Lately it's crazy, this feeling taken over me
I'm neglect and that's not how it used to be

He used to walk me home
Talk for hours on the phone
Never leave me alone
So where did we go wrong

If he can't make up his mind
Maybe I should go
If he loves or loves me not,
That's All I need to know

He love me, he loves me not
He likes to play around a lot
But it's bound to stop
Cos one thing he still got is....
I can walk away

He love me, he loves me not
I know what he's thinking but I'm all ?
But I see, I'm history
If you don't make me believe
He loves me, loves me

Take it for granted that I will always be around,
Turns out that ?
If there isn't no law break out
He says we're got nowhere
If I am here he's always there.
I suggest I make it clear,
A bruiser really cares

It's time to realise that I can take no more,
Does he love or love me not,
That's all I need to know

He love me, he loves me not

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