Did you call a taxi
[Master P]
Where you going my brother
[Master P]
Uptown. Ya heard me Calliope 36-49 go cross the Bra
Bridge and make a left

[Chorus: Suga Bear (repeat 2x's)]

I'll be hangin uptown (hangin)
With my niggas
Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea

[Master P]
Uptown baby, don't clown baby
It's going down baby, I'm with my rounds baby
Uptown CP3, nigga my block stay hot
You rally dirty war, nigga I got it on lock
From the Mac to the Meph to the Calliope
Nigga in the bricks at night fool anything goes
Rose Tavern is the spot were I stash the glock
Hoody Hoo, Run forest here comes the cops
Nigga second line badge where my peeps get killed
R.I.P. T' shirts nigga to remember the real
Sam Skulley got killed and Big Glen got Life
My lil cousin Jimmy did 8
But now he's trying to change his life

[Chorus 2x's]

Now let me take you to the land of the choppers
Pussy poppers and body droppers
Crooked cops and quarter shops
When the cop shopper
You get your hands on a a bird
Don't say a word
There is a million coke spots with no coke to serve
When you see them nigga swerve in the Lexus
And you can't get no buss pass
To get your ski mask, and get a click
But make sure it niggas you been fucking with get a bitch
Bout that murder, murder and sucking dick
On the slick doe, cause they pulling akickdoes
And I think it was them nigga out that Thomas
Cause they had them black macs and bombers
But you didn't hear that me, I can't talk, I can't see
Look matter fact when it happen, I was overseas with P
And that how a nigga be, I be on GT with wears and boots
When them fucking people spin in, my niggas holla "OOP OOP"
And if a nigga find ya, we second line behind ya
Blow some ganja in your memories
Sportin Tee's to remind ya we still

[Chorus 2x's]

Now if you looking for me playa
When I'm down in the city
You wanna get with me then hit me
Or come in that Calliope and get me
For real ask Whine and Eyes
I be down in the cut

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