Just one big family
Been around since the 1980's
Old school, we're livin in the past
They said it would never last
A few dozen of the strong survived
On a mission, to keep it alive
Hell bent, ignoring the trend
While many pretend
We stand united for something we believe in
We are the army of one
It's in our blood, this is our life
It's why we're breathing
We are the army of one
Anthrax and Motorhead
Exodus, Slayer, bang your head
Dedication when the going got through
Was never enough
Priest, Metallica, Megadeth
Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath
They tried to kill it
Force it underground
You can't take it down
Volume blasting
Drums are crashing
The guitar is screaming
Never give it up, never givin up
Right to the end
Sacrificing, no compromising
Is what we're bringing
Never give it up, never givin up
Fight to the end

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