Some people say the sun must shine
On rainy days they don't feel fine
But I don't mind, 'cause you are by my side
Autumn breeze - winter storm
I've got my love to keep me warm
In your loving arms I can always hide

* Rainy love affair
The streets are wet
The trees are bare
You kiss me on a windy square
I love you, rain or shine
Rainy love affair
No place to go
But we don't care
We can be happy anywhere
I love you, rain or shine
You are mine
Rain or shine

The day we met skies were blue
But not for long, it's really true
At first we kissed, hiding under a tree
If you should plan to marry me
Tell me, can you carry me
'Cause baby love the water will be deep


Sunshine (Darling)
Shower (Baby)

I only know that you are mine
Whatever happens - rain or shine

* (повтор)

Rainy love affair (повтор с угасанием)

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