If you wanna know me, know me
Gotta show what you know
And then show me
Ooh it's a feeling
And I know, do you know
That I'm dealing
If you wanna throw me, throw me
Gotta show that it's love that witholds me
Ooh, I'm fizzing up nicely
Plutonium beats, they define me
I've got some mochomo cake
Strawberry mousse, it will make your heart quake
Ooh she's a liar, waxen with the scent of pariah
She took it all to Venus City
Where the girl showed a whole lot of pity

If you wanna scold me, scold me
Don't beat around the hush and dethrone me
Ooh it's a feeling
And you know, do you know, that I'm reeling
If you wanna shame me, blame me
Let it out, it will turn around and save me
Ooh the angels didn't like that
Left my soul for the sugar in the body bag
I got some mochomo cake
Strawberry mousse and it killed my heartrising
Just say it concisely
neptunian beats they decide me
She sold her soul to the sandman
And if the grains in the earth
Couldn't feed her land

I'm walking through dark lands
And the angels let go of my hand
And love just seemed to be a minion
In another time
And everything I ever did
Came back to haunt me
And everything I ever was
Became sand

By the time I was floating
Slowly floating
The angels sang ...

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