Ace in The Hole
Al'z A-b-cee'z
Alz A-b-cz
Brooklyn Queen
Brooklyn-Queens (Remix)
Come in
Daddy Rich in The Land of 1210
Derelicts of Dialect
Flippin' Off The Wall Like Lucy Ball
Green Eggs And Swine
Herbalz In Your Mouth
Kick em in The Grill
Microphone Techniques
Monte Hall
No Master Plan no Master Race
No Static At All
Oval Office
Pop Goes The Weasel
Pop Goes The Weasel (radio Edit)
Portrait of The Artist as a Hood
Problem Child
Product of The Environment
Product Of The Environment (Remix)
Sons of 3rd Bass
Soul in The Hole
Steppin' to The A.m.
Steppin' To The A.M. (Remix)
The Gas Face
The Gas Face (Remix)
Triple Stage Darkness
Wordz of Wizdom