchera, Dueסa De La Sombra, Esclavo De Ilusiףn, Familia (Es La Oportunida...