it's on the radio, it's on the TV news conservatives and liberals, with ever clashing views but as the days go by, i can't tell which side is talking their left is in the center, and labeled "liberal doctrine" they do nothing for you... they do nothing for me... no! they give us nothing to believe watch your right watch your left watch the right watch the center and watch your back! let the feds pass a law, that takes your rights away cause, "you gotta sacrifice if you want to stay safe!" til the day you find the feds in your back pocket locking you away for saying, "question", "think", or "stop it" joseph mccarthy and reagan, set the motherfuckin' stage for the right leanings that now grip the u.s.a. they framed and jailed the reds - lost the kays to the cell set up the capitalist machine to go in for the kill... yeah... yeah... yeah... social divisions - encouraged by the few - few! those few in power - suckerin' suckers like you - you! as corporate welfare, flows from troughs of the state - state! yeah big business, takes more than their fair take - take! but in the end it is suckers like you - you! who buy that the poor, are givin' you the screw - screw! can't you realize that it's just talk, talk, talk, talkin'... like tax men at your door, fuckin' knockin' knockin' knockin'...

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