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AC/DC: Big Gun
Here's the new (?) AC/DC tune from the "Last Action Hero" soundtrack.
Terrible movie but good soundtrack (although, admittedly, the dog scene
Ranks among the top 20 funniest movie scenes of all time -- the movie's
Only redeeming feature).
Two guitars in this one -- guitar 1, which plays Riff A and all the solos,
Is a clean electric. Guitar 2, which plays the rest, is distorted. To get
It "officially," use both guitars; if it doesn't matter (probably), one
Will do fine.
Lyrics are questionable at best since I can barely hear them -- might want
To see a doctor about that throat.
--- David Braue ([email protected])
=========================== cut here ============================
Riff A: 2x in the intro
-GUITAR 1=>-3---0----0--0-------|-----------3---0---0------------

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