A Quake! A Quake!
All The Words In The English Language (Part 2)
All The Words In The English Language Part 1
Be Careful What You Eat
Dot's Quiet Time
Hello Nurse
I Am The Very Model Of A Cartoon Individual
I Want Quiet By Dot Warner
I'm Cute
I'm Mad
I'm Nobody's Momma
Let The Anvils Ring
Nations Of The World
Nifty Fifty United States And Capitals, Yakko, Ani
Noel Song
Parts Of The Brain
Pinky And The Brain
Several Drops Of Rain
Slappy Squirrel Theme
The Anvil Song
The Ballad Of Magellan
The Etiquette Song
The Good-Bye Song
The Hello Song
The Monkey Song
The Panama Canal
The Planets
The Presidents
The Senses
Theme From Dangeresque
Theme Song
Variety Speak
Video Revue
Wakko's America
What Are We
Yakko's Universe
Yakko's World