I told you so
Right from the start:
You have a warm
Fantastic heart
But, you fool
Played it cool
As if you had
A plastic heart

* Put your arms around me
Tell me that you want me
Every time you kiss me
Tell me that you missed me

** Plastic heart, Plastic heart
Plastic heart how can you say
You don't believe
That love will ever come your way
Plastic heart, Plastic heart it is not tru
I'm here to make you feel
What love can do to you

I thrilled your heart
Your plastic heart
It seems to be
In love with me
Dim the lights
Close the door
Say you'll be mine
For evermore

* (повтор)
**(повтор 2 раза)

It has no tears, a plastic heart
It has no tears, a plastic heart
It has no sound, a plastic heart
Baby I found no plastic heart

Plastic heart, Plastic heart
No one has a plastic heart

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