A summer night you take me out
We see a show, we paint the town
We are having a jolly good time
A late night supper with a bottle of wine
And then in your car you're driving me home
A nicer guy I've never know
I say: "If you come in, that's okay
But you cannot stay"

* I don't wanna have breakfast with you
I'm not gonna make coffee for two
It's alright
For one night
I don't wanna have breakffast with you
'Cause I wanna forget about you
I have to
I want to be free

Some winternight I sit alone
I'm waiting near my telephone
Since last summer I know it's not true
I'm not able to forget about you
I looked in the book, I don't see you name
I only hope you feel the same
If you come back to me you will stay
I'm not gonna say:

* (повтор 2 раза с угасанием)

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