'j' For Jules
(Believed You Were) Lucky
4th Of July
4th of July (с табами)
All Over Now
All Over Now (с аккордами)
Amateur (с аккордами)
Angels Never Call
Are You Serious
Are You Serious_
Baby Blue
Baby Bluee (с аккордами)
Backfire (с аккордами)
Build That Wall (с аккордами)
Build That Wall
Calling It Quits (с аккордами)
Calling It Quits
Calling On Mary
Choice In The Matter (с аккордами)
Choice In The Matter
Christmas Time (с аккордами)
Coming up Close (с табами)
Coming Up Close
Could've Been Anyone
Couldve Been Anyone (с аккордами)
Crash & Burn
Crash And Burn
David Denies
Dear John
Deathly (с аккордами)
Do It Again
Don't Watch Me Bleed
Driving Sideways (с аккордами)
Driving Sideways
Driving With One Hand On The Wheel (с аккордами)
Driving With One Hand On The Wheel
Everything's Different Now
Fall Of The Worlds Own Optimist (с аккордами)
Fifty Years After The Fair (с аккордами)
Fifty Years After The Fair
Fighting The Stall (с аккордами)
Fighting The Stall
Frankenstein (с аккордами)
Ghost World (с аккордами)
Ghost World
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Going Through The Motions
Goodbye Caroline
Guys Like Me (с аккордами)
Guys Like Me
Have Mercy
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
High On Sunday 51 (с аккордами)
High On Sunday 51
How Am I Different (с аккордами)
How Am I Different
How Am I Different_
How Can You Give Up
Humpty Dumpty
I Can't Get My Head Around It
I Can't Help You Anymore
I Could Get Used To This
I Could Hurt You Now (с аккордами)
I Could Hurt You Now
I Dont Even Know You Anymore (с аккордами)
I Know There's A Word For This
I Know Theres a Word (с табами)
I Should Have Known Better (с аккордами)
I Should've Known
I Was Thinking I Could Clean Up For Christmas
I'll Be Home For Christmas
I've Had It
Invisible Ink (с аккордами)
Invisible Ink
It Takes All Kinds (с аккордами)
It Takes All Kinds
It's Not
It's Not Going To Stop
It's Not Safe
Its Not Safe (с аккордами)
Ive Had it (с табами)
Ive Had It (с аккордами)
Jacob Marley's Chain
Jacob Marleys Chain (с аккордами)
Jimmy Hoffa Jokes (с аккордами)
Jimmy Hoffa Jokes
Just Like Anyone (с аккордами)
Just Like Anyone
Just Like Me.
King Of The Jailhouse
Limits To Love
Little Bombs
Long Gone
Long Shot (с аккордами)
Long Shot (с переводом)
Looking Over My Shoulder
Lost In Space (с аккордами)
Lost In Space
Love In A Vacuum
Lover's Day
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Maybe Monday
Momentum (с аккордами)
Mr Harris (с аккордами)
Mr Harris
Nightmare Girl (с аккордами)
Nightmare Girl
No More Crying
No One Is Watching You Now
Nothing Is Good Enough (с аккордами)
Nothing Is Good Enough
On Sunday
Par For The Course
Pavlov's Bell
Pavlovs Bell (с аккордами)
Put Me On Top
Put On Some Speed
Ray (с аккордами)
Real Bad News (с аккордами)
Real Bad News
Red Vines (с аккордами)
Red Vines
Rip In Heaven
Save Me
Save Me (с аккордами)
Say Anything (с аккордами)
Say Anything (с переводом)
She Really Wants You
Sign Of Love
Sleeping And Waking
Stupid Thing (с табами)
Stupid Thing (с аккордами)
Stupid Thing
Sugarcoated (с аккордами)
Superball (с аккордами)
Take It Back
That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart
That's Just What You Are
Thats Just (с табами)
Thats Just What You Are (с табами)
Thats Just What You Are (с аккордами)
The Christmas Song
The Fall Of The World's Own Optimist
The Moth (с аккордами)
The Moth
The Other End(Of The Telescope)
This Is How It Goes (с аккордами)
This Is How It Goes
Today's The Day
Todays The Day (с аккордами)
Truth On My Side (с аккордами)
Truth On My Side
Voices Carry
Way Back When (с аккордами)
Way Back When
What About Love
Whatever Happened To Christmas
White Christmas
Who Knows (с переводом)
Why Must I
Will She Just Fall Down
Winning The War
Winter Wonderland
Wise Up (с аккордами)
Wise Up
You Could Make (с табами)
You Could Make A Killing (с аккордами)
You Could Make a Killing
You Do (с аккордами)
You Do
You Know The Rest
You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
You're With Stupid Now
Youre With Stupid Now (с аккордами)