(feat. Gentleman)
[Chorus x2]
Tell me why, why you wanna cry?
Tell me why, why you wanna cry?
[Break: Gentleman]
Nobody's crying on for justice
And everyone is crying on for peace
They can't hold us, they can't please
A hungry man is an angry man
And the war will never cease
Melicious soldier person make me hold them oh freeze
Hey you Mr. Sky Man, mister, hold on please
Can you show some love and put your minds at ease
I no bow down to them fame, like a piece, I can't contain
And all you stand alone, in out the rain
All over the world, too much is too much
And I done been all over the globe, aiyo, you know enough is enough
Many families going to bed without a decent meal in they table
Babies crying with these soul of melodies
And they can't help themselves, they need the world to hear me
It's fucked up, the population's mind shackled up
By some are mesmerized by a fucking pimp cup
With the zillionaire big time ballers
Every where in the world, put five in the bum's cup
And I ain't trynna scape goat the powers structure
Cause the powers structure's, heading for destruction
Matter of fact, yo it was built on destruction
I'm trynna look into the eyes of my brothers
Each one, teach one, we are all brothers
Get ya weight up, the situation ain't going nowhere
I can rhyme it til I'm blue in the face, so when the world cares
[Chorus x2]
Everytime you read all that
Everyday another innocent, end up dead
More wickedness, to all of them, spread out dead
In the ghetto, youth will shine
And I tell 'em them can't find no bread out there
People upset out there, well I teach another gangsta
Sure, we dead out there
Cause things themma do, we should reject out there
But instead out there, nobody never fling a stone
Now flat out, yet all dead
We praise a spiritual vibe, to bring a state of unity
Master playa haters out in the community
And global genocide's, babylon's comodity
While selficiousness, plays the mind of humanity
With media and propaganda, causing insanity
And self endulgence tastes sweeter than candy
We got women, plus the men hypnotized by vanity
Understand, one race, one family
You wanna pretend, but you be tough
Because the food that you eat, look like it not enough
And you want to be real, but you got to be rough
And the whole town repent, for a basket from a fruit
Rappin' in boots, but ya'll handcuffs
Working for this system, they got you by crutch
And go in your cocoon, and invite the rush
Don't step on your toe, when the hearing say hush
[Chorus x2]

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