Welcome all, and welcome please.
Now the cheers on the steering, they don't bring it on the seas,* = definite wrong line
Several hours of several weeks,
I'll have the cheek to say they're equally happy!
The beginning of the end, apartment on the hill,
And it's the bit around the bend, ask anyone they'll tell you that.
It's three times at it's end,
Start to breaking up, start to fall apart
Oh! hold on to your heart.
Do me a favour, unbreak my nose!
Do me a favour, tell me to go away!
Do me a favour, stop asking questions!
She looked away while her shoes were untied
And the eyes were all red'
You could see that we cried, and I watched and I waited,
'Till she was inside, forcing a smile and waving goodbye.
Curiousity becomes a heavy load,
Two will be too old, two will be too old.
Curiousity becomes a heavy load,
Two will be too old, will force you to be cold.

And do me a favour, I'm asking you to give some help!
She said,'do me a favour and suffer in yourself',
Ah, to tear apart ten times a fight, I'm not so hard as on that July,
And after all I dream tonight!

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