I keeps a nine in my draws cause you know I like to ball nigga I ain't warren
G but sometimes I want it al flip half into a whole make a once into a brick
Get it for $16 $5 me and muy niggas we onna be rich put them 20's on my benz
So you know I got some ends keep your eyes on your enemies and nigga watch
Your friends seen the game it shyatie I got some niggas that don't like me
Tell the ghettos trying to kill me, and the feds wanna indite me, on a murder I
Didn't do, I'm still thugin with my crew, cause once you snitch your threw, if
You hustle then you true, but you live for the sh*t, but you die for the
Clique', sle your soul to get rich, then run your mouth like a b*tch
(chorus) I know my man is moving things, (not a 5 baby, I got a job baby) that
One day my niggas gonna change (all the time baby I'm on the grind baby) repeat
1x !
Nigga we hustle the streets so it's like f*ck the police,my enemies don't
Wanna see a nigga go up his feets, I got the crom for the hatas, and birds on
The table, give my life for the niggas and we splitting the paper, and say
Thugging is the secret that help a nigga ball, O-Z's flippin quick and the cling
Never fall, the grind got us strap with nines on our laps, crime is a trap,
Choppin dimes and crap, henesi got your mind, if you slip you might give us
Time, but I'm fighting for mine, if I die in this game, send my soul to God,
Don't make it mine in this game eventhough it's hard
(chorus) repeat 3x's

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