I can't tell, I think I might be going crazy
Just wanna leave it all behind
Been on the brink for many years, I'm thinkin
Feels like I'm running out of time
I"m getting sick and tired, giving everything
I've got, I get nothing in return
I can't breathe
This never-ending madness, raining down on me
Like a ton of bricks, face in the dirt
Childish delusions, they say it's just a fantasy
You're no good, no chance, you'll never learn
Just give it up and come back to reality
Your dreams are none of my concern
You're nor skinny enough
You're too fat
You're not good enough
You're too tall, you're too short
You're too average
Your skin is not the right color
Sorry, not good enough
You don't speak the right language
You're not smart enough
You should be ashamed of yourself
You're nothing but a loser
No wonder you get no respect
Because you deserve no respect
You'll never succeed, so don't bother trying
Give it up, give up your dreams
Lined up, one by one
They try to bring you down
Don't ever listen what they say
Determination, the battle will be won
And all the pain will go away

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