A supid singer sings a stupid song
He tries to tell you that the night is long
You know heґs lying and you know heґs fake
He order whiskey when you order steak
Nobody loves him but he donґt care
He doesnґt want to come home this year
And all he wanna do is bleed you dry
Spin you round until it makes you cry
He wanna take you back in time
Back to 1959
You could go to a drive-in
You could order an ice-cream
He wanna takke you back in time
Back to 1959
Caress you and hold you
Just like he told you
Just ike he told you
What do you think of when you go to sleep
Did you forget or not to brush your teeth
You know that people live inside your mouth
You know the earth it settles in the south
Your skin is soft - it feels so nice
You gotta friend in Jesus Christ
2000 years ago he died for you
You got a nail thru your adidas shoe
He wanna take you back in time....

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