Won't you set me free before I lose all my love?
Won't you let me be? I'm just trying to get along
And sing my song to me.
Gotta get away and find a place to call my home.
Can't hesitate. I might be right or wrong but
Sometimes wrong will make you see.
Seasons bloom in the winter.
I just wanna live today.
Summer sets over autumn.
It wasn't ever meant to be that way.
Sing me a song Mr. Sinnerman. Won't you
Help me along this lonely road? Won't you
Sing me a song Mr. Sinnerman? Won't you
Help me along?
Now I'm all alone but sometimes that feels good
Gone so far from home, but I knew I always would.
And I'd wrong that right if I could.
When my path is gone you made fade away
Like favorite song but I'll still sing that tune
From the sun to the falling moon.

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