A Bigger Mood
A Bigger Mood (с аккордами)
Another Perfect Day
Another Perfect Day (с аккордами)
Baby Come Home
Beautiful Disaster
Black Satellite
Blue Day
Built For Speed
Built For Speed (с аккордами)
Don't Wait For The Sun
Flavor Of The Weak (с аккордами)
Flavor Of The Weak (Radio Edit)
Flavor Of The Weak (Solo Ver 2) (с аккордами)
Flavor Of The Week (с аккордами)
Flavour Of The Weak Acoustic (с аккордами)
Flavour of The Week (с табами)
Flavour Of The Week
Hearts On Parade
Hell Yeah
Hi-Fi Killer
Highs And Lows
I'm a Fool
Im A Fool (с аккордами)
Maybe Won't Do
Maybe Won't Do
My Only Enemy
My Only Enemy (с аккордами)
Nothing Left To Lose
Nothing Left To Lose (с аккордами)
Safer on The Outside
Save me
Separation Anxiety
Something Real
Still Sideways
Surround (с аккордами)
Teenage Alien Nation
Teenage Alien Nation (с аккордами)
The Art of Losing
The Art Of Losing (с аккордами)
The Breakup Song
The Everlasting Fall
The Geeks Get The Girls
The Gold Rush
The Gold Rush (с аккордами)
This is The Sound
We Can't Be Friends
What About Today
What About Today (с аккордами)
Where Did We Go Wrong