A boy who is too shy for a kiss goodnight
Will never find a girl who will hold him tidht
So he will be alone for the rest of his days
If no-one takes his hand, no-one leads the way

** (But) We are going to
Going to do what we can
Ev'ry boy can be
A wonderful man

Like a little bird
Little bird teach 'em to fly
How to sing a song
Up high in the sky

* Stupid boys must learn the hard way
Stupid boys gimme a heartache
Sho be do be da da
They wanna be may be
Sho be do be da da
Nobodies baby


Non, a boy who is too stupid to present himself
Takes a chance (thet) Cupid leaves him
on the shelf
So he will be alone ev'ry day or his life
He'll never find a home and a loving wife

** (повтор)

(Hey) Hey little bird
Look at him how he can fly
Listen to his song
Up high in the sky

* (повтор 2 раза)

Stupid boys...


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