(What your girl don't know)
(What your girl don't know)
Hanging round, trying to talk to me
But I know, 'bout your history
When it comes to playing games
You should be in the hall of fame

I'm not the kind of kiss
I'm not the kind of tell
But there's one thing I know very well
You've got someone else waiting home for you
You're playing her for a fool

What your girl don't know
That when she turns her back
You're talking to me

What your girl don't know
That everything aint what it seems to be

What your girl don't know
All your little games and your lies
She should know better but she doesn't realise
I can write a book about everything your girl don't know

I can't deny you qualify
You've played the part a hundred times
But that was then and this is me
I'll make it clear so that you can see

Now what goes around will come back around
Time will tell what you're all about
You can try to be who you want to be
But everybody can see what your girl don't know

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