A reign, invincible
Sitting right at the top
A domination
Something you just can't stop
Face the opponent
Take em down one by one
Take no prisonners
Game over before it's won
Downright dominate
Downright dominate
Must annihilate
Downright dominate
Feel the rush
The adrenaline kicking in
A fight to the death, begin
Breathing power
Gotta unleash the beast
It's time to devour
And you are the feast
Forcing the action, bring on the attack
Everything now in position
Showing no mercy, treasure the moment
Beating you into submission
Resistance is futile, dealing the pain
Over and over again
Fall to your knees, you can beg if you please
Now you are facing the end
Beaten, conquered
Never the end in doubt
Defend the crown
The king has cast you out

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