She smells like vanilla
Her mom's from Manilla
It is dark and you walk down the street
You're propped full of dope
Feel like Julian Cope
And you wanna go someplace to eat
She talks, you don't listen
Something 'bout her sisters
It is fall and the trees have turned red
And you don't like her looks
And she doesn't read books
And sometimes you just wish she was dead
You just don't love her anymore
There's no after, no before
There is no sunshine in a fog
And love is a place where dog eat dog
So you start to ignore her
Like all the girls before her
And you hope she will leave by herself
But you're stuck in a spiral
And fear is your rival
He shows up when you're by yourself
So you worry and weep
'til you doze off to sleep
And you dream about her face in the sky
But you can't make a sound
And you're stuck to the ground
'cause even in dreams you can't fly
You just don't love her anymore...

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