(Het Verdronken Land Van) Saeftinge
(Ode To Ancient) Europa
...And The Horns Called For War
Assyrian Empire
Blood Of Christ
Crucifiction Justified (Roman Supremacy)
Death Messiah
Dying In A Moment Of Splendour (Echoes Of Melancho
Epebos Aiг‚в§nia
Evil Prevails
Exile (Les Litanies De Satan)
Garden Of Delights (Eva)
Land Of Frost And Despair
Lindisfarne (Anno 793)
Longing For The Ancient Kingdom
Morbid Glory (Gilles De Rais 1404-1440)
Mother Europe
Obscurity Reigns (Fields Of Flanders)
Quest For Blood (Le Vampire)
Rise And Fall (Anno Satana)
Satanic Rejoice
Season's Change (Solstice)
Shades Of Eternal Battlefields (Our Empire Fell)
The Return
The Seducer (Fallen Angel)
Total Misanthropia
Vae Victis
Victory Or Valhalla (Last Man Standing)